Daily Twitter Posts - 08/19/2011 - 08/26/2011

Submitted by tomo on August 26, 2011 - 11:45am

08/25 23:30 Tool for online marketers: goo.gl short url analytics on right click. Testers please! http://t.co/BpTqsWU #
08/25 07:36 @jobnomade I think the bug is when you quickly hit 'more images' when it first loads, right? Thx! I got themebrain.com confirm lorem ipsum #
08/24 22:20 Password Generator now using canvas to download password image reminders. Get it at Chrome Web Store http://t.co/MBo828r @jobnomade for idea #
08/24 05:54 @jobnomade Cool idea! I'll have to look at HTML5 Canvas and other fun stuff to do that #
08/24 04:40 Moscow’s Wild Dogs Ride Subways To City Center In Search Of Food: http://t.co/EPeKI2P #
08/24 04:09 Please try out my Chrome plugin for easily making memorable passwords in many languages: http://t.co/WTSYP2L #
08/24 03:43 @betoneko Initially, I was googling for "mồng tơi" to put on "mông tôi" and I got "Mongolia" #
08/24 03:21 @NBNQ @jon7b Translation of words depends on context. Can you guys see Mongolia here? http://t.co/CCchwQJ #
08/23 23:40 Google Translates "Mông tôi" (my butt) as "Mongolia". (Not to be confused with a Mongolian butt spot) #
08/23 07:39 @barijoe I would imagine Indonesia's links to Singapore's Amazon EC2 would be pretty fast, no? #
08/23 05:03 Horns on taxis should be mechanically disabled/silent unless the foot brake is being depressed #
08/23 04:53 MacBook warranty just expired. Figures, 3 things break on it at once #
08/23 04:50 @dylanduong Never shared pics. HootSuite is solid for posting, but I like @seesmic for scanning a day's worth of tweets quickly #
08/23 03:26 @Seesmic Your Seesmic Web has been 404 for a week now. Hootsuite is working nicely, other suggestions? #
08/22 23:50 Vietnam ranks as the most financially attractive country for offshoring, BUT... http://t.co/wT2vWmA #
08/22 10:01 @jon7b I used that tutorial but saw this today: http://t.co/Wvq30nY. Then browse source examples by extension permissions. I use vim. #
08/22 09:00 Anyone have ideas for a Chrome plugin? I've been in the extending mood all weekend #
08/22 08:56 @nguyenhimself Ah, neato. DDoS is more terrorism, not hacking, and also a shitty use of Vietnam's limited overseas bandwidth. #
08/22 08:54 @jon7b Good point. All mail servers deliver to part before +, useful for filtering. But only GMail makes . insignificant for ID theft? #
08/22 08:06 @nguyenhimself Do you recall if it was trolls or people sharing other knowledge too? #
08/22 08:05 Periods in GMail usernames aren't significant. Add, remove, move the dots around, you still get mail! #
08/20 07:01 @tropixblue Unfortunately, censorship apologists would say that it's the same in every country #
08/20 07:00 @caligarn Might I suggest raincoats and backpacks with various Vietnam driving tips #
08/20 05:32 Title inflation: "Revolutionary Martyr" in Vietnam now meaningless: http://t.co/oxYc2iY #
08/20 05:21 Intriguing tweets on censorship in Malaysia, ethical hacking, and social enterprise coming via #TEDxKL today #
08/19 03:59 RT @theeconomist: Berlin has been overtaken by a strange wave of car-burning. Last night nine cars went up in flames http://t.co/ab1p5PY #

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