Daily Twitter Posts - 07/01/2011 - 07/15/2011

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 3:47pm

07/14 09:25 I think train stations should be built on the tops of artifcial slopes like rollercoasters. Think of the speed and braking benefits! #
07/14 09:21 @fisheggtree I hear he is/was quite famous in China. Guess it's a summer tradition here, like X-mas movies. #
07/14 07:56 @fisheggtree Dude, that's Tay Du Ky aka Journey to the West. Classic Chinese tale and inspiration to Dragonball #
07/14 05:08 @caligarn Cuz they are sad that they can't put Flash in the favicon #
07/14 03:45 (AP) Armed Chinese soldiers beat up Vietnamese fishermen, take 1 ton of fish / http://goo.gl/NP5F1 #
07/14 03:17 @ourman @ericburdette For some technical reasons, Twitter sucks balls at aggregating (when reading beyond 1 hour) #
07/14 03:13 Lol RT @charliesheen: I'm down with the Clown. Whoop!! Whoop!!
(Jugaloo fever!!! 8/13)
Whoop!! Whoop!!
#ICP #
07/14 03:11 @scarlettran Very cool, like the #romitvn logo! I hope y'all have plans to continue maintaining the sites after the course ends? #
07/14 02:59 @ericburdette @ourman Google+ may start by being the place to post longer tweets thereby taking over as people's Twitter client #
07/14 02:10 RT @TheEconomist: The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes http://econ.st/nNjSoO #
07/14 02:08 RT @careyz: China rejects Manila offer to bring dispute to UN http://bit.ly/rmzDIY. ie bully knows he's wrong but wont stop. #
07/13 15:21 JIRA's Bonfire looks nice, if only something like it integrated with other issue trackers like Redmine #
07/13 13:23 RT @grapealope: There are 250 Genomics companies in China. 70% founded in last 3-5 years, 80% founded by Chinese returnees. #singularityu #
07/13 13:22 RT @grapealope: Drug development in India is 70-80% cheaper than the US. @DivaBiotech #biotech #singularityu #
07/13 13:18 @madlyduck @betoneko Green tea in VN far from matcha. What are differences between VN rice wines and sake? E De ruou can drunk communally #
07/13 08:41 @TylerWatts @caligarn According to this theory, we can predict a Japanese Eminem in a few years. Can't wait! #
07/13 08:31 @TylerWatts @caligarn So basically Vpop comes from Motown. Now if we could figure out where each language came from... #
07/13 05:35 @caligarn Which begs the question: What produced Michael Jackson? @TylerWatts #
07/13 05:27 Warning for anyone building products on Facebook: Prepare to be usurped when FB wants your property! http://goo.gl/107GK #
07/13 04:12 @betoneko You know, when I discovered banh canh, I ate it as a replacement for udon ;) And banh day == mochi. But xi muoi != umeboshi. #
07/13 04:10 @OfficeSpace_SG So I guess the chain of 'evolution' goes like this: Jpop -> Kpop -> Vpop -> Khpop (whatever you want to call Khmer pop) #
07/13 02:12 @betoneko I had curry udon last night. :) I can honestly say I don't miss Cambodian food #
07/13 01:53 @TylerWatts @Anita_Tran @OfficeSpace_SG Vietnamese covering American/East Asian pop is understandable. Surprised anybody would copy V-pop! #
07/13 01:40 @betoneko Udon restaurant on Mac Dinh Chi is close enough. And the Japanese staff there are so tall. #
07/13 01:34 On the TVs on the bus to Phnom Penh: Bad Khmer covers of Vietnamese pop songs #
07/12 10:09 Straight out of Cam, right back to Saigon. Then straight to Japan for some real udon. Only VNese staff break the illusion. #
07/11 13:20 RT @fisheggtree: we are looking at the end of most of VN's large wild mammals w/in 25yrs if something desperate is not done immediately. #
07/11 13:08 @jobnomade Ask: Do I want to be sick last decades of life? I met De Grey years ago, support SENS. Benefits beyond long life. #methuselah #
