Daily Twitter Posts - 08/26/2011 - 09/02/2011

Submitted by tomo on September 2, 2011 - 11:45am

09/01 12:31 The Truth Behind Online Influence (Klout): http://t.co/9E2YGFg #
09/01 01:22 The damn Vung Tau undersea cable to the overseas Internet broke again #
08/31 15:13 Waiting for more 'Could I destroy the entire Roman empire...' to be posted, story unfolding on Reddit: http://t.co/ZOYv7A6 #
08/31 11:50 @fisheggtree I'm a fan of Golden Farm products. Jars of decent salsa at Vietnamese prices. #
08/31 09:48 Incredible. Skip to 1:02. Robbery and shooting in Phnom Penh captured on security camera: http://t.co/tVdoAGq #
08/31 05:43 Twitta massive big up the DJ @PedroInSaigon in the hot seat on the 1s and 2s inside the place. #
08/31 05:05 Anyone into local biodiversity could benefit from www.lifedesks.org. Drupal, so I can help setup in Vietnam @fisheggtree #
08/31 03:22 I think it would be cool if busses had forklifts in front and could move away cars blocking intersections #
08/30 15:39 RT @TheOnion: Tea Party Congressman Calls For Tax Breaks To Put Out Raging Wildfire In District http://t.co/3Ld7Oc2 #
08/30 08:47 RT @jobnomade: Share your "coffee money" experience http://t.co/yxCDX4s like like like #
08/30 04:43 I wonder if this would work: http://t.co/nzDFWKY #
08/30 04:08 @TylerWatts @jobnomade Good reading. Now I want to organize a group of Viets to go to America's ignored poor inner cities #
08/30 00:03 You shouldn't do voluntourism: http://t.co/UdVoqe7 #
08/29 06:59 @PedroInSaigon I only bet against lottery players and other mathematically challenged people #
08/29 05:04 @dylanduong Would that be Banh Cuon Hat Gao Vang? I am a repeat customer there :( #
08/29 04:43 If all of your recent tweets are Foursquare checkins, I'm not following you back #
08/29 03:32 Creative financing is increasing in Vietnam's real estate market to attract buyers. Remember how the last subprime mortgage crisis ended? #
08/29 03:23 @tamkaizen It's turtles and remixes all the way down. #
08/28 22:45 @Seesmic Web users need this fix for zombie tweets: http://t.co/LU1Nz0N #
08/28 12:28 RIP Dan Sicko, author of the classic music history text "Techno Rebels" and Detroit electronic music sage #
08/27 07:34 @jon7b @jobnomade I mean, we can't control what we do during sleep, and we all have to sleep ~1/3 of the day every day still #
08/27 06:51 We have surprising little control of an activity we spend 1/3 of our life doing, 2 billion people doing nothing every day #
08/26 04:13 Our Milky Way has a massive planet that's made of a single diamond: http://t.co/BXgzuFY #
08/26 02:26 My 1+ hr #VietKieu interview was compressed into 4 Japanese sentences in the latest Sketch Magazine #
08/26 02:22 @k4media Thanks for the feedback and the RT, more coming soon! #

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