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Submitted by tomo on June 17, 2011 - 10:45pm

I've known for awhile about the existence of PSD to XHTML cutting (slicing) services which can turn your website design straight from Photoshop into clean HTML/CSS in factory assembly line turnaround.  But I didn't realize there there were hundreds, perhaps thousands of little shops like this.  With so many options, a number of sites have sprung up to review these PSD2HTML clones.

If you don't want to read any further then just go with  They started the industry and are the most well known and most reviewed.  In general, the reviews are positive.  But there are many, many cheaper options.  If you, like me, always strive to get the best deal, then read on.

Reviewers reviewed

First of all, it's hard to find unbiased information about these companies.  They are generally all not only HTML guys, but SEO experts to boot.  Google is full of spam results in this space.

There are a number of sites dedicated to listing and reviewing PSD to HTML slicing companies.  First, I came across, which reviews 39 sites but none of the ones on the low end of the price range for some reason.  You can't even sort by price, so this site is not very user friendly.

Next, I saw  Only 10 sites reviewed. Consider this site abandoned. is another site, except it's just a list of companies with no reviews.  There are a number of blog posts on other sites with similar lists and no reviews (or one review).  These don't list many companies and are useless to us.

Finally, I hit the motherload with

There are now 322 listed sites, with search and filter.  Unfortunately, a lot of them don't list their prices so even though searching for slicers under $50 turns up 89 results, many of them may be more than $50.  Still, there's too many to pick from.

If you do a bit of Googling, you'll also find a number of blog posts reviewing a slicing company, or providing a short list of html slicers, but they usually only provide basic information, a screenshot of the company's site, and no reviews.  But sometimes they have long, low signal-to-noise comment threads of people advertising their own slicing companies, and people telling you to avoid certain companies (example:


Who to avoid

Summarizing comments I've read, these are companies to avoid:

Avoid, which many customers have complained about.  For example, "HTMLBlender is truly horrible." or "htmlblender is, by far, the worst i’ve ever used. 8 hours, my butt. Try three weeks, crappy code, and a lot of broken promises."


"Even though they are US-based, they farm out work overseas. The work came back sub-standard with many, many issues that they couldn’t rectify."

"Here’s another vote NOT to use"

"They abandoned me in the middle of a project. Had to hire somebody else and made me look like a fool to my client."


Also, avoid cssrockstars, codemyconcept, yummycss, and rapidxhtml.

"Fuck cssrockstars." " = AVOID".

"Stay away from YummyCSS. "

"Avoid RAPIDXHTML this company is a FRAUD. "

A lot of complaints about, perhaps the most complaints for any site.

PSD to ANY - Mixed reviews, enough negative reviews.


Who to try out

So now I'm looking at under-$100 options on which people don't hate (as far as simple Googling shows) and which don't look too shady or unprofessional or lack add-on services.

I've whittled it down to: - $79, $159 for their "professional" package. - $99, extras unknown. - $45, $29 inner pages. - Hard to tell, but I think $79 - As low as $39 if you choose the 5-day waiting option. Unfortunately, their other services are quite expensive. - Indian company, good reviews, but when you go to their site there's no pricing.  Need to request a quote.  



At this point, looks like a good option.  From what little I've read, they are reputable, and their prices are attractive.  But there are a number of other companies in the same price range which I may have passed over too quickly.

Since I'm in Vietnam, and these companies hail from all countries of the world, I found one Vietnamese company: They are in Hanoi but aren't exactly cheap, plus their company looks unprofessional compared to the competition.  Too bad, if they were better I would like to give them business.



The sites above generally fall in the $50-$150 range for a home page, with extra pages half off.  A few sites convert to Drupal themes, but the starting prices are in the several hundred dollar range.  Wordpress is cheap.

Then there are even more companies that also offer html slicing services, but without the transparent fixed pricing.  Why bother getting a quote from them?


There is a free online service that turns .psd to html/css. It’s called  I've used it with decent results, but don't expect semantic markup where you're not providing it yourself.

You can always have photoshop export to html or use a plugin like SiteGrinder.



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John (not verified)

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PSD to Wordpress conversion india (not verified)

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Hung Le (not verified)

It's a nice review. Thanks.

May I introduce you an affordable PSD to HTML / CMS starting from $50 for the homepage. We served many happy clients from around the world. And the quality is great.

psd to html (not verified)

Very useful ideas for psd to html you have shared here. Amazing! I appreciate that. Thanks for sharing this incredible stuff.

PSD TO HTML (not verified)

Also try, the cost is low and services are up to the mark, I refer Css4me for all your PSD to HTML needs

Anonymous (not verified)

Have you tried, they are a online conversion tool, and they cant rip you off because it is free to use.

Philip (not verified)


I have been working with / from India and wouldn't recommend them. The initial quality was ok but the second project a desaster. They provided not 100% browser compatible pages and each page had a file size of 3-4MB which would take ages to load. Even after 3 weeks and several deadlines they never updated the files based on feedback which I provided.

They promote their 100% Money-Back-Guarantee but they didn't refund me my money. "All their customers are happy so there is no need to refund something.", they say. If you work with them, don't pay upfront. The PayPal Buyer's Protection will not cover virtual goods.

Good luck!


Carlos (not verified)

Hello Philip

I too worked with psdtohtmlexperts for more than 30 projects till date and never had the problem you are referring. They are genuine guys and now i know them personally. Their quality is awesome with cross browser compatibility as well. I checked your website and can see you are still using their coded page, i can get to know about this as i know the classes/ids names they use. About the file sizes this can depend on the project design as well they surely wouldn't have added extra files to your project intentionally.

Posting this sort of comments online can ruin any company's reputation and posting comments just to show your frustration is not right.

Their money back guarantee is 100% sure, i know a person who got his money back as well when project got delayed only by 1 day.

Hope you and everybody reading this post will understand this.


Designing Studios (not verified)

Hi Philip,

I agree with you there are some companies, if you find this below link you can find:

If a new client comes to us, to build a TRUST and to make it STRONG all the time. We wont take upfront-pay even 50%. After completion of the job we will give a demo to client and remove files in a particular time (short), in this they can come with up any issues they have. This shows that we do their job and its not SCAM taking money and not doing job 100%.


Attention everybody:

The two previous comments were made by the same person. Draw your own conclusions. I have removed the link in the previous comment.

Vietnam tours (not verified)

thanks, this article is very helpful for me in next class

Designing Studios (not verified)

We are happy to see that we are listed at last. The reason is, in general we charge below $50 and this is also not fixed price. If the layout is small and the slicing job completed in a hour then we charge for the amount of time we spent on that project.


Thanks for the comment. If your price is generally less than $50 then I think you could say that on your site for more business? Just a thought, maybe not.

Designing Studios (not verified)

Yes ofcourse, but we dont want to be like others. If you check order now page you can see they charge $10 for each and everything like commenting HTML & CSS, IE6 browser compatible, Flexible Layout, Em based fonts etc... We dont charge any extra for small small things. Only one charge for a page, it includes all this is a basic price. BYW you can also check our latest review at:

psd to wordpress (not verified)

This is good.I like it.

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