Daily Twitter Posts - 06/15/2012 - 06/22/2012

Submitted by tomo on June 22, 2012 - 12:45pm

06/21 05:34 @barcampSaigon Unfortunately, 14 people have already retweeted that false news! Hope they are willing to retweet retractions.. #
06/21 05:21 @caligarn Some devices are constrained to be wireless. I'd be ok with wires if it meant being able to use one, or it being cheaper #
06/21 05:18 http://t.co/BADkuM1V website updated. Next event is NOT July 1st, hopefully end of summer instead. Please spread the world. @barcampSaigon #
06/21 05:13 @barcampSaigon Was hoping to address website at hackathon this weekend... but hold on a second and it will be fixed #
06/21 05:01 @natalie470 Hi Anh. Bored? #
06/21 02:55 @caligarn How do we get one & SDK? Better: How can we build one using Arduino and other parts? Hardware needn't be portable for us. #
06/21 02:53 @chrisfharvey I think I catch myself using it for the same reason now. Might be disingenuous but can hardly think of anything better to say #
06/21 01:38 @barcampSaigon Err, that's a mistake! BarCampSaigon in July will be postponed #
06/21 01:37 Nuance (Dragon Naturally Speaking) supercharges Swype with Dragon-powered voice #recognition input http://t.co/zVqIY4gd #
06/20 04:36 RT @walterm: Why I've decided to be helpful rather than good http://t.co/eH1bfsEk #
06/20 03:11 What does the deceptively simple "sounds good" really mean really? #
06/18 01:59 Recharging cells with Vietnamese coffee in order to do stupid things faster with more energy!! #
06/16 07:01 @PedroInSaigon Or you just want to buy a disposable phone? You can buy some Nokias for like 300k when they are on deal #
06/16 06:58 @PedroInSaigon No single place will have the best price on every phone. Search on store aggregators, TGDD, Hnam, etc #
06/16 01:05 The best of #FailedTechBands: RT @thomas_quinlan: R'Sync #FailedTechBands #
06/15 04:17 @madlyduck Apologies if you get 2nd reply, Twitter problems. I'm in Saigon, no sudden rain here yesterday! #
06/15 04:16 @laidbackfreak Sorry, I should probably update the Barcamp website immediately but was waiting for new venue. Definitely NOT July 1 at RMIT. #

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