Daily Twitter Posts - 07/29/2011 - 08/05/2011

Submitted by tomo on August 5, 2011 - 11:45am

08/04 17:11 Tea Party gets its way = Dow drops 500+ points, worst since 2008. http://goo.gl/DYS5G #
08/04 12:45 Scary. Facebook will track you all over the web and give your personal information to advertisers who ask: http://goo.gl/X3qFL #
08/04 12:43 @HerDailyDigest Did you join Foursquare? What will you do with your newfound klout? :) #
08/04 12:05 $1 HIV test, 15 minute results. Fits in wallet. http://goo.gl/auE0J #
08/04 07:52 Prices for condos at Saigon Pearl down over 20% but still not selling: http://goo.gl/SlUkI #
08/04 07:44 @fisheggtree Correct, PetroVietnam is state-owned. They also operate taxis (!) #
08/04 05:50 @fisheggtree Including the various resorts owned by PetroVietnam? #
08/04 03:29 @fisheggtree And is it true that Sharky's has the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh? #
08/04 03:27 @fisheggtree To me PP's Western restos complement SG's nicely, but lack SG's Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc. districts #
08/04 03:13 @jon7b It was normal for a few weeks then back to "cable-cut speeds" for over a week here #
08/03 14:12 Bitcoin mining botnet controlled by Twitter discovered: http://goo.gl/iYYA5 #
08/03 09:01 @dynamicscholar "Straight outta Vincom", "Fuck tha cong an", and more #Vinnazwitattitudes #
08/03 06:06 @Conversoul @ericburdette See, Cops vs Cops would provide hours of entertainment (to me) #
08/03 04:48 @ericburdette Indeed, maybe they're watching too many violent Thai films. But just imagine a Vietnamese version of Cops. #
08/03 04:44 @dynamicscholar Thanks man I try to keep it real #
08/03 03:30 Great. Nhommua is spamming me on Yahoo Messenger now #
08/03 02:56 #gettingthingsdone "ran into a bar nearby, broke apart the chair’s leg, took out the iron rod from it and used it to stab Cuong" #
08/02 15:31 It's midnight and dark. A girl is reading a comic book. While sat on the back of a bicycle. #
08/02 05:59 Kpop payola/pay for play corruption scandal. Or why Korean pop is all over Vietnamese media? http://goo.gl/mdsdW #
08/02 05:26 Next up: IQ to OS correlation? WinXP users on one end, OpenBSD (need to be a genius) on the other #
08/02 05:22 @betoneko @jon7b @TylerWatts lol, or as someone from Central VN would ask: ô tô mô tô Tô Mô mô? #
08/02 04:26 @betoneko Lol! Nha Hang TOMO is the BEST, besides Cafe Tomo (coming soon). and secret Quan Tomo on Nguyen Van Lac #
08/02 04:25 @webtomme #3 mainly! I've done #1, and #2 and #4 (for free) #
08/02 01:49 Working in Saigon/Vietnam as an expat: http://goo.gl/j25hE #
08/01 12:03 HSBC to cut 30k jobs by 2013: http://goo.gl/jnJEg #
08/01 06:26 @PedroInSaigon Yes, there was an article somewhere about a few foreign kids and their VN disciples teaching each other parkour in Saigon #
07/31 10:48 @tropixblue Say a neighborhood which normally sees a drop in traffic at 3:30PM on Tuesdays but has higher traffic 20 minutes before a storm #
07/31 10:40 @saigonnezumi Could you do us a favor and checkin to 4sq everytime you get on a bike, so we can all get off ours? :) #
07/31 08:34 Hypothesis: deviations from normal internet activity can predict imminent rain during the rainy season #
07/31 04:20 @fisheggtree Would love to see info sources of unrecognized VN minorities. The bigger ones not listed on goo.gl/GJ57m perhaps not endangered #
07/31 04:16 @nguyenhimself @jon7b @cnualart Found on a Drupal forum :) It's worth the effort if you're a dev! But I also use Vim as my editor.. #
07/30 03:25 @fisheggtree Can you list some missing languages? Noticed Pacoh, Ta Oi not listed perhaps due to larger population #
07/30 03:07 Learning curve for popular CMSs: http://bit.ly/mPia2Z #drupal #joomla #wordpress #

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