Daily Twitter Posts - 12/30/2011 - 01/06/2012

Submitted by tomo on January 6, 2012 - 12:45pm

01/05 04:42 From 250+ tabs down to 99. NY resolution achieved, tempted to call it a day. #
01/05 04:37 @saigonnezumi I'm not seeing any tweets from you because apparently you are blocking me! #
01/05 04:34 @saigonnezumi @jon7b Most people who listen to dubstep don't realize it originates from doubleyoustep. #jk #
01/05 03:27 @jon7b @saigonnezumi In some languages it is "double-v", but historically there was no distinction between u and v, pre-w. Lingo artefacts. #
01/05 00:40 Why is one pronounced with a double-u and two pronounced w/o? #
01/04 07:52 In times of domestic good news paucity, local governments will shine the darkest light on foreign elements within #
01/03 03:22 @svenbergryen Sounds good, look forward to meeting. Who else will be coming? #
01/02 13:13 @madlyduck @philip_arthur You can remap your keys in software without replacing your keyboard. if typing speed's a bottleneck #
12/30 03:24 Is there an automated/scriptable way to convert Vietnamese text between VNI Windows and Unicode encoding? #
12/30 02:29 Only in "Vietname" can you misspell your own country on a large banner, shrug, and hang it up anyways #

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