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Submitted by tomo on October 5, 2012 - 5:26pm
9/30 10:49 TIL about Facebook for SIM from an Argentine carrier, a FB "app" for dumbphones on a SIM card that only uses SMS: http://goo.gl/qIJYW #
9/30 10:42 @PiiSiiD Free or cheap license for disciples, but sold like multi-level marketing scheme :) Or freemium model. #
9/30 3:05 What if the Buddha had patented Buddhism? #
9/30 1:28 The next digital divide: those who have access to 3D printers and those who don't #
9/29 13:07 RT @wired: 48-Hour Adventure Time 'Jam' Produces 100 Weird, Weird Games http://bit.ly/PfapzU #
9/29 11:25 In case your research requires 10,000 cat images, including facial features: #
9/29 10:17 @free_thinker Yup, would need some new architecture outside of Javascript. But Dalvik is open source, so why not? Like Jolla. #
9/29 8:42 Wonder if Firefox OS Boot2Gecko should support running Android apps on top of HTML5/JS apps. We don't need more ghost town marketplaces #
9/29 4:03 Have duplicate contacts clogging your Android phone? Go to http://contacts.google.com (nice contact manager), More > Find & merge duplicates. Sync #
9/28 7:24 @connyb Hey Conny, I hear you work for Cambodian ISPs? Can you tell me more about it, just curious? Was nice meeting you at BarCampPP #
9/27 12:57 @patrizio_bui Are you still at ERC? #
9/27 10:56 Luck: (both good and bad) the sum of (a random % * # of opportunities * your own ability to take advantage of (or be affected by) them) #
9/27 8:42 Wish somebody would just ship the Internet on CD-ROMs to Vietnam. On a giant boat or something. #
9/27 7:32 @jobnomade Cool, a lot of startups. Let me know when code is more than a PHP object dump :D P.S. That 4sq API is nearly deprecated.. #
9/27 7:29 @tropixblue Yes. For motorbikes which are >90% of the people we must only use the smallest lane which is also used for car parking #
9/27 4:57 Vietnam has a thriving Facebook fan buying black market. If FB's fake user deleting doesn't crush some brands here many more fakes must go. #
9/27 4:31 A totally independent tourist police is needed. RT @VNNetBridge: Police declare war against crime in Saigon http://bit.ly/VL6oYN vietnam #
9/27 4:24 What is the proper, pragmatic, locale-appropriate (Vietnam, after all) response to a car driving in the wrong lane hitting you? voluat #
9/27 2:03 Maybe represent.vn can auto-aggregate Tech Startups already tagged on Foursquare (just found out it's a category!) cc @vutrinhan #
9/26 9:17 Banh dau xanh: Cookies made from sugar, mung bean, and bacon! Thus proving that bacon makes anything taste better. QED #
9/26 6:50 @lfopw Indeed, although same can be said for Vietnam: I see Bentleys, Royces daily. But a lot of beater Toyotas in Cambodia too. Ironic, eh? #
9/26 6:40 @john_weeks Enjoyed your webcomics session at BarCampPP. And thanks for the free print comics! Wonder if webcomics could be next Instagram #
9/26 6:35 @nguyenhimself When speaking of multiple iPhones the correct mass noun is herd. A herd of iPhone 5. #
9/26 5:21 @nostarwhere @ctcrowell Metro Detroit is livable enough for US. Research hospitals, international connections & trade, overall low crime, &c #
9/26 3:59 "It's like a war, because everybody seems to become very selfish once they are behind the wheel of a car" - on traffic in Sao Paolo #
9/26 1:10 @jon7b @aminhdo Difference is arrangement (& energy). Proteins that've broken down. Organs no longer self-repairing. What's this about 140g? #
9/26 0:34 @rockportrait I've been 4x and haven't seen any of those. I go for functional reasons, e.g. visa run or BarCamp. Otherwise, visit friends. #
9/25 4:45 Phnom Penh to Saigon in nearly 5 hrs flat. Took the 7am Sapaco bus, only Cambodians and Vietnamese. Breezed through immigration. #
