Daily Twitter Posts - 08/19/2011 - 08/26/2011

Submitted by tomo on August 26, 2011 - 11:45am

08/25 23:30 Tool for online marketers: short url analytics on right click. Testers please! #
08/25 07:36 @jobnomade I think the bug is when you quickly hit 'more images' when it first loads, right? Thx! I got confirm lorem ipsum #
08/24 22:20 Password Generator now using canvas to download password image reminders. Get it at Chrome Web Store @jobnomade for idea #
08/24 05:54 @jobnomade Cool idea! I'll have to look at HTML5 Canvas and other fun stuff to do that #
08/24 04:40 Moscow’s Wild Dogs Ride Subways To City Center In Search Of Food: #
08/24 04:09 Please try out my Chrome plugin for easily making memorable passwords in many languages: #
08/24 03:43 @betoneko Initially, I was googling for "mồng tơi" to put on "mông tôi" and I got "Mongolia" #
08/24 03:21 @NBNQ @jon7b Translation of words depends on context. Can you guys see Mongolia here? #
08/23 23:40 Google Translates "Mông tôi" (my butt) as "Mongolia". (Not to be confused with a Mongolian butt spot) #
08/23 07:39 @barijoe I would imagine Indonesia's links to Singapore's Amazon EC2 would be pretty fast, no? #
08/23 05:03 Horns on taxis should be mechanically disabled/silent unless the foot brake is being depressed #
08/23 04:53 MacBook warranty just expired. Figures, 3 things break on it at once #
08/23 04:50 @dylanduong Never shared pics. HootSuite is solid for posting, but I like @seesmic for scanning a day's worth of tweets quickly #
08/23 03:26 @Seesmic Your Seesmic Web has been 404 for a week now. Hootsuite is working nicely, other suggestions? #
08/22 23:50 Vietnam ranks as the most financially attractive country for offshoring, BUT... #
08/22 10:01 @jon7b I used that tutorial but saw this today: Then browse source examples by extension permissions. I use vim. #
08/22 09:00 Anyone have ideas for a Chrome plugin? I've been in the extending mood all weekend #
08/22 08:56 @nguyenhimself Ah, neato. DDoS is more terrorism, not hacking, and also a shitty use of Vietnam's limited overseas bandwidth. #
08/22 08:54 @jon7b Good point. All mail servers deliver to part before +, useful for filtering. But only GMail makes . insignificant for ID theft? #
08/22 08:06 @nguyenhimself Do you recall if it was trolls or people sharing other knowledge too? #
08/22 08:05 Periods in GMail usernames aren't significant. Add, remove, move the dots around, you still get mail! #
08/20 07:01 @tropixblue Unfortunately, censorship apologists would say that it's the same in every country #
08/20 07:00 @caligarn Might I suggest raincoats and backpacks with various Vietnam driving tips #
08/20 05:32 Title inflation: "Revolutionary Martyr" in Vietnam now meaningless: #
08/20 05:21 Intriguing tweets on censorship in Malaysia, ethical hacking, and social enterprise coming via #TEDxKL today #
08/19 03:59 RT @theeconomist: Berlin has been overtaken by a strange wave of car-burning. Last night nine cars went up in flames #

Daily Twitter Posts - 08/12/2011 - 08/19/2011

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08/18 12:31 I'll be flying to SFO on September 6 and returning to Vietnam via Tokyo on the 12th. No thanks to Hipmunk showing bunk flights. #
08/18 10:51 Are Groupon clones stalling out in Vietnam? #
08/18 06:32 [email protected] Anyone who claims that Khmer is not a tonal language has never tried to order squid and found out they were asking for face. #
08/17 09:49 Tuoi Tre News: Every article ends with "Police are investigating" / #
08/17 09:27 Super Mario: How it really went down (indie film trailer) #
08/17 08:43 @shakkabrutha @NicholasMarx @hcmctoday Thanks for the reassuring answers! $80 to staple some blank paper #firstworldproblems #
08/17 05:47 Any Americans know how long it takes to get extra pages added to a passport (especially at the consulate in HCMC)? #
08/17 03:06 @tamkaizen Don't worry, we will all retweet the bad news into your Twitter stream #
08/16 06:05 @caligarn In the race for economic development, Vietnam has completely lost touch with social/moral development #
08/16 04:29 Will Google open a Google Store? I expect a Chinese person to have done so already #
08/16 04:15 @betoneko @careyz Folks are bombarded by daily deals, learning that each 1 isn't so great, hearing of ripoffs. But a sucker is born every... #
08/16 04:08 @barijoe My name is available for the low cost of $19.99.95! #
08/16 03:35 @caligarn @jon7b @dynamicscholar 5 years ago, tablets were the same as laptops, running Windows. iPad dumbed it down. #
08/16 03:24 @PedroInSaigon Vietnamese people are too busy setting fire to stuff and stealing things to riot over that #
08/15 12:03 @jon7b You can make a sentence out of the 4 random words by adding words. But using 'is' for most passwords would be bad #
08/15 12:01 @jon7b If nobody knows they're not random then ok :) Problem is if anyone thinks you're using a weaker scheme. Just like using 1,0 for i,o #
08/15 11:45 @jon7b Actually, since there are much less grammatically correct 4-word sentences, it would be much easier to find by brute force #
08/15 11:15 Dammit. Foreign language passphrase generator working again: #
08/15 04:36 Build a safer memorable multi-lingual password here: #correcthorsebatterystaple #
08/14 02:35 @barijoe You may be interested in a small Hootsuite ad blocker I made for Chrome: #
08/13 01:13 @caligarn Ebay has been in Vietnam for years, but Paypal only recently #
08/12 06:31 @kennynguyenus 7?! Was rope involved? They passed in an instant so no pics #
08/12 06:11 Yes! I saw 6 people on 1 motorbike! They're like Vietnamese phone booths. #
08/12 05:21 Hey, you remember #vietkieu #

