Daily Twitter Posts - 01/06/2012 - 01/13/2012

Submitted by tomo on January 13, 2012 - 12:45pm

01/11 08:49 @fisheggtree My reading: Commission predicts Vietnam will have bigger macroeconomic problems than inflation and currency deprec'n in 2012 #
01/11 08:48 @TylerWatts @ourman They have awarded me influential on chili and apples. Add bacon, drugs, and beer and it's a proper Klout party in here #
01/11 08:46 @learningdrupal We can do Drupal sessions at the next #BarCampSaigon and FOSSASIA events #
01/11 06:48 North Korean punishing people who didn't cry hard enough when Il died, using re-education camps: http://t.co/MrSuXakK #
01/11 06:01 RT @fisheggtree: LOL. Robin Hood lives! RT @tuoitrenewsvn: ‘Super thief’ targeting state agencies arrested http://t.co/Dt0LHfYP #vietnam #
01/11 05:40 @SaigonSean @jon7b I think Vietnamese take some blame for that too, for giving us undue flattering attention (when not trying to scam us) #
01/11 04:35 @dynamicscholar I remember one older cafe around the Turtle "Lake". Maybe they'll sponsor the app, and it just tells everyone to go there #
01/11 04:12 @jon7b @PedroInSaigon @saigonnezumi Why should Vietnam of all countries get stuck with the losers from other countries? (Reason: IELTS, etc) #
01/11 03:11 G F'n L. RT @benjaminbland: Vietnam central bank governor says maximum dong devaluation this year will be 2-3%. #
01/11 03:01 @lenabucatariu Local people definitely walk their bikes across the Cam-Viet border, but I'm not sure if any citizen is allowed or only local #
01/11 02:46 @dynamicscholar @fisheggtree I've seen these locker-like phone charging stations in some cafes in Saigon (not that it's a trust-based soc.) #
01/11 02:44 RT @GSElevator: #1: if you have a job where you have to wear a nametag, nobody gives a shit what your name is. #
01/09 06:57 Hey, so there is a Subway on Ho Tung Mau #
01/09 04:54 @ncouture Let me know if you find an automated solution. VNI should be purged from the internets. #unicode4life #
01/07 04:10 @careyz Indeed the Internet is technically speaking 'slow as ballz' #

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