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4/29 5:49 RT @grapealope: In Brazil (like China), there are different textures on sidewalks, metro stations, etc, to help the blind navigate. #
4/29 5:43 @tamkaizen Infographics are like fast food, can be good if they are aware of Tufte, but too often substitute chart junk for readability #
4/29 4:29 Is VoIP illegal in Vietnam? Only allowed by major established Vietnamese telecoms? #
4/28 18:18 @philip_arthur Loves Dr. Pepper.. definitely a Dallas (or Plano or Texas) guy! #
4/28 8:25 @ngonpham Any suggestions on networking with developers in Vietnam? #
4/28 7:44 @PedroInSaigon This is how I dance to d&b on a good day http://twitpic.com/4qfzim #
4/28 7:21 LOLRT @pedroinsaigon: How to dance at an outdoor drum&bass rave http://bit.ly/fQCE3C Hilarious! #
4/28 6:34 @HerDailyDigest @mattlepub @saigonchic @CTKT Cheers :) #
4/28 6:33 @jon7b @rockportrait Hehe, Skype is like VoIP, but I'm looking for multi-line inward dialing (not calling out) for a call center setup #
4/28 1:30 Anyone have experience with VoIP in Vietnam? Feasible? #
4/27 18:44 Banh da (banh trang nuong with sesame seeds) with salsa is better than the stale tortilla chips Hotel Equatorial was serving to Americans #
4/27 5:00 @dshupp http://www.saigonist.com/h8sq h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter, plugin for Chrome and maybe other browsers #
4/27 4:25 I need some Geox breathing shoes, befitting of a nerd @careyz #
4/27 3:05 Business students least studied, most anti-intellectual, skills+scores least improved, get lowest GMAT scores, but learn to delegate work #
4/27 3:05 But business majors most likely to binge drink, according to Chronicle of Higher Education via Economist http://goo.gl/o654z @ericburdette #
4/26 17:39 @mattlepub A cultural difference.. so I usually give contact info of the one wanting to make contact to the 3rd person to decide #
4/25 9:11 RT @roblnwilliams: My mom thinks LOL stands for "lots of love" and texted me "Your Grandma just died. LOL." #
4/22 19:45 @rockportrait I just think it's extra ludicrous that you can drive a sports car (R8) and not know how to park it. #
4/22 15:52 This dude in an Audi RS doesn't even know how to parallel park #
4/22 14:10 @dynamicscholar @caligarn there is a Kinokuniya in KL, maybe in Petronas Tower? #
4/22 13:19 @nguyenhimself Blade Runner's influenced much in the past 20 yrs; some themes may seem outdated/irrelevant if watching for 1st time in 2011 #
4/22 6:22 @TylerWatts Could you tell what was going on there? I was able to cut through Diamond Plaza #
4/21 10:51 @caligarn So in which country can little people make big changes? :) #
4/20 21:57 Late night Drupal hack: Views fields filtered by content type http://goo.gl/XK9pa #
4/19 7:47 Shortly thereafter, a taxi pulling over quickly into the bike lane hit the motorbike in front of me #
4/19 7:46 Kodak moment: car sat in middle of intersection blocking long line of traffic, 4 cops in front of me couldn't be bothered to do anything #
4/19 7:35 Think I just spotted Filipino scammers talking to a really naive-looking tourist on Ly Tu Trong #
4/18 8:41 @caligarn Haitians are still big on eating cakes/cookies made from clay #
4/17 11:16 @jon7b Agreed, ppl w/ $$$ (often taken from the common people) will oppose this even though their actions are hurting the common people #
4/17 11:14 @rockportrait @jobnomade Cheers for the RT love, glad I'm not the only one who sees this problem! #
4/16 8:02 Fixing Vietnam's traffic woes is too simple: http://www.saigonist.com/b/fixing-vietnams-traffic #
4/15 12:01 How to boycott Israel properly: http://goo.gl/axfFD #
4/15 5:28 @saigonnezumi Orkut in Vietnam? What's next, would Friendster make a comeback in Vietnam 2012? #
4/14 17:13 Chairman of VN Real Estate Assoc. (and title of news article) "notices" it's "time to buy apartments"! When would he ever say otherwise? #