Daily Twitter Posts - 08/05/2011 - 08/12/2011

Submitted by tomo on August 12, 2011 - 11:45am

08/11 06:17 @TylerWatts @officespace_sg To avoid unnecessary ridicule it's probably best to avoid Vietnamese names ending in 'ng' 'c' (and more) :) #
08/11 05:28 @OfficeSpace_SG Since 'j' can sound like 'zh' or 'y' in other languages, it could replace 'd'. Thus 'jinh' vs 'dinh', 'jung' vs 'dung'. #
08/11 05:00 @OfficeSpace_SG Can we replace 'd' with 'j' (or 'dj') and get rid of 'd stroke'? Gov't can't stop kids from using new, foreign words #
08/10 17:46 "Groupon updates IPO filing, admits it's unprofitable" Failed to fool SEC, will they postpone IPO like others? #
08/10 10:22 Dow down nearly 400 points already! RT @Benzinga: Yesterday's gains are gone. Face ripper rally off. #
08/10 10:05 Studying Vietnamese by reading jailed French-Viet blogger Prof. Pham Minh Hoang aka Phan Kien Quoc: #
08/10 05:41 Have a backup in case Anonymous takes down Facebook on Nov 5: #
08/10 04:58 RT @AsCorrespondent: 7 carjackers killed in Philippine shootouts #Philippines #Asia #News #
08/10 04:51 Most dangerous countries to be female: Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, Somalia #
08/09 03:46 A kitty cafe in Japan where you can rent kitty by the hour: #
08/09 03:39 @careyz VN should first build normal-speed rail to Can Tho, commuter rail to Dong Nai/Binh Duong, and a freight rail system #
08/09 03:24 @OneVietnam I have data that indirectly shows Facebook is less blocked/easier to access nationwide in recent weeks #
08/08 17:36 What’s the Fastest Web Browser in the “Real World?” Chrome. #
08/08 15:58 @PedroInSaigon Many definitely don't care. I'd argue that ignorance helps breed apathy and complacency. #
08/08 15:56 @NBNQ Yup, we had it all then. And Bangkok (and maybe Singapore) benefited financially and rose from Saigon's fall. Morale or morals? :) #
08/08 12:10 Before, I would have been sad to find a snail shell in my soup. Now: hey free food! #
08/08 01:55 "One of the main causes of pollution is a simple lack of awareness on the part of local residents" #vietnam #
08/08 00:13 Looking back at Pre-1975 Saigon: #
08/07 14:53 @dynamicscholar Yeah, agree the way to live peacefully is to not stress over things one can't change #
08/07 14:51 @michaelcoyote @jon7b @PedroInSaigon Feels good to vent, but we're just preaching to the choir. The ones who need to hear, need to in VNese #
08/07 03:23 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Looks like petanque. Game played in a lot of former French areas (US included) #
08/07 03:19 The futility of complaining about Vietnam in English. #
08/06 16:24 @lokimorgan hi Morgan! :) #
08/06 04:43 @mybigfatface I am impressed indeed, and think it would make an excellent Twitter profile pic! #
08/06 04:00 I finally understand why Westerners can't do the Asian squat: #
08/05 06:01 Rep'n my hood RT @thisbigcity: New Post: In Awe of Vietnam – Stunning Photography from Ho Chi Minh City @jodiehuynh #
08/05 04:36 Robocop is needed. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Robbers besiege Ho Chi Minh City #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/29/2011 - 08/05/2011