07/11 02:59 After years of delays, Korean-backed Cambodian Stock Exchange opens today, but not a single company listed. http://goo.gl/rc8W4 #
07/11 02:17 N. Korean imports Rolexes while countrymen starve, resort to cannibalism. EuroComm. send millions in emergency food aid (and watches) #
07/09 12:14 Money can't buy happiness. But $4 can buy a pizza of happiness. #
07/09 10:08 @PedroInSaigon My guess is: there isn't. They are false cognates, perhaps similar to an exclamation like 'hey?' #
07/09 05:31 I swear, there is a mini funbox built into my hotel room in Phnom Penh. #skateboarding #
07/09 05:28 @preetamrai Glad you're coming to @barcampSaigon. And thx for reminder, I should pay tribute to @hackerspacepp while I'm here #
07/09 04:59 @preetamrai Hey, what are you doing in Phnom Penh? I'm also there for a few days. #
07/09 04:55 Mexican illegal immigration to the US has nearly stopped b/c Mexico's become an ok place to live. Is Vietnam far behind? #
07/09 01:29 Ready to leave Phnom Penh as soon as Vietnam will have me back! #
07/07 13:07 @madlyduck Here I am thinking black holes are imploded stars in our universe. Where do they exist? How does matter leave a BH? #
07/07 12:09 @madlyduck What was the matter pulled into? What universe were the black holes in? #
07/07 09:26 @nino_nina Good point. It's normal for American HS girls to wear makeup but not in Vietnam, even in university, right? #
07/07 09:25 @PedroInSaigon Lol, sometimes it seems like they are all 14 years old! @dukedylan VN is also obsessed with every kind of model #
07/07 08:41 This is what a 14-year old Vietnamese girl looks like: http://goo.gl/yt0Gm #
07/07 04:09 @PedroInSaigon @OfficeSpace_SG @jon7b Maybe better to take over her debt and use her interest payments to help educate others? :) #
07/07 04:08 @OfficeSpace_SG True. Microloans aimed at microbusinesses (like your food seller) who can pay back. Gamblers: send them to math class #
07/07 03:41 @caligarn Whoops, sorry @careyz! Re: unifying web services. OAuth + APIs (REST). Can already upload any kind of file to Google Docs #
07/07 03:32 @carez @caligarn Jolicloud web app manager http://bit.ly/nLdgMN + services with Dropbox integration + OAuth, the building blocks are there #
07/07 02:59 @jon7b @OfficeSpace_SG Hard to get normal loan? They should use microfinance (Kiva, etc) but only in VN in last 2-3 yrs, still unknown #
07/06 10:57 People hate BankofAmerica, JPMC, AT&T, Facebook most. [ http://goo.gl/oavEL ] Wonder if there's enough contrast in VN companies to matter? #
07/06 10:50 @philip_arthur Lol, pronounced the same too. I do have an idea for a Groupon for pornography though... #
07/06 10:49 @caligarn I set a honeypot laptop out in the wild and waited to see what internets the natives browsed on it, followed by CSI forensics #
07/06 09:25 I just 'discovered' a new Groupon clone 'in the wild'. I do like the name Vietpon though. #
07/06 05:53 @dynamicscholar If there is, they hide it. Along with any pricing information. Ripe for competition better than Moodle #
07/06 05:40 A new use has been found for Bitexco Tower: Vertical raceground. Still charging $12 to go up. http://goo.gl/7iapY #
07/06 05:33 It's Britney, but still this I Wanna Go remix is hot: http://goo.gl/gX1bK and @weareoliver has Detroit street cred: http://goo.gl/YSqj2 #
07/06 03:04 Blackboard, the overpriced and much loathed school software, sold for $1.64 Billion. What an opportunity.. #
07/06 02:37 @caligarn There's some mandate for all civil servants and state owned enterprise employees to take the bus weekly tied to bonuses #
07/06 02:35 @jon7b Compressed natural gas-powered busses are already coming online #
07/05 16:24 Every few hours I check #bitcoin on IRC to see how much further BTC has fallen on MtGox as they slowly let everyone cash out #
