Daily Twitter Posts - 09/25/2012 - 10/02/2012

Submitted by tomo on October 3, 2012 - 1:30am

10/02 04:44 @MienHPham Try turning off social media outside pomodoro breaks. And don't listen to music with vocals (in a language you underatand) #
10/02 02:39 @aminhdo It's not every day that I say this but. Batshit f'n insane. #
10/02 02:14 @MienHPham #pomodoro #timeboxing #hourofpower #meditation Weekly todo lists, etc. Listen to techno and turn off social media. Etc. :) #
10/02 02:03 @etienne Which begs the question: Apple, religion or philosophy? I think they've copied the Church in more than one way ;-) #
10/02 01:58 @aminhdo How much of Buddhism isn't philosophy? Potentially a really easy book to write :-) Philosophy of Mormonism OTOH... #
10/02 01:33 @chrisfharvey Gubmint don't want scientists to research, artists to create, businesses to innovate, information to be translated & shared :( #
10/02 01:15 @caffeinatedmatt Quick, throw some cough & cold medicine in the coffee pot and see if meth comes out! #
10/01 23:33 Here. RT @michaelcoyote: So anyone here think that the thieving and molesting TSA wouldn't throw us under the bus for cash or extortion? #
10/01 23:31 EarBook: A human-compiled Zuckerberg-voiced personalized podcast of your Facebook feed. Cute cat photos described in detail. #
10/01 23:12 @aminhdo There are many more vastly different British accents than in the US, and much more American movies for them to watch than from UK #
10/01 04:30 Vietnam product and content websites are being hindered by lack of millions of local bloggers writing and linking. Can't compete globally. #
09/30 23:53 When people complain about the cool rainy weather in Saigon I smile and think about April. #
09/30 07:49 TIL about Facebook for SIM from an Argentine carrier, a FB "app" for dumbphones on a SIM card that only uses SMS: http://t.co/omQlOu82 #
09/30 07:42 @PiiSiiD Free or cheap license for disciples, but sold like multi-level marketing scheme :) Or freemium model. #
09/30 00:05 What if the Buddha had patented Buddhism? #
09/29 22:28 The next digital divide: those who have access to 3D printers and those who don't #
09/29 10:07 RT @wired: 48-Hour Adventure Time 'Jam' Produces 100 Weird, Weird Games http://t.co/J8KUHBv9 #
09/29 08:25 In case your research requires 10,000 cat images, including facial features: #
09/29 07:17 @free_thinker Yup, would need some new architecture outside of Javascript. But Dalvik is open source, so why not? Like Jolla. #
09/29 05:42 Wonder if Firefox OS #Boot2Gecko should support running Android apps on top of HTML5/JS apps. We don't need more ghost town marketplaces #
09/29 01:03 Have duplicate contacts clogging your Android phone? Go to http://t.co/Nn2We1yn (nice contact manager), More > Find & merge duplicates. Sync #
09/28 04:24 @connyb Hey Conny, I hear you work for Cambodian ISPs? Can you tell me more about it, just curious? Was nice meeting you at #BarCampPP #
09/27 09:57 @patrizio_bui Are you still at ERC? #
09/27 07:56 Luck: (both good and bad) the sum of (a random % * # of opportunities * your own ability to take advantage of (or be affected by) them) #
09/27 05:42 Wish somebody would just ship the Internet on CD-ROMs to Vietnam. On a giant boat or something. #
09/27 04:32 @jobnomade Cool, a lot of startups. Let me know when code is more than a PHP object dump :D P.S. That 4sq API is nearly deprecated.. #
09/27 04:29 @tropixblue Yes. For motorbikes which are >90% of the people we must only use the smallest lane which is also used for car parking #
09/27 01:57 Vietnam has a thriving Facebook fan buying black market. If FB's fake user deleting doesn't crush some brands here many more fakes must go. #
09/27 01:31 A totally independent tourist police is needed. RT @VNNetBridge: Police declare war against crime in Saigon http://t.co/7vzFAfmm #vietnam #
09/27 01:24 What is the proper, pragmatic, locale-appropriate (Vietnam, after all) response to a car driving in the wrong lane hitting you? #voluat #
09/26 23:03 Maybe represent.vn can auto-aggregate Tech Startups already tagged on Foursquare (just found out it's a category!) cc @vutrinhan #
09/26 06:17 Banh dau xanh: Cookies made from sugar, mung bean, and bacon! Thus proving that bacon makes anything taste better. #QED #
09/26 03:50 @lfopw Indeed, although same can be said for Vietnam: I see Bentleys, Royces daily. But a lot of beater Toyotas in Cambodia too. Ironic, eh? #
09/26 03:40 @john_weeks Enjoyed your webcomics session at #BarCampPP. And thanks for the free print comics! Wonder if webcomics could be next Instagram #
09/26 03:35 @nguyenhimself When speaking of multiple iPhones the correct mass noun is herd. A herd of iPhone 5. #
09/26 02:21 @nostarwhere @ctcrowell Metro Detroit is livable enough for US. Research hospitals, international connections & trade, overall low crime, &c #
09/26 00:59 "It's like a war, because everybody seems to become very selfish once they are behind the wheel of a car" - on traffic in Sao Paolo #
09/25 22:10 @jon7b @aminhdo Difference is arrangement (& energy). Proteins that've broken down. Organs no longer self-repairing. What's this about 140g? #
09/25 21:34 @rockportrait I've been 4x and haven't seen any of those. I go for functional reasons, e.g. visa run or BarCamp. Otherwise, visit friends. #

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