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08/04 17:11 Tea Party gets its way = Dow drops 500+ points, worst since 2008. #
08/04 12:45 Scary. Facebook will track you all over the web and give your personal information to advertisers who ask: #
08/04 12:43 @HerDailyDigest Did you join Foursquare? What will you do with your newfound klout? :) #
08/04 12:05 $1 HIV test, 15 minute results. Fits in wallet. #
08/04 07:52 Prices for condos at Saigon Pearl down over 20% but still not selling: #
08/04 07:44 @fisheggtree Correct, PetroVietnam is state-owned. They also operate taxis (!) #
08/04 05:50 @fisheggtree Including the various resorts owned by PetroVietnam? #
08/04 03:29 @fisheggtree And is it true that Sharky's has the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh? #
08/04 03:27 @fisheggtree To me PP's Western restos complement SG's nicely, but lack SG's Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc. districts #
08/04 03:13 @jon7b It was normal for a few weeks then back to "cable-cut speeds" for over a week here #
08/03 14:12 Bitcoin mining botnet controlled by Twitter discovered: #
08/03 09:01 @dynamicscholar "Straight outta Vincom", "Fuck tha cong an", and more #Vinnazwitattitudes #
08/03 06:06 @Conversoul @ericburdette See, Cops vs Cops would provide hours of entertainment (to me) #
08/03 04:48 @ericburdette Indeed, maybe they're watching too many violent Thai films. But just imagine a Vietnamese version of Cops. #
08/03 04:44 @dynamicscholar Thanks man I try to keep it real #
08/03 03:30 Great. Nhommua is spamming me on Yahoo Messenger now #
08/03 02:56 #gettingthingsdone "ran into a bar nearby, broke apart the chair’s leg, took out the iron rod from it and used it to stab Cuong" #
08/02 15:31 It's midnight and dark. A girl is reading a comic book. While sat on the back of a bicycle. #
08/02 05:59 Kpop payola/pay for play corruption scandal. Or why Korean pop is all over Vietnamese media? #
08/02 05:26 Next up: IQ to OS correlation? WinXP users on one end, OpenBSD (need to be a genius) on the other #
08/02 05:22 @betoneko @jon7b @TylerWatts lol, or as someone from Central VN would ask: ô tô mô tô Tô Mô mô? #
08/02 04:26 @betoneko Lol! Nha Hang TOMO is the BEST, besides Cafe Tomo (coming soon). and secret Quan Tomo on Nguyen Van Lac #
08/02 04:25 @webtomme #3 mainly! I've done #1, and #2 and #4 (for free) #
08/02 01:49 Working in Saigon/Vietnam as an expat: #
08/01 12:03 HSBC to cut 30k jobs by 2013: #
08/01 06:26 @PedroInSaigon Yes, there was an article somewhere about a few foreign kids and their VN disciples teaching each other parkour in Saigon #
07/31 10:48 @tropixblue Say a neighborhood which normally sees a drop in traffic at 3:30PM on Tuesdays but has higher traffic 20 minutes before a storm #
07/31 10:40 @saigonnezumi Could you do us a favor and checkin to 4sq everytime you get on a bike, so we can all get off ours? :) #
07/31 08:34 Hypothesis: deviations from normal internet activity can predict imminent rain during the rainy season #
07/31 04:20 @fisheggtree Would love to see info sources of unrecognized VN minorities. The bigger ones not listed on perhaps not endangered #
07/31 04:16 @nguyenhimself @jon7b @cnualart Found on a Drupal forum :) It's worth the effort if you're a dev! But I also use Vim as my editor.. #
07/30 03:25 @fisheggtree Can you list some missing languages? Noticed Pacoh, Ta Oi not listed perhaps due to larger population #
07/30 03:07 Learning curve for popular CMSs: #drupal #joomla #wordpress #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/22/2011 - 07/29/2011

