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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:44pm
1/31 4:35 @jon7b i'd also like if the VN gov subsidized electric bikes as much as they subsidized gasoline :) truck traffic hours should be limited! #
1/31 4:05 biggest concern for hanoians and saigonese alike is traffic and pollution, so why don't we seriously implement public transportation? #
1/30 18:00 @ChrisGNguyen i've heard rumors of Groupon negotiating with some local Vietnamese Groupon clones, who aren't waiting to gain market share #
1/30 6:08 @ChrisGNguyen some of our Vietnamese friends worked/work for the company that was bought and became Groupon Malaysia! #
1/28 11:46 @peoplewithideas maybe helpful saigonist post for VN servers: http://shar.es/3XPrs #
1/26 11:30 Anyone know how/if a foreigner/Viet Kieu can own a share of a Vietnamese JSC? #
1/26 5:32 Front page of CNN.com: Great Wall of Vietnam discovered http://bit.ly/h3cAG5 story by @fisheggtree #
1/24 11:43 src:http://bit.ly/enJ6kc RT @rockportrait: 142 journalists killed in Philippines since democracy was restored in 1986. #
1/24 6:55 anyone going Hanoi -> Saigon soon? Samsung i5503 are 1mil cheaper in HN @mattlepub #
1/24 6:49 @kennedypj there are plugins that do that, like addthis/sharethis #
1/24 5:14 @mattlepub who sells Galaxy 5s and 3s in Vietnam? #
1/23 11:54 @fisheggtree you'd bet Khmer/Cham over Chinese? VN also does a Chinese-esque 'curry', also watery and taken with bread #
1/23 11:29 An overview of colo/dedicated servers/VPS in Vietnam http://shar.es/311ju #
1/23 8:14 @caligarn yeah, I guess they're trying out new products and maybe diversifying away from strictly e-commerce #
1/23 8:13 what happens when you don't pay your Drupal bill: http://utilitybidder.co.uk/ #
1/23 5:45 Mai Linh taxis offer payment via SMS through MobiVi, who developed the system for $150k #
1/21 8:29 @careyz yup blekko allows user-created positive search results. i think a negative filter for the site everyone already uses is useful #
1/21 7:08 Can we crowdsource a Google SearchSpam Filter? http://shar.es/XLvU6 #saigonist #
1/18 15:18 @madsmonsen my DNS server does all those facebook addresses and more, and it's a lot easier :) #
1/18 15:13 @Vietnam720 nice running into you, seems to be like the saigon tweetup office there :) #
1/18 11:49 just discovered bánh giầy which is basically mochi.. now where can I find some kinako to eat it with? #
1/18 11:38 @HerDailyDigest shopping? :) cheap for singaporeans, but maybe not so much for filipinos/vietnamese #
1/18 10:40 @madsmonsen the problem with fb.me is that it's blocked and i know of no alternative IP address for it that isn't #
1/17 16:39 Bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, social vices, moral and lifestyle degradation have not been prevented. - GS of VN #
1/17 16:37 Vietnam acknowledges corruption holds back country; some senior party members “lack example in morality and lifestyle.” http://bit.ly/dVd1ne #
1/17 16:25 Detroit Institute of Techno has been redesigned! http://www.detroitinstitute.org/ #
1/17 12:40 @PedroInSaigon Hola! i came back last week, we should catch up when you're free, si? #
1/17 12:19 could it work in Vietnam? RT @shilkytouch Only in Japan: A vending machine to buy solid gold bars http://spacein.jp/gold/hanbaiki.html #
1/14 9:32 @caligarn i believe it covers more than just using lisp4 but please let me know and i'll try to tweak it! #
1/14 7:03 @lamcaoson try shar.es/XT5kS to unblock Facebook #
1/14 7:00 Easy Access to Facebook in Vietnam (Redux) http://shar.es/XT5kS #saigonist #
1/9 17:13 bringing home awesome baklava from berlin to saigon #
1/7 8:03 goodbye Spain and your relative warmth! #
1/6 0:44 Fun with bit.ly: use it as a quick&dirty pastebin for lists, addresses, directions to txt others: http://shar.es/XOp0A #
1/5 16:17 @rockportrait i don't use iPhone, but Hotspot Shield does work for iphone app, and iphone can use proxies. check links http://bit.ly/g69JYG #
1/5 9:49 why consider hi-speed rail from Vinh-Ha Noi but not Can Tho-Sai Gon? #
1/4 12:24 @BellVietnam in Spain until the 7th then back to Berlin, you want anything? :) #
1/4 12:22 Be prepared to bypass Vietnam's (or China) block on FaceBook or Twitter http://shar.es/X884b #
1/4 10:34 let's build a Vietnamese ipaidabribe.com (Indian) #
1/4 10:30 @afieldofgrass i see so many yummy-looking restaurants while walking the picturesque streets and plazas of Madrid! #
1/4 9:34 @betoneko wow, you've been to Spain? my time here so far has been one long siesta :) thanks for the tips #
1/3 21:57 Madrid is nice - the streets are walkable and it's not -20 degrees #
1/3 0:46 biggest cave in the world being discovered in Vietnam, with rooms big enough for a city block of skyscrapers http://bit.ly/gw2WV2 #
1/2 18:31 @shilkytouch next time, book a cheap airasia flight from KL to Saigon! #
1/1 16:46 rang in the New Year with David Hasselhof launching into performance at midnight at Brandenburg Gate. he is a German national hero, Der Hoff #
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