Daily Twitter Posts - 05/17/2011 - 05/31/2011

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 3:11pm

05/28 07:15 RIP Gil Scott-Heron, the Godfather of rap. / http://bit.ly/ipnzqK and http://goo.gl/vIXCf #
05/27 06:28 How would you spend $115 million to tackle corruption in Vietnam? (Without promoting corruption) #
05/27 06:16 @ericburdette @shakkabrutha Generally (USA), any dropped helmet is no longer considered safe. A cracked one's a goner for sure #
05/27 05:48 Any sk8 companies touring VN? Saw some out-of-towners discovering some spots up by the zoo #sk8ordie #
05/26 06:06 @jjlechau @Uyenvu Hmm, how about phones (w/ tiny watch battery) that emit a loud siren/message when texted a secret code #
05/26 06:00 @ncouture Not sure I agree it's just cheaper food. Aside from imported electronics, cost of living is quite low / http://goo.gl/sehuY #
05/26 05:56 @chickamade Logging out of the OAuth provider can revoke any access tokens, although I'm not sure this is required by the spec #
05/26 02:48 The answer to what that man was speaking: not Vietnamese / http://www.saigonist.com/b/muong-language #
05/24 15:42 @trunghaiy Hey, are you using Ubercart 2? #
05/24 12:08 RT @TheEconomist: It is tough for foreign retailers to crack Vietnam, but it used to be tougher http://econ.st/jKjxCS #
05/24 11:48 RT @CTKT: Amazing animation made by Vietnamese. #impressed http://t.co/lziAluu via @youtube #
05/24 11:45 @Vietnam720 @lamcaoson I had heard IKEA was opening a store in Thu Duc last July but it never happened #
05/24 03:46 @caligarn Non-skyscraper buildings, poor planning, sedans, minivans, taxis, constant road construction... cause traffic on the ground. #
05/23 02:02 To all my Vietnamese-speaking friends, can you hear and identify this what this man is saying? http://goo.gl/gpuk1 #
05/22 11:40 Stay cool: an electric jacket that keeps you cool and warm. Just what I'd been waiting for / http://goo.gl/6GEcD #
05/22 07:17 @careyz @tamkaizen That wasn't even coffee. The coffee drinks are equally as bad. #
05/21 11:36 @CTKT Apparently Ward 10 of Tan Binh District has a concentration of Khmer and Chinese people / http://goo.gl/ZlSMk #
05/21 00:38 Good news for vegetarians: beans & vegetable prices down in the past month, while meat and esp. cooking oil way up. #
05/20 11:03 @lamcaoson In the 1980s, few would have predicted vinyl record sales growing for the entire 21st century (til now). #
05/20 11:00 @nguyenhimself That's why you should buy Rapture Insurance. From me. Only 1m VND. #
05/20 04:16 @hackerspacepp How about Khmer localization for Drupal & modules? @viraak #
05/20 04:11 Clearly, there is no driving/stupidity test in VN RT @rockportrait @tuoitrenewsvn: Speed limit for cars: 5 km per hour http://bit.ly/mt8R6W #
05/20 02:49 @CyborgVillage @dylanduong Hyperinflation is a pretty tall claim. Inflation must be #1 gov priority, but this is akin to "war is imminent" #
05/19 11:19 Now you can secure your Drupal and WordPress sites using @duosecurity Duo Two-Factor Authentication: http://goo.gl/4HiRW #
05/19 11:11 @saigonnezumi @caligarn FYI, I'm growing out the hickster beard to save gallons of water daily as part of Budweiser's Grow A Beard greenwash #
05/19 10:55 @HyuKio68 1/2011 ở đây có nghĩa là BarCamp đầu tiên cùa năm 2011... để tụi mình sửa chữa cho rõ hơn #

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