4/14 15:30 @HerDailyDigest Fixed, dumb Seesmic wanted to re-shorten the link with bit.ly #
4/14 15:29 Latest Chinese stats show sharp/sudden drop in food prices: http://goo.gl/paLGQ | Will VN follow, or import Chinese produce? #
4/14 14:51 Faillinks/Zapto is a scam site that puts an invisible "Like" button on top of the play button of a fake Youtube vid to trick you into liking #
4/14 12:35 Wonder if Kaohsiung, a Taiwanese city with high motorbike use and a brand new MRT is a good model for Saigon's metro: http://goo.gl/C3wrB #
4/14 4:03 @MrCerulean @Vietnam720 Yup, I had written down all 3 names for it but still no luck #
4/13 15:22 @Vietnam720 Thanks Ben, I checked out every Western pharmacy on Ng Trai, including a Chinese place, but nobody's heard of Zyban. :( #
4/13 4:45 Quick hacks to browse Nokia SMS and Contacts in a Google Spreadsheet http://goo.gl/JVcDZ #saigonist #
4/12 18:57 @barijoe It's a browser addon for Chrome, but ought to work for Firefox/Opera as well: http://www.saigonist.com/h8sq #
4/12 15:52 @barijoe I wrote a tool that blocks FourSquare from my Twitter timeline, it would be trivial to make it filter any other keywords #
4/12 11:40 @caligarn yea, but when Tuoi Tre asked if I knew any VNese who went to the concert I gave them @jobnomade's contact #
4/12 7:40 Anyone know where to get hard to find medicines in Saigon? Looking for Zyban/Wellbutrin or other smoking cessation drugs #
4/11 9:05 @jobnomade is quoted in Tuoi Tre on the Bob Dylan concert :) http://goo.gl/PPkwH #
4/10 18:00 @fisheggtree Strange, my timeline was full of Bob Dylan tweets (including my own) #
4/10 11:37 The port-o-potties at RMIT are better than most toilets in Vietnam. (See how long that lasts) #
4/10 9:42 Chilling in the vip area for Bob Dylan courtesy of @jobnomade #
4/7 12:27 @SaigonSean True, reporting here is often parroting, but in this case it's foreign journalists #
4/7 12:26 @Conversoul somehow, Montrealers deal with icey stairs for a chunk of the year.. #
4/6 12:39 "Vietnam Dong weakest since June 1993" == lazy or ignorant reporters implying VND was at all close to, above 21k/$ back in '93 #
4/6 10:30 How many people could live in the space taken up by stairwells in Saigon if they were replaced by Montreal-style winding stairs outside? #
4/5 5:31 @jon7b I guess many times bribes are paid so papers can be processed w/o delay, but officials should still be punished for threatening delay #
4/5 5:26 @ericburdette I also use FB a lot less now, but for the past month at least I've had no issues accessing it via the Saigonist DNS on FPT #
4/5 5:25 So FPT Software doesn't necessarily need to promote Facebook to make money off demand for commercial FB pages, advertising #
4/5 5:00 FPT is a Technology company, not just telecom/broadband ISP, and a large part of their business is software development/outsourcing #
4/4 13:51 To end corruption: It should be legal to bribe, but illegal to take bribes http://goo.gl/opxMF #
4/4 10:15 Last night police came 2x to harass a sidewalk restaurant and customers. Police finding great ways to promote upcoming reunification day #
4/4 9:22 @betoneko Does that still work? I was w/ a VN friend, plus cop spoke English... #
4/4 5:40 Hen: Won some money playing poker / Xui: Lost it getting pulled over on the way home (failure to signal) #
4/3 7:56 This cafe has a lockable "mobile phone charger box" for customers to charge their phones with peace of mind #
4/2 7:04 @jobnomade Asm is probably much less relevant today, when there's so many more layers of technology above it than before #
4/2 7:01 @jobnomade @jon7b @tamkaizen I like it. Maybe we can start with a public shaming list of the worst corporate offenders in VN.. #
4/2 6:57 @itsKhang I can read Vietnamese words without knowing what they mean, and otherwise sound like a young child #
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