Daily Twitter Posts - 09/02/2011 - 09/09/2011

Submitted by tomo on September 9, 2011 - 11:45am

09/08 11:44 The sound of lawns being mowed. Not in Vietnam anymore. #
09/08 10:52 Upcoming Google DevFests in SE Asia: http://t.co/ETklktF #
09/05 15:26 Watching documentary about the Concorde crash that stopped service forever. Good way to prepare for boarding a trans-Pacific flight #
09/05 14:52 @tdichristopher It was a Wikileaks cable from the US embassy in Vietnam, from finding and interviewing AmeriAsian adults in Vietnam #
09/05 13:30 @dylanduong No problem, on one condition: Whatever shirt I buy, you must wear in public! #sinisterlaugh #
09/05 12:42 Few more hours and I'll be on an airplane to America for the first time in 2.5 years. Wonder if it's changed as much as Vietnam. #
09/05 11:43 @tdichristopher Recent Wikileaks re: Vietnam, US had surveyed AmerAsians, found they had all integrated, discrimination stopped for years #
09/05 09:16 Tuoi Tre News has republished my blog post w/ permission (but no mention of original). Police Are Investigating: http://t.co/l92GZfW #
09/05 04:48 To understand what my last tweet says, use the Twitter Decoder Ring: http://t.co/Vs214aM #
09/05 04:46 顜善嬔巖嗴允曏不t唈吷曃噑庠嗱鲷凸亥丂仨丶乇儓乓(劗揦允圫s囸严懦倡侭鹔丘柺槐嫢忒爠t唈堺倱t唈婐丕珹埼円七哢蠧呕囫自t唈吷讴鏞渊帺呙冑咭巖嗴佽哻巖0簝噯呝丕1哼测樖匡螎諑歘丂2哼檂鎗俫抆哻与亩歘挍叜 #
09/04 02:18 1000s more in HCMC plz RT @tuoitrenewsvn: 2,000 cars fined in Hanoi in a fortnight http://t.co/gUThJ0I #
09/04 02:16 Increase "Gamification" w/ "an open src platform, customizable gamification elements designed to increase user interaction on websites" #
09/03 17:15 @kennynguyenus Serial decision-making is making lots of decisions in a short period of time. Think customizing a suit, car, or vacation #
09/03 06:53 I wonder if Bud's Ice Cream in San Francisco is full of confused Vietnamese tourists #
09/02 08:22 I'm slurping up my Ramen badge on PhoSquare! #justkidding #
09/02 07:04 @barijoe If you haven't noticed a slowdown in Internet speed then you are either blessed or have magic Internet. Who's your isp? #
09/02 07:01 Decision fatigue. Ego depletion. Gain more self-control, make wiser decisions with a quick shot of sugar. Break up serial decision-making. #

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