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I am Vui from Bivina company Ltd. Who is special making Visa On Arrival. This is fee:
Tourims visa
• 1 months single: 15 usd
• 1 months multiple: 15 usd
• 3 months single: 20 usd
• 3 months multiple: 22 usd

Business visa (without sponsored company)
• 3 months single business visa : usd 45
• 3 months multiple business visa: usd 55
• 6 months with business visa: usd 175
• 1 year with business visa: usd 250

It is excluding the Vietnam visa stamping fee at the airport:
- 3 months single: 30 usd
- 3 months multiple: 50 usd
- 6 months multiple: 95 usd
- 1 year multiple: 135 usd

Time for processing : 3 - 4 working days ( Urgent can do 4 hours and 1 Or 2 day)

Documents: Only passport copy + the entry date + arrival place ( airport, embassy or border)

Please contact to me by info:

105/45/11, 59 Street, 14 Ward, Go Vap District, HCM
Consultant manager: Ms.Vui
Email: [email protected]
Skype ID: vuinguyensg
Hotline/Zalo/Viber: [+84] 0904 701 899 - [+84] 0915232086

Visa - Work Permit - Resident Card - Legalization - Driver License - Apec Card....

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