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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:25am
3/31 15:27 Just heard a collective neighborhood groan as Phuong 22 entered a late mandatory Earth Hour celebration #
3/31 15:15 @PedroInSaigon @MatevzVerbic @tamkaizen Check the link to see it's a knockoff (in glorious 1990s table-based web design) #
3/31 15:12 8086 assembler code for Itsy, a 380 byte OS with preemptive switching, memory management, and eliteness http://goo.gl/6piQC #
3/31 6:48 PiHiPi http://code.google.com/p/pihipi/ translates code like 'foobar'[2,-1] or foo()[$bar] or if (2 in [1,2,3]) into standard PHP #
3/31 6:42 Among other things in the language, syntax in PHP is defective. It could use a Coffeescript-like preprocessor more than Javascript. #
3/31 6:08 My Regular lunch cafe in Binh Thanh has opened a theater room. I like this micro-theaters trend in the Saigonese cafe scene #
3/31 6:05 @itsKhang thanks dude! :) #
3/30 15:30 Engineering Management 101: 9 Women can't make a baby in 1 month, the mythical man-month #
3/30 9:25 @jobnomade @jon7b Vietnam's political stability at least has some basis in a relatively strong economy, which inflation undermines #
3/30 9:12 "Bao Viet ceased offering agricultural insurance in 1999. The current proportion of agricultural production insured is only 1 per cent." #
3/30 9:09 Are socialbakers.com's Facebook stats for Cambodia http://goo.gl/em437 as (in)accurate as for Vietnam http://goo.gl/Ugssi ? @ChrisInCambo #
3/30 8:47 I'm surprised Paris Cafe on Co Bac is still open.. good French fast food at Vietnamese prices but confusingly hidden #
3/29 15:08 @jobnomade Anything about trends in attractiveness? I think costs are increasing, making Vietnam less competitive w/o good English #
3/28 17:14 @dynamicscholar Yes, #ANZBank here have a facade of service, and are criminally negligent, everyone should avoid #
3/28 17:06 @tamkaizen The party can't be proud of growth when taking into account inflation, higher than growth now, but they only tout rosy numbers #
3/25 14:02 @rockportrait I know that Vnese are used to not taking offense, but I think car drivers are offensive to the 99% who must share the road #
3/25 13:52 Twitter can't seem to make up its mind as to whether I exist as a page or not #
3/22 14:12 @caligarn I was thinking some kind of hard to remove sticker that could be used to mark repeat offenders #
3/22 7:20 RT @mintran If you own a 2 year old Mac, do not upgrade to the latest lines. What you need is SSD + CleanMyMac. Trust me! #
3/20 14:05 @fisheggtree He looks a lot like Saigon's DJ Jase! #
3/18 13:06 @dylanduong I call bs on this writer. Ebay's been in this "war-torn country" w/ "relatively low" internet penetration for years. #
3/16 14:12 "Some girls they act retarded. Some girls are bout it bout it." - N. Dogg #
3/16 14:03 @Anita_tran I think it's because typing 'j' is 1 stroke whereas 'i' is 3 strokes on a phone's number pad #
3/15 8:05 @caligarn I'm partial to Japanese ramen which can be had at several local joints. Osaka ramen on Thai Van Lung for one. #
3/15 7:00 @shakkabrutha In VN you have to pay the police to do their job, and pay them not to do their job #
3/15 6:37 Please stop spreading the hoax from the Philippines about a BBC "FLASHNEWS" on avoiding radioactive rain #
3/14 18:19 @doortomykitchen they're only half as good as @Vietnam720 ! #
3/14 18:16 @fisheggtree cable TV is a domestic broadcast network, the current Internet problem is with one of Vietnam's links to other countries, so no #
3/14 3:46 @CotterVN I have xcode_3.2.5_and_ios_sdk_4.2_final.dmg #
3/13 15:12 @caligarn I would buy a board if I had someone to skate with :) #
3/13 15:09 @wibbly @fisheggtree from what I understand, Cambodian internet is almost completely routed through Vietnam (VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc.) #
