@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 12-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:09am
12/30 7:24 Is there an automated/scriptable way to convert Vietnamese text between VNI Windows and Unicode encoding? #
12/30 6:29 Only in "Vietname" can you misspell your own country on a large banner, shrug, and hang it up anyways #
12/24 6:39 I asked a Vietnamese person why they don't eat bananas with chili salt. Response: "Because I'm not crazy." #
12/24 6:00 Drop meets bucket. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Hanoi loses $31 mln to corruption in 5 years http://bit.ly/ttRB5t #
12/22 5:24 "It’s an era of the warring states for business in Vietnam." - Sapporo #
12/19 4:40 After a long day of looking at things in North Korea, Mr. Kim Jong Il has passed away. #
12/17 7:16 @PedroInSaigon @dynamicscholar LOL, love the expat camaraderie when it comes to "things that should just not be happening every day but do" #
12/17 6:01 Announcement: I want to murder the person who is hammering into my wall and has been since 7AM using his own hammer #
12/16 10:58 Any technical project managers in Vietnam? Get in touch! #
12/15 8:07 @jon7b Discouraged but allowed. We could also just all pay for our own lunches, etc. but it's actually just a small part of the budget. #
12/15 7:47 @MienHPham Last night I was blown away by a girl waxing nostalgic about a counterculture in one country arising from war in her home country #
12/15 6:37 @TylerWatts @caligarn @barcampsaigon Actually @dynamicscholar was planning one in conjunction w/ BarCamp, then our plans faltered. Restart? #
12/15 4:35 Introspecting #barcampsaigon Winter 2011. Barcamping is easy and 3 other ideas: http://goo.gl/wLYUu #
12/14 5:28 @caligarn Yes. I'm reporting you -right now- #
12/14 5:25 @saigonsean I am against waterboarding because it isn't considered torture. Prefer more recognized forms, like Vietnamese @home karaoke #
12/14 4:32 @saigonsean Twitter (or a 3rd party) could warn you before you tweeted about keywords that would attract spammers... or just kill spammers #
12/14 4:02 @natalie470 @caligarn @Vietnam720 Don't worry. Soon spammers will discover you and you will get a new spam follower every day! #
12/14 3:45 @fisheggtree An idea.. create a forum for posting crowdsourced translations of deserving Vietnamese news articles (and vice versa) #
12/14 3:39 What's wrong with an SUV honking at a wheelchair to get out of the way? #
12/13 5:46 In hindsight, my favorite part of #BarCampSaigon was hundreds of people QUEUEING to register #
12/12 13:36 Swoon. RT @barijoe: My wife knows the difference between a Klingon Bird Of Prey and a Romulan Warbird #
12/10 22:24 Heading to RMIT for #BarCampSaigon on this crispy morning #
12/10 8:29 Late Reminder: #BarCampSaigon preparty at 90 Bui Vien, D1 tonight. All are welcome. I'm there from 7pm. #
12/10 7:11 We need a stamp to stamp lunch vouchers for BarCamp. anyone have one to lend? #
12/9 16:25 Not actually a headline from The Onio: 'California Cuts Budget Transparency Website From Budget' #
12/9 16:15 Law enforcement via example,right model for VN? RT @tuoitrenewsvn: China sentences woman to death in tainted milk case http://bit.ly/t4HoCA #
12/9 7:59 Something like 2.5 days without a proper cigarette. I might yell at you. #
12/8 7:43 @from_vn It's possible to be a non-executive participant in a corrupt system while changing it from within. Or you can just turn your back. #
12/8 7:26 @ChrisGNguyen Hope it also includes Mr. Banh Mi Sua, the traveling sandwich repair-man @nguyenhimself #
12/7 11:54 @cnualart Sua chua also means 'repair'. Different word from yogurt. Silly spelling system. #
12/1 8:32 @tamkaizen Didn't know you were a fan of Cleveland thugs haha #
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