9/24 9:07 @aminhdo There is no soul. We are just the sum emerging from our atoms which can be replaced. 3D human printing as easy as teleportation. #
9/24 8:42 SUVs are overwhelming Phnom Penh's streets due to a tax highly favoring large trucks over small cars. But cars aplenty despite high taxes. #
9/24 8:35 @dnghia Although I've heard others say the same thing, I've had dreams where I thought I was reading, although it could've been an illusion #
9/24 4:42 @playingwithsid Ouch. My tuk tuk just finally found Sumatra Indonesian restaurant #
9/24 4:14 @playingwithsid @Kounila @anirudhsbh Trying to find it now.... Do you know an address? #
9/24 3:54 @playingwithsid @anirudhsbh Somehow I slept for nearly 16 hours but now I'm back alive. #
9/23 2:54 2nd day of BarCampPP: out of water, out of coffee, out of wifi, out of sessions! Lightning talks, anyone? #
9/23 2:20 Making Webcomics at BarCamp Phnom Penh barcamppp http://instagr.am/p/P5wn-nMXpa/ #
9/23 2:10 Quickly drawing webcomics to tell stories about life in Cambodia, not make money, at BarCampPP. Free issues of QuickDRAW in Room B12! #
9/22 10:34 A consolation for any friends stuck on the side of the road due to the update: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps: http://theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com/ #
9/22 5:28 BarCampPP Topic board (one of two boards which are out of sync with each other). Talking Drupal at 3 http://instagr.am/p/P3hWQSsXqf/ #
9/22 3:41 Firefox phone not yet available (holding demo hardware now) but can run GAIA in Firefox nightlies, or use desktop emulator B2G @Boot2Gecko #
9/22 3:20 Dilemma: To learn Java for Android development or wait for Firefox OS + Web APIs for JavaScript/HTML5 mobile app development boottogecko #
9/22 2:01 Drupal experts panel at 3pm w/ @svenbergryen @viirak and myself BarCampPP (wish wifi worked here for presenting!) #
9/22 0:48 Barcamp Phnom Penh is about to begin. barcamppp http://instagr.am/p/P3BTbMMXlO/ #
9/21 11:40 There are plans for the US to fund 5 BarCamps around Cambodia each year, with hundreds of people bussed around the country. #
9/21 0:29 Approaching the Cambodian border at Bavet/Moc Bai en route to BarCampPP. No more Internet until Phnom Penh. #
9/21 0:07 @TylerWatts Is that your hood? I was just passing through so didn't try. I will back you financially if you want to give it a go. #
9/20 23:53 @lfopw Haha, this was actual heavy bass beats, rather than super crackly muffled distorted treble. banhchung banhgio #
9/20 23:48 @caffeinatedmatt Modern medicine's cure for opiate addiction: more addictive opiates. But cocaine, at least, is a hell of a drug #
9/20 23:26 "App Rice": Is it rice or an app? Either way it's only $1 at the app rice store onlyinvietnam #
9/20 8:24 @lfopw You went to some actual agents who said they couldn't do Vietnam visas but your hotel had the hookup? Last time agent took 4+ days #
9/20 7:52 If it wasn't 3 PM and Vietnam, I'd swear it was 3 AM with a Detroit warehouse rave pumping bass through the walls a few doors down. wishful #
9/20 7:00 @CotterVN What is your idea? :-) Not sure either supply or demand can be found or created cheaply. And better uses for marketing $$ exist. #
9/20 5:40 Vietnamese cybercrime: hacked accts send backdoor s/w over Yahoo chat, identitytheft to social engineer phone cards http://bit.ly/RAmLTQ #
9/20 5:32 TIL Some people drink 18+ cups of coffee a day. A decent cocaine habit would be cheaper, more effective. #
9/20 4:29 @ducthuan89dl Thanks for the Metfone rec. Is that the one owned by Vietnamese telcos? ;-) #
9/20 4:25 Going to Phnom Penh tomorrow morning but need to find a good travel agent to arrange a Vietnamese visa as soon as I get there #
