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2/27 7:46 @ngonpham looks like a deal? Wellcom VN site lists at 2.9 mill still but 400k more buys a Galaxy 5 #
2/27 7:29 @caligarn @dynamicscholar you have to watch the first few giant robot episodes before getting into the core existential aspects #
2/26 15:26 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic, have watched the series several times #
2/26 15:00 opera's tab stacking is f'n brilliant. come on chrome! #
2/26 4:10 Saigon apartment prices will be forced down as Hanoians pull out, oversupply of 50k units continues - http://bit.ly/grmYIK #
2/24 7:49 @andrewduck @purplematt @duonglnt thanks guys! I dropped it off at iStore since it's still under warranty #
2/23 6:14 Can anyone recommend a MacBook/Apple repair shop in Saigon? #
2/23 6:10 "only 1.5 million wealthy consumers in Vietnam can regularly afford to spend $100 per meal" http://bit.ly/gRHeyR #
2/22 14:04 RT @tamkaizen Disgusting. Someone just slipped 200 million VND to local authorities to be able to add another floor to their OWN house. #
2/22 11:11 RT @madsmonsen Fatal Halong Bay Sinking - Will Anyone Learn This Time? http://bit.ly/feTNRf #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon too much mindless/careless twittering :) #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon I'm not so big into dubstep, so I think it'd be more of a regular night at Vasco's for me #
2/21 15:11 @PedroInSaigon @Vietnam720 @jfparr3 From my experience, Hanoi has very little going on after the cops close everything at 10pm #
2/21 10:43 Why keep reporting and retweeting about who/what to blame in Ha Long boat sinking w/o questioning systemic lack of oversight ourselves #
2/21 6:56 @MatevzVerbic I assume you've hung out at BAM? #
2/21 5:19 @PedroInSaigon whoa! Is Phuong Dang the name of a Vietnamese trip hop band, or a venue? P.S. UK junglist Rob [email protected] Saturday #
2/20 13:57 @PedroInSaigon are there any bands in any city playing trip hop in 2011? finding such in Saigon would be a major discovery #
2/19 4:55 @caligarn Settlers of Catan! I used to know of a cafe that rented out lots of board games, you know where that is? #
2/19 4:08 @kennedypj @caligarn so once software can recognize beauty, computers can iteratively generate 'art' until it creates something of 'beauty' #
2/19 4:06 @kennedypj @caligarn there has long been software that can generate music, novels, etc. but afaik requires a human to validate aesthetics #
2/18 11:18 @PedroInSaigon hey P, how long will you be out? I'll probably be out in the backpacker area shortly #
2/18 11:16 @caligarn @dynamicscholar cool! Come out for poker tomorrow night and you'll meet the guy who made it happen #
2/18 7:13 @PedroInSaigon One of these days I'm going to end up replying to @PedoInSaigon #
2/18 7:12 @rockportrait Did I say most take the bus? I will say those arriving by train are a fraction of the daily tourist population of Mui Ne #
2/18 6:35 @ourman @caligarn wonder if threat of boycott of future tenants would help stop greedy landlords shutting down good places so often #
2/18 6:32 @rockportrait even if I can afford taxis I don't think it should be the only option for all. Many tourists would still taxi, preventing ruin #
2/18 6:29 @rockportrait serious observation: train riders mostly not foreign tourists, taxis in Mui Ne mostly used within Mui Ne. #
2/18 5:09 @rockportrait I don't think the route from Mui Ne to the train station is a huge part of the taxi business, don't foresee any ruining #
2/17 17:31 @rockportrait it costs more to take a taxi to the train station than the train to Saigon, for one #
2/17 14:10 Record 22000 dong/dollar on the black market today is 6.5% above official rate. Another devaluation in 2011? http://saigonist.com/vnd2011 #
2/17 10:32 @betoneko exactly.. how many people will cancel or not go traveling there or other places by boat because of such carelessness? #
2/17 9:28 how many dollars will Ha Long Bay lose per tourist life? #
2/17 7:15 Vietnam dong devaluations in 2011 http://saigonist.com/vnd2011 #
2/16 14:54 @fisheggtree wish Mui Ne travel agencies better supported train travel, there should really be an organized bus service to the station #
2/16 14:26 @PedroInSaigon @jon7b @chiwanderlust Subway doesn't yet deliver in VN, they're thinking 4-6 months from now #
2/16 13:41 about to bite into a Subway foot-long pizza sub with @tamkaizen and @caligarn. so tweet-worthy #
2/16 8:24 Facebook access problems -- time to change your Vietnam ISP? http://shar.es/3cKgB #
2/16 4:46 @fisheggtree funny, I could get on FB in Mui Ne with just dns fix, but not when I came back to Saigon #
2/16 4:41 @betoneko I think citing Wikipedia is ok, but you need a date.. the Internet is shifty like that #
2/15 13:45 @betoneko I wish more Japanese products were made in Vietnam (cheaper for us).. Oishi ia a Filipino brand isn't it? #
2/15 9:04 taking Saigon-Phan Thiet train home. Much better than bus and only 90k. Never use An Phu Tourist again #
2/15 3:23 @caligarn @chiwanderlust Carnival and Pele could be exported to some degree; there's always capoeira and crazy subcultures like baile funk #
2/14 17:23 @caligarn what kind of musical gear you got set up? #
2/14 11:12 @caligarn would brazil's carnival count? #
2/14 11:09 another great Dalat night market treat: crispy grilled rice paper with egg/green onion batter, satisfying tortilla-like crunch for 8000vnd #
2/12 15:35 At Da Lat's night market: sticks of pork, beef wrapped in 'lot' leaves, chicken gizzards, hot soymilk, shoecream for 5000vnd each ($0.25) #
2/11 15:28 haha, someone trying to sell a VN groupon clone for 29 million VND #
2/9 8:34 Original Tuoi Tre article disappeared, RT @ourman a deputy chief traffic inspector manages two hit and runs in one day http://j.mp/hOoPfr #
2/9 6:53 A new form of motorized bikes for Vietnam? YikeBike - Urban Freedom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X813eTuZJkc via @youtube #
2/9 6:32 @PedroInSaigon hope this doesn't mean you're changing from @PedroInSaigon to @PedroElsewhere #
2/9 6:29 @jodiehuynh English... Or maybe Singlish ;) #
2/9 5:52 @jobnomade try looking up IAB Vietnam #
2/9 3:13 Can anyone suggest a name for Steven's S'pore freelancer website? http://shar.es/3b4hY #
2/8 12:19 there should be a Vietnamese AAA that provides at-cost 24/7 motorbike tire repair & a bit of gas.. don't like giving business to the 90k guy #
2/8 8:07 Imported From Detroit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKL254Y_jtc via @youtube #
2/7 7:15 ...been inserting feces into his patients for a decade now, claims to be solving their problems nearly 100% of the time http://ow.ly/3Rrf0 #
2/5 14:54 @kennedypj wow, i've never seen 6! it just means there is a need for a limocycle #
2/5 8:02 why haven't any Vietnamese invented the limousine motorbike capable of carrying a family of 5+? #
2/5 3:37 @caligarn pretty sure I've seen frozen roti sold at supermarkets, just throw on pan with some oil #
2/3 15:51 you know you're in Vietnam when... you can park your motorbike in your hotel room #
2/3 14:12 @philip_arthur i've also been searching around for good Mexican in Vietnam and it exists.. Saigonist post coming soon #
2/2 19:31 happy year of the cat/rabbit/cabbit to everyb1tches! #
2/1 9:43 I need a non-customer relationship manager #
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