3/13 14:37 @jon7b @etienne @rockportrait I also ask myself if these guys would do so back home, grabbing and propositioning random females #
3/13 14:36 @rockportrait Arguably all schools here are crap, but Australian students transferring to RMiT HCMC campus say it's better than home #
3/13 13:34 @fisheggtree if I had any reason to believe internet in Cambodia was not -slower- than Vietnam, I might go too #
3/12 14:05 @fisheggtree We need a Vietnamese wikileaks-like thing for anonymously posting evidence of corruption #
3/12 8:32 Food for thought: Saigon, Vietnam, Hanoi are accepted English/international place names. Writing Camau, Phuyen introduce naming ambiguities #
3/12 8:27 Why are Vietnamese kids going to study abroad if most can only get into American community colleges? http://wp.me/pI5NK-Gs #
3/12 8:03 As Fukushima reactor crumbles: "It can take up to 7 days to get such a reactor down to where it can survive without circulating coolant." #
3/11 19:41 @afieldofgrass I really don't want to imagine giant rats dancing on my roof! #
3/11 19:03 @caligarn Where is the the half pipe? In An Phu? #
3/9 18:39 @tdichristopher One would think in a single-party Communist country, transit-oriented corridor development would be easy to enforce #
3/9 16:58 @tdichristopher This infrastructure nerd is hoping that public transportation, especial urban rail, is a priority. Rather than highways. #
3/9 9:51 @Anita_tran It makes me want to paint small "right turn only" lanes on the roads #
3/8 20:09 Giant cats be jumping on my tin roof in the middle of the night... I need to install a trampoline up there #
3/8 15:28 cmd-`, cmd-tab + cmd-`, cmd-right, cmd-1..9. MacBook Pro just got 26% less annoying; just keep Chrome tabs < 10, but with many windows #
3/8 12:49 @ACHanoiPR If you're using the Saigonist dns server to fake Facebook's address then you will see a warning, ignore #
3/8 12:29 @saigonnezumi Should have listened to me many months ago! #
3/6 14:46 @eds_m Probably because your home power isn't grounded #
3/5 10:41 @daniel_caune Disagree, it's not at all necessary for developers who work many levels of abstraction removed from hardware to care #
3/5 10:39 @Anita_tran wow, I'm also on Ngo Tat To street! #
3/4 13:59 @rockportrait Basically, you can power an office for a week with a stack of batteries #
3/4 13:58 I want FourSquare users to check in when they're stuck in traffic just so we know where to avoid. Call it FourJam #
3/4 4:11 @betoneko software's making music production more accessible and good music has been made in bedrooms for years, but good is still hard #
3/3 16:08 @caligarn don't know any supermarkets (besides Lottemart) but PMH, Superbowl area, and D2 of Binh Thanh have Korean shops #
3/3 6:34 iPad 2: Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work? #
3/3 6:02 While we're subsidizing fuel prices at the pump, why don't we subsidize energy-saving technologies, techniques, and construction? #
3/2 15:10 one way to deal with upcoming power outages: DIY Ghetto UPS http://bit.ly/2woZLx #
3/2 9:00 @jodiehuynh @PhungVuong iStore is an authorized applecare shop, so they do warranty, luckily my MBP's still under warranty #
3/2 8:57 Vietnamese officials say the country, contrary to popular notions, does not have abundant water resources #
3/2 7:56 iStore has fixed my MBP and Apple covered the charge! #
3/1 13:18 I have a carton of bongmilk, illustrated with little cows #
3/1 8:29 @TaMyNgan I believe microfinance institutions are in VN, what stops most poor from using that instead of loan sharks? #
3/1 4:14 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Khu Du Lich Van Thanh has a big grassy area in front of a pond, good for picnics #
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