9/20 4:04 @CotterVN 2 devs, 2 girls. My cousin tried already and struggled for years. 2-sided market problem. Still unproven demand. Your thoughts? #
9/20 4:01 @lfopw Down in Saigon homes range from cheap up to Bay Area but can only sell in the lower (<$100k) end now. Foreigners buying in Nha Trang? #
9/20 3:40 "Science & technology identified as key drivers of economic restructure in Viet Nam, but Gov't policies fail to attract young researchers" #
9/20 3:01 Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun? Yahoo Answers. http://imgur.com/ZCa6N crowdsourcing #
9/20 3:00 @CotterVN Sounds like Zulik. I mentored them. V. similar to another team, who was exactly a clone of my cousin's old (funded) @sweemo #
9/20 2:35 @CotterVN Which StartupWeekend team/product is this? #
9/19 9:14 @ChrisGNguyen Is that understood as correct use of the word? I could guess the meaning. OTOH "hoist" comes to mind. #
9/19 8:42 Influential Mexican anti-corruption masked blogger-hero missing, presumed kidnapped. http://goo.gl/BkH2u DondeEstaRuy5algado #
9/19 8:10 @lfopw Nha Trang specifically? In Saigon/Hanoi the real estate market is frozen. Can't get credit. Housing prices plummeting. Rates still hi #
9/19 7:35 @lfopw I guess foreign reserves are healthier than before, they can afford to hold for some time. Weak currency = more inflation = bad news #
9/19 7:34 @lfopw Up to the VN govt since exchange rate is controlled. Look for arbitrage in black market gold price signaling imminent VND drop. #
9/19 5:43 @lfopw I'm in the same boat, benefit from stronger dollar! But during years of strong growth, VND still lost 10s of % vs USD. Now, stable. #
9/19 3:18 Friends in Cambodia: can I get a cheap prepaid SIM w/ 3G (or GPRS) in Phnom Penh? If so any recommended phone companies? #
9/19 2:44 nationbrand RT @TheEconomist: Confidence in the Vietnamese economy, especially among Western investors, is tumbling http://econ.st/PPb7rF #
9/18 8:15 @chamada Wow! That's a lot of burnt DVDs sold! Could the source be fluffing numbers to make movie pirates look more criminal? #
9/18 5:27 @jon7b I started reading about autotomy and fell into the Wikipedia rabbit hole and found this cool article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipredator_adaptation #
9/17 11:40 @jobnomade @nguyenhimself I only captured 3 mm of tail which fell right off. Geckos know when to cut their losses. Good leaders. #
9/17 11:19 RT @ricowyder: What's at Stake in China-Japan Spat: $345 Billion to Start - China Real Time Report - WSJ http://on.wsj.com/SsXefi via @WSJ #
9/17 10:11 Just for fun I grabbed a gecko's tail and it fell off. He had run and hid. But wrongly estimated how long his tail was. So I grabbed it. #
9/17 2:02 RT @shilkytouch: Panasonic closes 3 factories in China due to anti-Japan demonstrators yelling "Japanese go home!" http://bit.ly/QdFyos #
9/17 1:57 "Japanese guests not welcome at hotel" RT @chinageeks: NEW POST: China’s Anti-Japan Riots Are State-Sponsored. Period. http://chinageeks.org/2012/09/chinas-anti-japan-riots-are-state-sponsored-period/ #
9/16 15:54 @ThangQ Does mail often get lost w/o using the "premium" class option? Waiting for mail from HCMC to be delivered to Hanoi... #
9/16 15:52 @ThangQ It's both fun and tiring to work with 13 teams, but even tougher for them b/c they build a product/business in 1 or 2 days! stress #
9/16 10:35 "Pitchfire" 2-min pitch offs now at Startup Weekend Ho Chi Minh showcase at the Intercontinental Hotel. #$$$ notramen #
9/16 1:33 2nd day of advising fresh product idea development teams at Startup Weekend Ho Chi Minh. Of 13 teams, 3 about to be eliminated. #
