Daily Twitter Posts - 03/30/2012 - 04/06/2012

Submitted by tomo on April 6, 2012 - 12:45pm

04/05 00:23 @sonnylebythebay Thanks for tipping me off to The Story of Buddhism! It seems to address questions about Buddhism's effects on local culture #
04/04 04:01 Some answered (in)frequent questions about Buddhism in Vietnam: http://t.co/YDvLY0hY #
04/03 07:19 Sh*t Expats in Hanoi Say: http://t.co/H1mBqAnM #
04/03 04:02 Experiencing high correlation between MacBook crashes with immediately after a Vietnamese holiday. Better gear up for Fall of Saigon Day. #
04/03 03:36 Japan’s Strongest Storm Since 1959 Forecast to Slam Into Tokyo, wind up to 90 km/h: http://t.co/WXmr5xpq #
04/03 03:03 There is a name for my "sleeping disease"! DSPD - http://t.co/Efbh72Eq #
04/03 01:41 RT lupohiep: Earth Hour helps Vietnam save 546,000 kWh, equivalent to US$34,000 - http://t.co/ekQiSocg #
04/02 05:34 @kingceejay Power is back on at home since late last night (but no internet), and intermittent throughout morning. How's your water? #
04/02 01:17 When a trop.storm is scraping the buildings around you, power is out, batteries drained, and all that remains is the breath. Meditate on it. #
04/01 07:00 @fisheggtree But many businesses here do waste light (empty, lit up highrises) and energy (blasting A/C with the doors wide open) #
03/30 19:57 @patrizio_bui @kingceejay @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible Hey gentlemen, I just got home - apologies if I'm not at the court in a few hours #
03/30 04:19 @tamkaizen @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @mr_kimpossible I'll try to round up more, just so I will have to run less! #
03/30 03:49 @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible I'll be working late tonight but will try to make it tmrw morn. Phan Ding Phung, right? #

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