Daily Twitter Posts - 09/28/2012 - 10/05/2012

Submitted by tomo on October 5, 2012 - 12:45pm

10/04 06:20 @thomaswanhoff Surely everyone was clued in from the start but the AP tattling on Zing forced the hands of these public companies. #
10/04 04:30 @aminhdo MOOC? I guess it's a good idea, although can we do it remotely over the Internet? #
10/04 01:29 Vietnam is free too :) RT @alansoon: How is it that you can always find free wifi all over #Ulaanbaatar but never in a city like #Singapore? #
10/03 12:54 @sitesnbites If you follow me I can DM you some Vietnamese tutors' contact info #
10/03 10:29 Zing gets zinged by advertisers after AP outs them as pirate music d/l site: Coca Cola, Samsung, Yamaha, etc pull ads: http://t.co/W8Mx2syy #
10/03 07:03 @jon7b @TylerWatts I don't know Watt you are talking about. Teehee. #
10/03 05:22 @PiiSiiD Haha, I don't think that they will guarantee 30 minute delivery time or your food is free if delivering from NYC to Phnom Penh :) #
10/03 04:31 Incroyable. RT @SharingTheValue: "2/3 of VN consumers are online everyday" #Vietnam http://t.co/xxl83AMI - Cimigo #
10/03 04:26 What if FourSquare let you virtually travel to restaurants and order from them online? J/K That would never work. #
10/03 04:23 @jon7b I get yelled at when I leave the bathroom light on at my own house. I used to leave PCs running 24/7, now more watt-conscious. #
10/03 02:01 @devwil Lol where is this? Worth the price of a "punani" to hear that #
10/02 23:29 How much electricity does Vietnam's grid save per day by people accessing Facebook on phones instead of PCs? (Charging iPhone5 costs $.41/y) #
10/02 04:44 @MienHPham Try turning off social media outside pomodoro breaks. And don't listen to music with vocals (in a language you underatand) #
10/02 02:39 @aminhdo It's not every day that I say this but. Batshit f'n insane. #
10/02 02:14 @MienHPham #pomodoro #timeboxing #hourofpower #meditation Weekly todo lists, etc. Listen to techno and turn off social media. Etc. :) #
10/02 02:03 @etienne Which begs the question: Apple, religion or philosophy? I think they've copied the Church in more than one way ;-) #
10/02 01:58 @aminhdo How much of Buddhism isn't philosophy? Potentially a really easy book to write :-) Philosophy of Mormonism OTOH... #
10/02 01:33 @chrisfharvey Gubmint don't want scientists to research, artists to create, businesses to innovate, information to be translated & shared :( #
10/02 01:15 @caffeinatedmatt Quick, throw some cough & cold medicine in the coffee pot and see if meth comes out! #
10/01 23:33 Here. RT @michaelcoyote: So anyone here think that the thieving and molesting TSA wouldn't throw us under the bus for cash or extortion? #
10/01 23:31 EarBook: A human-compiled Zuckerberg-voiced personalized podcast of your Facebook feed. Cute cat photos described in detail. #
10/01 23:12 @aminhdo There are many more vastly different British accents than in the US, and much more American movies for them to watch than from UK #
10/01 04:30 Vietnam product and content websites are being hindered by lack of millions of local bloggers writing and linking. Can't compete globally. #
09/30 23:53 When people complain about the cool rainy weather in Saigon I smile and think about April. #
09/30 07:49 TIL about Facebook for SIM from an Argentine carrier, a FB "app" for dumbphones on a SIM card that only uses SMS: http://t.co/omQlOu82 #
09/30 07:42 @PiiSiiD Free or cheap license for disciples, but sold like multi-level marketing scheme :) Or freemium model. #
09/30 00:05 What if the Buddha had patented Buddhism? #
09/29 22:28 The next digital divide: those who have access to 3D printers and those who don't #
09/29 10:07 RT @wired: 48-Hour Adventure Time 'Jam' Produces 100 Weird, Weird Games http://t.co/J8KUHBv9 #
09/29 08:25 In case your research requires 10,000 cat images, including facial features: #
09/29 07:17 @free_thinker Yup, would need some new architecture outside of Javascript. But Dalvik is open source, so why not? Like Jolla. #
09/29 05:42 Wonder if Firefox OS #Boot2Gecko should support running Android apps on top of HTML5/JS apps. We don't need more ghost town marketplaces #
09/29 01:03 Have duplicate contacts clogging your Android phone? Go to http://t.co/Nn2We1yn (nice contact manager), More > Find & merge duplicates. Sync #
09/28 04:24 @connyb Hey Conny, I hear you work for Cambodian ISPs? Can you tell me more about it, just curious? Was nice meeting you at #BarCampPP #

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