9/15 2:36 @Anita_Tran I recommend Catch. com app over Springpad which is slow. Catch can create new notes quickly, not waiting for slow internet #
9/14 10:35 @dynamicscholar Never lived anywhere w/o those + NatGeo, AXN, Animal Planet. No Cartoon Network? No Adventure Time? :( I do hate that woman. #
9/14 7:45 @dynamicscholar HBO subtitled in tieng Viet or dubbed? If the latter, eww wtf. You don't get Star, Cinemax (not Skinemax), other foreign ch? #
9/14 7:22 Anyone know how reliable the Vietnam domestic postal system is? Obviously, not for shipping items with any resale value. #
9/14 6:23 If you read actionable gmails on your phone then lose track of them despite starring them - just mark them unread. #
9/14 0:15 RT @wired: Vietnam threatens 'serious punishment' for bloggers writing about corruption. http://bit.ly/QIWaH9 via @AJstream #
9/12 14:57 @dynamicscholar This was at a cafe for foreigners downtown so they might have had satellite. You don't have ESPN, HBO, Discovery, etc.? #
9/12 14:52 @PamMcElwee Foot pedals aren't popular thus can be pricey. A $5 2nd USB mouse on the floor w/ padding can also do the trick. #
9/12 6:37 If you turn on CNN it looks like the entire world is on fire #
9/12 3:01 TC: Matt Tran / YC-backed Boosted Boards' electric 15 lb wireless-remote Kickstartered longboard http://tcrn.ch/PfgiNN #
9/12 2:51 @PamMcElwee Repetitive stress injury or carpal tunnel? Try a trackpad on the left, foot pedal to click on the floor. Mouse is frustrating. #
9/11 11:49 @nguyenhimself @CotterVN @aminhdo There's no way yet for random people to upload files to http://barcampsaigon.org. U/L to SlideShare and tag it #
9/11 8:45 Ready to call BarCampSaigon at (a record) 694 official participants not including organizers, volunteers, and "special circumstances" #
9/11 6:33 Anyone who wants to study various failure modes of Internet networks should come to Vietnam. Ping, traceroute don't tell the whole story. #
9/11 1:51 @aminhdo Can I really though? If so order me a new and improved brain, but keep most memories intact. And enlightenment already installed. #
9/11 1:42 @free_thinker I have one server on US east coast, latency from here sucks, when I'm personally using. Looking for closer VPS providers #
9/11 1:34 @aminhdo Nice! I experimented w/ that (stop eating early) independently and thought it helped, but not enough by itself. #
9/10 16:43 Almost ran over a giant cockroach crossing my tiny alley. Wait, no, that was a small crab. saigoncitylife #
9/10 7:16 @free_thinker Cool, which Linode data center did you pick? Not Tokyo? Wish they'd open one in Singapore #
9/10 3:06 Record turnout for BarcampSaigon 2012. Unfortunately, the thankless job of organizing behind the scenes is still far from finished! #
9/10 2:53 @CobraTran Empty tables? I've eaten pizza there many times and always needed a reservation before to get a table. Many say best pizza here. #
9/9 5:47 Frank Nguyen from Microsoft Vietnam introducing Windows 8 and an upcoming hackathon at BarcampSaigon #
9/9 2:03 barcampsaigon 2012 Schedule of topics http://goo.gl/VXe9L #
9/8 12:43 There is a very impromptu BarcampSaigon pre party going on at Saigon Xua va Nay, 33 Nguyen Trung Truc at Ly Tu Trong #
9/7 10:03 I wouldn't be surprised if we broke 1500 registrations for barcampsaigon this Sunday, by far a new record #
9/6 3:52 @benjaminbland @nostarwhere Under what definition is Vietnam good at electricity cabling? ;) Internet breaks due to single points of failure #
9/6 1:35 Anyone in Saigon know who can print business cards and cut rounded corners (preferably any size, any degree of roundness)? #
9/5 11:11 Nessus network vulnerability security scanner maker Tenable raises $50m Series A from Accel Ventures: http://tcrn.ch/Q4ILH6 by @anthonyha #
