@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 09-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:57pm
8/31 20:47 to add some spice to your life, pick your nose after handling chopped up chilis #
8/30 8:54 even the bike repair shop has wifi in saigon #
8/29 20:13 @peoplewithideas i've learned to self-diagnose, google the bag'o'pills from the Rx when i get home. being a Dr. isn't so hard after all! #
8/29 19:55 @tdichristopher imo VN must develop inter+intra-urban train travel to make SG-HN bullet trains feasible; SG-Nha Trang would be a start #
8/27 6:51 i think 'Reasons to hate Vietnam' http://bit.ly/c1HRkd can mostly be mitigated by leaving hanoi and living in saigon for awhile #
8/25 8:14 @tamkaizen cops should be out looking for all the petty thieves instead of looking for bribes, otoh i can drive w/o a license for 100-200k #
8/24 7:51 @Vietnam720 I lease a dedicated server in the US (not VN), been doing so for years, before the cloud was an option #
8/19 14:48 goodbye dubai? (http://bit.ly/aZOtQa) #
8/18 16:29 turn saigon into the silicon delta #
8/18 13:06 usatoday's why .5 million Viet Kieu are coming home annually (with stock photo of Saigon Pearl) (http://bit.ly/bluxdt) #
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