If you are a Vietnamese speaker please play the following audio. What is this man saying?

Submitted by tomo on May 23, 2011 - 2:20am
I know what he is saying
It's Vietnamese, but I can't understand some of it
This is from the Central region so I don't understand
I can only understand some of it
I'm Vietnamese, but I don't know what he's saying!
Total votes: 103

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I don't believe

this man is speaking Vietnamese.... I understand Vietnamese fluently and there are little to no Viet words in this speech. It must be another language that uses some Viet words if any.

He talked about Bible, about

He talked about Bible, about the life of Jesus and about the time God created Adam and Eve.

If you have another

If you have another suggestion, please leave a comment.

I will explain more about the source after I receive some votes. :)

I speak Vietnamese

but I have no idea about what this man is talking about. Caught some words here and there but can't put together the whole sentence or the main idea. Seemed like he spoke Kmer or Cambodian?

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