9/5 6:04 I wonder if publicly traded companies crowdsource business strategy by announcing plans and seeing how it affects stock price #
9/5 4:07 @CotterVN Topics are always decided on the morning of the event. People prepare ahead, of course, but no scheduling happens til day of. #
9/5 3:34 Having more frequent nightmares about BarCamp Saigon as the date approaches. This Sunday: http://barcampsaigon.org #
9/4 19:01 RT @sonnylebythebay: McDonald's opens its first vegetarian, meatless restaurant in India http://bbc.in/OKQhY7 // ht @atommetc health #
9/4 15:40 10 most popular sites by Opera Mini users in Vietnam: Google, Facebook, Dantri, YouTube, 24h, Vnexpress, Wap.vn, Baomoi, Vietbao, Vn-zoom #
9/4 9:49 @aminhdo @TylerWatts What we need is to crowdsource a 1000+ page tome (or two) entitled "You Didn't Build That" #
9/4 9:47 @nguyenhimself @TylerWatts @aminhdo The government banned Hunger Games. Would they allow a strongly anti-Communist writer to publish here? #
9/4 8:49 @aminhdo Sadly, I've noticed a recent surge of young Asians "discovering" Ayn Rand. Youth with no context easily fall under her spell. #
9/4 6:23 @Anita_Tran LOL, that's the best idea I've heard today. Another friend keeps his key on a long chain and wraps it around his mirror. #
9/4 6:22 @CotterVN Huawei G7300 is rated for 3 hours+ talk time, 200h standby. Don't expect the best battery technology for < $100 :-) android #
9/4 6:18 @rockportrait Google integration's handy when switching phones, sharing data w/ PC. That phone's screen's really cheap though. #
9/4 5:51 @aminhdo @dynamicscholar It's a misconception that enlightened people aren't on twitter? @MuJuShinKyo #
9/4 5:32 It finally happened. My motorbike's key fell out somewhere on the road with it still running, arrived with no key to turn off the bike #
9/4 2:30 Looks like Huawei G7300 is sub-$100 now. No 3G, and only 40 MB internal memory but bigger screen than Samsung S5300 and 2 sims. Android #
9/3 5:51 @mengwong Wouldn't many law firms do this for cash? #
9/3 5:49 @Vietnam720 Congratulations Ben, hope you will be able to retweet that in 5 years :-) #
9/3 4:56 More like Vietnamese embassies organize celebrations abroad RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Vietnam’s National Day celebrated abroad http://bit.ly/T8y7Uz #
9/2 13:39 @dynamicscholar Yup. When the economy is growing they and the people let things slide. #
9/2 13:30 @CotterVN Managed to work a badly hand-drawn chart made in Pixlr into it. Not the recommended app for that! Somewhat non-intuitive too. #
9/2 13:19 @chrisfharvey Haha, challenge accepted. BS'd for 20min with a browser, scribbles in a notebook, some websites preloaded, no presentation. #
9/2 8:51 Freestyle bmx compo, Saigon Outcast. Celebrating Vietnam's independence proper. http://instagr.am/p/PEYvHPsXk7/ #
9/2 8:39 Action shot on the Saigon Outcast half pipe. Watch out it's slippery! http://instagr.am/p/PEXSZ6MXkc/ #
9/2 7:54 Judging graffiti competition at Saigon Outcast http://instagr.am/p/PESLOQsXjD/ #
9/2 6:03 NYT: Communist Party nepotists hide in shame as Vietnam's growing wealth divide shines light on crony capitalism: http://nyti.ms/OB8h77 #
9/2 5:22 Sustainability RT @walterm: @sonnylebythebay In Cambodia the public phone is an old guy sitting in a chair by the road with a cell phone. #
9/2 2:07 There must be a better way for 2 partners to converse and collaborate over a period of months or years than email #
9/2 2:05 Thanks Tuoi Tre News for the very helpful/informative Brain-Eating Amoeba graphics:... #
9/1 10:18 Woohoo let's pop open the champagne! RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Quang Ngai declares H5N1 bird flu epidemic http://bit.ly/OEB6Ox #


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