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9/30 18:09 @caligarn $500/mo in VN gets me a house w/ maid svc 4x size of my chicago apt, personal transport (not the El), eat out/coffee daily, etc #
9/30 10:59 @layered perhaps that 80% makeup figure should be read: 20% of vn girls never wear makeup, the rest do sometimes #
9/30 7:09 @caligarn yup, have a number of .jp friends including some 2nd gen (ie def. not counted by .jp gov). refreshingly, only 1 teaches english #
9/30 6:51 just found out there's 10000 japanese registered with .gov in vietnam, mostly in #saigon #
9/26 13:22 @kennedypj how different from twitter/tumblr/posterous or smaller microblogging sites? #
9/26 13:20 @dylanduong @rockportrait re: dallas, i might distinguish btwn contemporary as opp. to authentic/nostalgic vn cuisine; broader range here #
9/26 13:00 @kennedypj i was just there for nearly 3 hours! #
9/26 5:17 i won a 100,000VND voucher for Phở 24 at last night's fiesta! at their current prices, enough to buy 2 bowls of phở. attn: phở diggers #
9/26 4:57 @rockportrait @dylanduong my $0.02 from living in dallas (one of the largest vn by pop), a few good contemporary vn joints, mostly just avg #
9/26 4:20 @kennedypj please share more about your microblogging idea, maybe i can help #
9/24 12:31 @tamkaizen neither. mày là Việt Kiều! #
9/24 11:58 @tamkaizen you/nielsen or cimigo should have accurate figures on vn? numbeo is biased from english-speakers = expats who pay >$2 for smokes? #
9/24 11:35 @caligarn haven't played violin since high school when i picked up guitar, later turntables. shame really. you play? #
9/24 11:24 @betoneko know any JP speakers who would like to work for a game/3d company? #
9/24 7:07 @caligarn kennedypj saigon-mui ne really unpleasant imo, only worthwhile if continuing on to da lat which is a beautiful ride #
9/24 6:59 @tamkaizen they pull stats from anyone willing to enter datapoints. weak and unsubstantiated. bet few real vnese there. median salary < $653 #
9/24 6:52 @caligarn dude you played viola? i played the squeeky violin for like 9 years by the suzuki method #
9/23 21:36 @tamkaizen $4.50 for an inexpensive meal in vn? think numbeo's numbers may err high for vn, more accurate for US #
9/21 9:08 @Vietnam720 same here! kaiten zushi is fun w/ a friend. so i think Kichi Kichi hotpot applies the concept well even if there's better lau #
9/21 8:55 @jodiehuynh @betoneko @Vietnam720 Sushi Bar = Pho 24: many locations, a lil pricy, the only one many have tried, but real jp/vn go elsewhere #
9/21 8:44 @kennedypj @jodiehuynh yes, correction: the event is saturday! #
9/21 7:18 @jodiehuynh i've been following @thomaswanhoff tweets re: barcamp vientiane. see that it's not til Nov. thx for reminding! #
9/21 7:04 @jodiehuynh looking forward to eating/networking with mexican food/people this sunday! at http://bit.ly/bWVYfV #
9/21 6:59 sadly just now finding out about #barcamp phnom penh this weekend #barcamppp3 #
9/21 6:54 @Vietnam720 @betoneko baby spoon serves contemporary japanese/western cuisine, think of dishes like omu-rice made with cream #
9/20 8:05 @jodiehuynh coffee on wednesday it is! #
9/20 8:02 @betoneko thx for putting me in a special box ;) #
9/19 16:13 @caligarn @tamkaizen i believe HCMC govt keeps statistics on foreigners on their website. most expats are asian, not "white" #
9/19 16:12 @caligarn good question. how much are you willing to pay for an option to purchase today's paper for delivery in 1 year? #
9/19 15:44 @kennedypj with names like that, those beans'd probably sell for a high premium in VN, right? with sữa i probably couldn't discern anyhow #
9/19 15:36 @betoneko i just picked up a copy of yesterday's paper. i can't believe they still sell yesterday's news, and at today's price! #
9/19 15:14 @betoneko i'm also interested in printing biz cards; obviously Ly Thai To is the go-to street; b4 i went nearby on Dien Bien Phu #
9/19 15:04 product development in 3 words: "Ready! Fire! Aim!" #
9/19 10:00 @rockportrait @kennedypj it's not real weasel-from-weasel-butt-hole coffee, but it's still delicious (and i'm kind of an anti-fan of #4sq ;) #
9/19 8:32 reminder to self: return to this bamboo cafe to see if it's as awesome on another day. delicious weasel coffee #
9/19 3:47 anyone have a copy of saturday's Tuoi Tre? i got a long quote in @betoneko's article about working 2nd jobs #
9/18 19:18 @CoachLeaders i don't remember much about the BC era (Before Computers) ; if it's not in the cloud does it truly exist? #
9/18 7:55 sometimes i dream in slideshow format moving from one conceptual frame to the next #
9/16 9:21 the time has come to raise the bar in saigon, say 1m higher. re-christen "venice of the orient" and call it a day #
9/16 9:15 @jodiehuynh it was from the previous tweetup. how a propos! #
9/16 9:12 @michaelcoyote yup, traffic cops and usually a bill or 2 should be sufficient but whiteface'll get hit up for more for not knowing better #
9/16 9:09 when i type @ i want names to start autocompleting, and then i want whatever i am thinking to just appear in the box #
9/16 9:09 @saigonnezumi i know a secret route behind the manor that should skip the flooded portion of NHC #
9/16 8:24 i guess i did get caught by a photographer in the latest issue of The Word magazine #
9/15 12:13 saw an old white guy busted by cong an at the edge of D1, counting off a wad of 100s that was too much. he looked like this: >:[ #
9/14 17:20 @CoachLeaders nice chatting with ya at #saigontweetup but i hope half of what you said went right over her head haha #
9/11 6:30 at blackcat sg: family of 3 speaking .fr; a .jp couple; 2 .kr girls 1 speaking .vn on mobile; single .jp guy reading silently; and me. #
9/10 11:08 need priority inbox for twitter and facebook #
9/3 10:21 looking for the cheapest way to get 180 Trung Thu lanterns to the US (Ann Arbor) by September 12 #
9/2 7:28 you're sick. you're coughing as hard as you can. do you have to cough directly on me? thanks for giving me a reason to take pseudoephedrine #
9/1 17:41 @HelpingHandSG i already donated my bike to a poor student, actually he borrowed it and just never gave it back #
9/1 11:31 and... vietnam goes on holiday for the rest of the week #
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