07/05 07:20 Export your FB friends while you still can! Facebook blocks Google Chrome extension for exporting friends http://zd.net/ipYDXZ #
07/05 03:23 What's wrong with this picture? http://bit.ly/lhfUYG #hanoi #
07/04 10:33 @kennedypj @saigonnezumi Cuz PHP is dumb. 5.3 introduced a lot of syntax changes, e.g. call-time pass-by-reference. Usually easy to fix.. #
07/04 04:56 @jobnomade Hear, hear! Vietnam needs Heroes and CSI: Saigon, maybe Cops too #
07/04 04:52 @betoneko Yup! Fox News is known for stretching the truth at the best of times, this time just lack of security and response/awareness #
07/04 03:45 @foxnewspolitics is reporting that Pres Obama has just been assassinated! @PedroInSaigon @betoneko #
07/04 03:18 Awesome RT @tomoakiyama: Lady Gaga on #Japanese talkshow: Outrageous outfit, pulls out candy from her head [PHOTO] http://bit.ly/ixrJ3j #
07/04 03:01 @caligarn Google apps + Google+ + Google single sign-on? Getting there slowly... #
07/04 02:59 Also, know who has editorial control! RT @betoneko: Never trust a man who reads only one newspaper (or none) #
07/04 02:51 @veryvietnam A novel idea indeed.. a place to read books for free - let's give the idea a name. Maybe call it "library"... #
07/04 02:31 @jobnomade Local govt prefers paying small compensation to victims rather than for responding with prevention. http://goo.gl/XS0jB #
07/04 02:25 @jobnomade Investigating crime isn't in job description for cops in VN. We need a new type of police, chartered to serve and protect #
07/03 07:26 @VietnamBlogs I don't know you/your business model or system, whereas that site clearly gets paid for spam; assumed mistaken association #
07/03 07:20 @tamkaizen The slopes of a pyramid are awfully slipperly. I'm sure some see opportunities in VN's lack of experience/history with MLMs #
07/03 07:10 @VietnamBlogs So it took only a cursory look for me to tell it was a made-for-Adsense site, if you need to tweak your automation then fine #
07/03 07:09 Expat pain relief in #Vietnam / http://goo.gl/Ho2zu (but today, naproxen out of stock in 4 pharmacies, codeine easy to find) #
07/03 07:00 @VietnamBlogs Lol, haha thanks and no worries... just keeping you on your toes! #
07/03 06:42 @VietnamBlogs Do you get paid to promote low quality / spam / copied sites? You should at least say it's advertising #
07/03 06:31 @betoneko @ericburdette Enlightened Ohioans have decided lots of beer + American football + history of rioting + GUNS is a good plan #
07/03 05:50 Where do casual games like Zynga / Mafiaville fit in Google+ or should they remain a Facebook plague, source of income? #
07/02 01:35 10s of thousands lose cash in collapsed pyramid scheme; MLMs still growing / http://bit.ly/lr1jom #Vietnam #
07/02 01:12 @philip_arthur There's 'boiled egg' - white on the outside, yellow on the inside, not sure it applies though #
07/01 03:46 RT @hcmctoday: Tease an Australian by saying that you "think the South African accent is beautiful." I couldn't do it with a straight face. #
07/01 03:43 @ericburdette There are several free databases which map IP addresses to countries; better, paid ones like MaxMind have more granularity #
07/01 03:19 @caligarn Whoops, it's Dang Tat. I still saw the old cards with old addr, with some handwritten scratches maybe for the new location. Pro. #
07/01 03:14 @caligarn Friend says it's pre-Reunification Saigonese style; should be celebrated. Then again rich culture lead to the fall of South VN.. #
07/01 03:10 @caligarn Today was the 2nd time I first went to the Dung Tat location before finding out everyone's on TTT. Even cards give Dung Tat addr #

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