Daily Twitter Posts - 06/01/2012 - 06/08/2012

Submitted by tomo on June 8, 2012 - 12:45pm

06/06 04:32 @jon7b It's either a brilliant piece of self-referential irony ... or it's just Vietnam being Vietnam #
06/06 04:10 @TwitVietnam Haha thanks for the RT Ben #
06/06 03:59 F You Karaoke. 'F the noise' #saigon #vietnam http://t.co/TnT1TiNN #
06/06 03:46 @torlangballe I haven't yet. Do you want to be the tester? If so, let's meet up for coffee too haha #
06/06 02:57 @nguyenhimself Or discourage citizens from being organ donors lest they're one day setup/convicted of a crime with potential death sentence #
06/06 02:20 @oc_f1fan @sonnylebythebay @bootsnall @ottsworld Haha. I grew up eating both at home, homemade. Soba itself is bland, can be made many ways. #
06/06 02:16 @PedroInSaigon It depends. There are a few kinds of tourist visas. One 3-month visa can be renewed more than 3 times, not sure of limit. #
06/05 04:28 @walterm In that case, maybe Saigon must go upmarket to keep Vietnamese (and expats) from traveling #
06/05 04:00 Have some cheese. Cheeses made in Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City) with local Holstein cow. http://t.co/uinVN6dJ #
06/05 03:15 Keep getting dumped into the sad world of Perl. This time decrypting the payload on a hacked server scanning for jboss vulnerabilities now. #
06/05 03:08 @garydale Things are significantly better than a week ago as I can type without incurring pain. How is Thailand? #
06/05 02:07 @walterm I think Saigon should really try harder to woo Khmer medical tourists. Closer at least. FV tries. #
06/04 05:29 @omgsupergirl Oh, sorry to hear you were sick :/ Better now I hope? #
06/04 05:09 @sonnylebythebay @SaigonSean Saigon has enough people depending on others for transport, the old/young/sick/drunk. But who cares about them! #
06/04 04:57 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Ho ho! But only as a link from metro to bus station, depending on both, worthless alone. #
06/04 04:54 @dynamicscholar @sonnylebythebay I'd guess Singaporeans were no more 'enlightened' than Saigonians 2-3 decades ago; what changed? Leadership #
06/04 04:53 @omgsupergirl Oh, good news. Did you check out ADS? How was it? #
06/04 02:33 @sonnylebythebay @dynamicscholar IMO, HCMC should but does not see Singapore as a model. But we must copy at all levels, up to the top #
06/04 01:50 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Seriously? Or are you making a Simpsons joke? :-) #
06/04 01:49 @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar I like trams. But a city-wide network of trams? Must be grade-separated. How would we justify the cost? #
06/04 01:23 @dynamicscholar The Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro will be underground in D1. I think it's a very expensive, difficult option. #
06/04 01:18 @shilkytouch I think it's still far too early for people to be talking about that happening at Cam Ranh, no reference as in Japan #
06/04 01:05 @dynamicscholar I think we need dedicated bus lanes/busways. There are also underground bus "subways" too, see Seattle. But digging = $$$ #
06/04 00:46 @NBNQ Another bike tried to "kiss" mine and we both fell over. Nothing broken but a lot of blood (and destroyed pants). Not recommended! #
06/04 00:45 @dynamicscholar I've ridden a golf cart in D2 :) Busses can also go overground, cheaper than trains. But last-mile connections will be bikes #
06/04 00:42 @NBNQ @ericburdette When you think about it, most Americans would think us insane for riding motorbikes the way we do here. #
06/04 00:41 @ericburdette Was it an imported bike? I've seen cheapo Chinese-made mountain bikes priced reasonably. I also have a folding bike. #
06/04 00:35 @dynamicscholar What do you think of BKK's network of boats/tuktuks/trains? I'd be happy if SGN had just a BTS. Or a better bus network. #
06/04 00:26 @ericburdette I also think many people can ride bicycles but don't ride motorbikes for various reasons. Among expats too. #
06/04 00:20 @omgsupergirl Girl on bike ran into me and my bike fell and skidded to a stop. Mangled fingers and gash and road rash along my arm and leg #
06/04 00:18 @ericburdette @NBNQ Totally confused here. My sense of balance is intact here, my right arm was injured after getting hit by a bike. #
06/04 00:15 @omgsupergirl I know how to ride a bike, I just can't close my fist or bend my elbow w/o pain right now, making it harder to operate :) #
06/04 00:13 @shilkytouch Guess you mean the visit to Cam Ranh. I think both sides say US will not have a base, and I think US is moving to "renting". #
06/04 00:12 @ericburdette @NBNQ This city is designed exclusively around motorbikes. You mean how does someone deal with not riding a motorbike? #
06/04 00:10 @NBNQ I occasionally meet (Vietnamese) people who don't/can't ride a motorbike... for me it's temporary b/c of a bike accident and hurt arms #
06/03 22:20 For the first time in Vietnam I wish I had a car so I could get around (since I can't ride a bike). Or better yet, wish the city had trains. #
06/03 08:33 TIL Octopuses have 8 semi-autonomous mini-brains in their tentacles which would be useful in robots: http://t.co/P6mlsmjJ #
06/03 03:25 Facebook friends! Why do you "like" so many of the Facebook pages that you clicked "Like" on? #
06/02 06:46 @ourman There was a bug in Twitter where it would secretly unfollow people. Or at least that's what I tell people I unfollowed #
06/02 04:53 @nhhaidang Please tell me more about these Vietnamese academics! #
06/01 08:47 @areyouahuman Have you tried using Opera's mobile browser? No game appears on demo , using Android phone #
06/01 05:29 Xenophobe China, scary. RT @nicola_davison: Last night dozens of police stormed the bars/restaurants on Yongfu Lu demanding foreigners' IDs. #
06/01 02:51 Anyone recommend any company in Saigon for printing cardboard shipping boxes? #
06/01 02:10 @smpasiaorg Facebook is not blocked on my FPT connection @fisheggtree #
06/01 02:09 Some dangers of investing capital in Vietnam: http://t.co/dsfOpukc #

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