Daily Twitter Posts - 07/15/2011 - 07/22/2011

Submitted by tomo on July 22, 2011 - 11:45am

07/21 23:30 @mybigfatface Many 'upwardly mobile' Cambodians make the trip to FV Hospital in Saigon, but not recommended if you're dying right now #
07/21 12:41 @Tanguyen86 Awesome, thanks T! I'll hit you up with details #
07/21 11:50 Wait, so China is banning Harry Potter and all foreign films to screen a $12 mln revisionist propaganda film? http://goo.gl/NBngw #
07/21 11:44 @geetree haha, and trampolines! Dense cities never have enough trampolines. #
07/21 06:16 Screw stairs. World needs more slides. http://goo.gl/Q76Kp #
07/21 05:38 @Jessdiep Barcamp is from 8am and wraps up around 4 in the afternoon, followed by an optional afterparty. R U free? @barcampSaigon #
07/21 02:12 @Tanguyen86 @saigonchic Receive attendees when they enter, hang around and manage the session rooms, etc. Can you join? :) #
07/20 09:44 BarCamp Saigon is this Sunday at RMIT! We still need a few good volunteers so hit us up if you're interested :) #
07/19 07:26 RT @cnualart: #Saigon go to Zerostation to see this work in progress! Graffiti off NKKN in hem 288. Great fun! http://t.co/2GMmvhC #
07/19 04:07 The way 'headache' is spelled vs pronounced causes one. #ghoti #
07/19 02:34 @doortomykitchen @madlyduck Borders always had great books and magazines I didn't know I was looking for. #
07/19 02:30 @saigonchic That is a good opportunity to fart very loudly #
07/18 23:48 Pouring some coffee out for the loss of miles of bookshelves, a place to browse books after work. #Borders #
07/18 13:48 @philip_arthur Honestly, something as powerful as salvia, having a sober person babysitting is responsibility #1 #
07/18 10:59 Is increasing medical tourism to Vietnam good or bad for us expats? #
07/18 09:02 Vietnam needs Underwriters Laboratories, and Consumer Reports. #
07/18 07:09 @jon7b What kind of desk? Adjustable? #
07/17 06:27 @Anita_Tran @jon7b So they should label all films about honest cops as "science fiction" :) #
07/17 05:21 ATTN: Groupon clones in Vietnam, good luck using 'copyright law' to defend against aggregators from commoditizing you #
07/17 05:16 @tamkaizen Good question. I think the difference is the same as between police and mobsters #
07/17 04:19 I was charged $14 to use ANZ's ATM in Phnom Penh. #
07/17 01:46 Cambodia has world's smallest stock exchange, followed by Mozambique and Laos #
07/17 01:03 Everyday some 3000 scientific articles are published. Perhaps a handful from Vietnamese. Probably none of them living in Vietnam. #
07/16 11:17 RT @TheOnion: Drunk Pilot Going To Pull Over Onto Cloud Until He Sobers Up A Little http://onion.com/mQnDQi #
07/16 07:23 @PedroInSaigon @fisheggtree Most hysterical reports were from Western Christian sympathizers, nothing objective #
07/16 02:52 @pqnga Sneaky! Not escape-proof, but I know an abstract db layer that won't expect to sanitize an order by clause #
07/16 02:42 @PedroInSaigon That happened a few months ago, don't believe any outsider independently confirmed. VN govt story totally different #
07/16 02:39 @HelpingHandSG Who is this? You should make Drupal themes too :) #
07/15 16:05 @jobnomade Opera lets you group tabs then collapse a group . TooManyTabs for Chrome good for 'suspending' tabs for later. #
07/15 05:51 @OfficeSpace_SG I can't wait! And subway/metro any year now. I'd be happy with dedicated busways in the near future #
07/15 05:50 @madlyduck lol, sounds like an easy job, plenty of time to ponder astrophysics! #
07/15 04:13 @OfficeSpace_SG Saigon also had trams! It's sad impoverished Hanoi couldn't maintain their trams a few more years. #
07/15 04:00 @madlyduck Fortunately, your job isn't to drive people from point A to B using the least amount of fuel possible #
07/15 03:04 @madlyduck Just the negotiated cost to travel about 1-2 km. Still not convinced why (that) nobody in PP could find a numbered street #
07/15 02:57 Some languages in Vietnam have up to 41 vowels. Good luck. #
07/15 01:21 Phnom Penh travel protip: Get a 'free' 1-hour city tour when the motorbike drivers can't find a numbered street 10 min walk away #

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