Daily Twitter Posts - 08/12/2011 - 08/19/2011

Submitted by tomo on August 19, 2011 - 11:45am

08/18 12:31 I'll be flying to SFO on September 6 and returning to Vietnam via Tokyo on the 12th. No thanks to Hipmunk showing bunk flights. #
08/18 10:51 Are Groupon clones stalling out in Vietnam? http://t.co/ZQoHbVz #
08/18 06:32 [email protected] Anyone who claims that Khmer is not a tonal language has never tried to order squid and found out they were asking for face. #
08/17 09:49 Tuoi Tre News: Every article ends with "Police are investigating" / http://t.co/Vi1RlJY #
08/17 09:27 Super Mario: How it really went down (indie film trailer) http://t.co/dPBL5F8 #
08/17 08:43 @shakkabrutha @NicholasMarx @hcmctoday Thanks for the reassuring answers! $80 to staple some blank paper #firstworldproblems #
08/17 05:47 Any Americans know how long it takes to get extra pages added to a passport (especially at the consulate in HCMC)? #
08/17 03:06 @tamkaizen Don't worry, we will all retweet the bad news into your Twitter stream #
08/16 06:05 @caligarn In the race for economic development, Vietnam has completely lost touch with social/moral development #
08/16 04:29 Will Google open a Google Store? I expect a Chinese person to have done so already #
08/16 04:15 @betoneko @careyz Folks are bombarded by daily deals, learning that each 1 isn't so great, hearing of ripoffs. But a sucker is born every... #
08/16 04:08 @barijoe My name is available for the low cost of $19.99.95! #
08/16 03:35 @caligarn @jon7b @dynamicscholar 5 years ago, tablets were the same as laptops, running Windows. iPad dumbed it down. #
08/16 03:24 @PedroInSaigon Vietnamese people are too busy setting fire to stuff and stealing things to riot over that #
08/15 12:03 @jon7b You can make a sentence out of the 4 random words by adding words. But using 'is' for most passwords would be bad #
08/15 12:01 @jon7b If nobody knows they're not random then ok :) Problem is if anyone thinks you're using a weaker scheme. Just like using 1,0 for i,o #
08/15 11:45 @jon7b Actually, since there are much less grammatically correct 4-word sentences, it would be much easier to find by brute force #
08/15 11:15 Dammit. Foreign language passphrase generator working again: goo.gl/w5cCo #
08/15 04:36 Build a safer memorable multi-lingual password here: http://t.co/2ZET8V8 #correcthorsebatterystaple #
08/14 02:35 @barijoe You may be interested in a small Hootsuite ad blocker I made for Chrome: http://t.co/B1Q7spt #
08/13 01:13 @caligarn Ebay has been in Vietnam for years, but Paypal only recently #
08/12 06:31 @kennynguyenus 7?! Was rope involved? They passed in an instant so no pics #
08/12 06:11 Yes! I saw 6 people on 1 motorbike! They're like Vietnamese phone booths. #
08/12 05:21 Hey, you remember color.com? #vietkieu http://goo.gl/kP44I #

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