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10/31 8:06 @Conversoul do you skate? i'm only aware of the skate shop on Bui Vien #
10/30 7:24 someone please invent socks that keep your feet cool, and kills mosquitos #
10/28 6:30 luxury imports -> inflation -> poorer people. so each minivan you see is a small village of hungry people, each iphone is a hungry child #
10/28 6:27 @kennedypj excellent! flying direct to vte? i'm planning fly -> bkk, train -> vientiane #
10/28 6:25 @rockportrait @kennedypj @betoneko indeed, said tongue in cheek. nip=nippon, but rarely heard now. to youth, nip is just short for nipple #
10/28 5:09 anyone want to go to Barcamp Vientiane nov 27? http://barcampvientiane.org @barcampVTE #
10/28 4:56 @betoneko hey! shouldn't call japanese people japs. nips is better, and funnier #
10/27 6:45 cost-benefit analysis: arresting a blogger is probably an ineffective way to keep a topic off the internet #
10/27 6:43 @betoneko @saigonnezumi check out Drupal, it comes highly recommended (by me :). if you have any questions ask me #
10/27 6:22 @saigoninacup @caligarn i too set down the fiddle many moons ago. i studied suzuki method, so played for years before i could actually read #
10/27 6:15 @BellVietnam i know some SEO/SEM guys in saigon. hit me up for the infoz #
10/24 20:41 ended up at chinese-vnese b-day party for a 4-yo, starting at midnight, not knowing the name of a single person and xlating japanese to viet #
10/23 11:00 @betoneko wow, back in my father's time it was much simpler - live in a French house, eat Chinese food, marry a Japanese girl (or something) #
10/23 4:10 @caligarn Computer Assisted Language Learning! #
10/22 7:43 @HerDailyDigest i was wearing a blue shirt, with 2 lovely ladies. i didn't know it was your kid! #
10/21 8:15 @HerDailyDigest yes, saw some kids running around last night... did you shrink? :) #
10/21 8:14 @rockportrait @HerDailyDigest it was loud, not sure how i'd classify - contemporary rock. there was a japanese noise band at Tadao last week #
10/21 7:35 @HerDailyDigest oh, i was at Pacharan last night too but didn't see you, was listening to that japanese band! #
10/21 7:07 @TylerWatts @dynamicscholar @ericburdette my friend's dad gets around his (f'n big) property in D2 by golf cart, even takes it out to street #
10/21 7:02 @betoneko i set up a needanym project for naming your Expat Page w/ some suggestions, invite ppl to suggest names at http://bit.ly/aSMD5q #
10/20 9:12 @kennedypj lorem ipsum is used by web developers to fill in content, say for a mockup, so as not to distract from the design #
10/20 7:35 @kennedypj @betoneko @shilkytouch It's gangstafied lorem ipsum, my twizzles. meant to be meaningless text (not unlike many tweets) #
10/20 7:26 @caligarn hey dude, did you get my DM? not sure what's up with twitter #
10/20 6:25 Lorizzle ipsizzle fo shiznit boofron, crazy adipiscing elit. sapizzle velit, crunk volutpizzle, suscipizzle quizzle, yippiyo vizzle, arcu. #
10/19 15:11 @dynamicscholar i think i won't switch to my Wu name "Dubious Masturbatah-X" @tamkaizen #
10/18 10:55 @betoneko thx.. i'll be sure to ask for the biggest cakes they have! #
10/18 5:25 what bakery in saigon delivers birthday cakes? #
10/17 5:46 @saigoninacup i have some jalapenos (from Veggys) but you can never have enough! #
10/16 20:19 @shilkytouch holla! you've self-actualized into 100% super salaryman kevin in yo profile, so i didn't recognize #
10/16 19:44 @michaelcoyote in saigon convenience stores they sell these packs of what are basically like thick nori chips, meant to be eaten as snacks! #
10/16 16:50 about to book on #Qatar Airways, "World's 5-Star Airline" #
10/15 18:52 just put #beatcancer in a tweet and a nickel is raised against cancer (for the next day or so) #
10/15 9:42 @HerDailyDigest my exp booking hotels in Jakarta is that prices are cheaper when you just walk up than prebooking online #
10/15 7:10 @caligarn @BellVietnam @tamkaizen i think VN can learn many lessons from SIN, but "have once been a british colony" isn't one of them :) #
10/12 15:39 @saigonnezumi so let's talk about a Drupal-based SIS :) #
10/12 15:33 @saigonnezumi FPT is giving me over 50% packet loss right now, it's been like this for a few days and i wonder if other ISPs are any better #
10/11 12:47 i get a kick out of giving directions to vietnamese who stop me on the street #
10/11 12:24 @betoneko what language for the expat column? #
10/11 7:15 today is just a little bit quieter without #4sq #
10/10 14:36 sat at a cafe waiting for someone, instead of tweeting about it, I hacked together "h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter" http://shar.es/0ZqN2 #
10/10 9:41 @ethuynh Silicon Valley is neither a city, nor is it cool, just has VC. the time to build the Silicon Delta is now #
10/8 7:08 @saigoninacup @ericburdette haha, like chicken mcnuggets... but fish! however, i'm a fan of White Castle's "chicken rings" #
10/8 6:48 @ericburdette what?! there's a Long John Silvers in Vietnam? #
10/8 6:09 someone should invent a fish w/o bones that still tastes like fish. or maybe chicken. #
10/8 5:02 @betoneko $0 earners: maybe farmers or people far from civilization, retirees, kids! also sometimes me :) #
10/8 4:36 @saigoninacup you can definitely order Dr Pepper at Wayne's Texas, since it wouldn't be TX w/o Dr Pepper. prob also penos and ranch there #
10/7 18:19 @BellVietnam true dat, Peter, many aspects of living in VN can't be compared, esp. things i like most can't be bought for reasonable $ in US #
10/7 17:55 @ethuynh my vietnamese name is Trí which i did not pick myself #
10/7 17:41 @betoneko calculating costs as a %age of salary sounds really smart. so if i make $0, then everything costs exactly the same? :) #
10/7 10:47 @betoneko vn is much cheaper than jp! :) thx #
10/7 10:45 @mattlepub i think low-end/entry-level smartphone market is interesting, tho certainly not best quality. plus .cn fones do 2x sims :) #
10/7 10:40 @caligarn blogged about CoL in saigon on http://www.saigonist.com ; see you at rich people jazz night tmrw ;) #
10/6 20:07 @ethuynh hey trung, good to catch up. btw, we have the same family name! #
10/6 19:28 my take on the cost of living in Vietnam: It's Really Cheap http://shar.es/0dNRz #
10/6 18:17 so where can i buy a Huawei (Chinese) Android phone in #saigon #
10/6 18:15 @betoneko people would say "what's a prattle?" and "why are you no longer a prattle?" #
10/6 6:35 Of 6909 known languages 1/2 expected to disappear this century; every 2 weeks, the last fluent speaker of one dies. (http://bit.ly/b1jh1t) #
10/5 20:44 i wonder if Animal Farm has ever been translated into Vietnamese #
10/5 6:22 i like how it can be pouring down rain, but cross the street into another district and all the streets are dry #
10/3 7:41 RT @Orangwutang Vietnamese universities do little original research; rarely cited by scientific scholars (The Economist http://is.gd/fHPDJ) #
10/3 7:17 @ericburdette re: the article, where in OH are you from? i grew up in columbus #
10/2 15:49 The Immigrant Paradox: so stay in VN to have math genius kids (http://bit.ly/cD11Tq) #
10/1 15:49 just noticed youtube has rolled out html5 by default, at least for some videos. one more nail in the flash coffin #
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