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07/28 08:05 @fisheggtree Subtitling some select programs might help (in Vietnamese even!) #
07/27 11:59 Honored! @Vietnam720: Just given my very 1st to @tomosaigon. My very 1st Google +1'd for his article on #BarCampSaigon - #
07/27 06:55 Correction: Vietnamese are stealing each other @vantuly #
07/27 06:16 Chinese are stealing Vietnamese people RT @vantuly: Chinese police rescue dozens of infants from traffickers - #
07/27 05:20 @ericburdette Follow the link: The Perry nuclear plant on Lake Erie outside
Cleveland, Ohio. #
07/27 04:43 5 lessons learnt from #barcampsaigon 2011: #
07/26 11:25 @MienHPham I was hoping Firefox 4 would finally let me open dozens of tabs without crawling to a halt but it still doesn't. #addicted2chrome #
07/26 10:30 @caligarn @dynamicscholar There is already software for online jamming (musical collaboration) - RiffWorks, built by some good friends #
07/25 11:47 Thinking about doing business on Facebook? Do you have Facebook insurance? #
07/24 11:48 @andrewduck Likewise, enjoyed chatting with you about your big plan for Vietnam! #
07/24 10:28 Really great, thx everyone! RT @barcampSaigon: barcampSaigon: Great! More than 570 participants showed up today at #barcampsaigon #
07/23 19:50 #barcampsaigon weather update: pouring down rain over Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan. let's hope it lets up soon. #
07/23 13:48 Hackers! Check out Code For America today - - Code For Vietnam tomorrow? #
07/23 01:38 #barcampsaigon pre-party tonight! At Milwaukee Grill 277 Pham Ngu Lao D1, from 7:30PM #
07/22 12:28 #barcampsaigon There will be an informal welcoming party in D1 tomorrow night so stay tuned to for details! #
07/22 06:50 @TylerWatts Math is hard. Let's go shopping! #
07/22 06:50 @Conversoul Would you rather buy gasoline or horse feed? :) #
07/22 06:21 Future Gmail: "You appear to be trashed. Sending delayed until you pick the ugly girls from this lineup." (A better captcha also?) #
07/22 05:55 If you mention "attached file" in a gmail w/o attaching a file, gmail will ask you to confirm before sending. Neat. #
07/22 05:33 On increasing ineffectiveness of new Vietnamese regulations/laws: thx @wigjefferson #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/15/2011 - 07/22/2011

Submitted by tomo on July 22, 2011 - 11:45am

07/21 23:30 @mybigfatface Many 'upwardly mobile' Cambodians make the trip to FV Hospital in Saigon, but not recommended if you're dying right now #
07/21 12:41 @Tanguyen86 Awesome, thanks T! I'll hit you up with details #
07/21 11:50 Wait, so China is banning Harry Potter and all foreign films to screen a $12 mln revisionist propaganda film? #
07/21 11:44 @geetree haha, and trampolines! Dense cities never have enough trampolines. #
07/21 06:16 Screw stairs. World needs more slides. #
07/21 05:38 @Jessdiep Barcamp is from 8am and wraps up around 4 in the afternoon, followed by an optional afterparty. R U free? @barcampSaigon #
07/21 02:12 @Tanguyen86 @saigonchic Receive attendees when they enter, hang around and manage the session rooms, etc. Can you join? :) #
07/20 09:44 BarCamp Saigon is this Sunday at RMIT! We still need a few good volunteers so hit us up if you're interested :) #
07/19 07:26 RT @cnualart: #Saigon go to Zerostation to see this work in progress! Graffiti off NKKN in hem 288. Great fun! #
07/19 04:07 The way 'headache' is spelled vs pronounced causes one. #ghoti #
07/19 02:34 @doortomykitchen @madlyduck Borders always had great books and magazines I didn't know I was looking for. #
07/19 02:30 @saigonchic That is a good opportunity to fart very loudly #
07/18 23:48 Pouring some coffee out for the loss of miles of bookshelves, a place to browse books after work. #Borders #
07/18 13:48 @philip_arthur Honestly, something as powerful as salvia, having a sober person babysitting is responsibility #1 #
07/18 10:59 Is increasing medical tourism to Vietnam good or bad for us expats? #
07/18 09:02 Vietnam needs Underwriters Laboratories, and Consumer Reports. #
07/18 07:09 @jon7b What kind of desk? Adjustable? #
07/17 06:27 @Anita_Tran @jon7b So they should label all films about honest cops as "science fiction" :) #
07/17 05:21 ATTN: Groupon clones in Vietnam, good luck using 'copyright law' to defend against aggregators from commoditizing you #
07/17 05:16 @tamkaizen Good question. I think the difference is the same as between police and mobsters #
07/17 04:19 I was charged $14 to use ANZ's ATM in Phnom Penh. #
07/17 01:46 Cambodia has world's smallest stock exchange, followed by Mozambique and Laos #
07/17 01:03 Everyday some 3000 scientific articles are published. Perhaps a handful from Vietnamese. Probably none of them living in Vietnam. #
07/16 11:17 RT @TheOnion: Drunk Pilot Going To Pull Over Onto Cloud Until He Sobers Up A Little #
07/16 07:23 @PedroInSaigon @fisheggtree Most hysterical reports were from Western Christian sympathizers, nothing objective #
07/16 02:52 @pqnga Sneaky! Not escape-proof, but I know an abstract db layer that won't expect to sanitize an order by clause #
07/16 02:42 @PedroInSaigon That happened a few months ago, don't believe any outsider independently confirmed. VN govt story totally different #
07/16 02:39 @HelpingHandSG Who is this? You should make Drupal themes too :) #
07/15 16:05 @jobnomade Opera lets you group tabs then collapse a group . TooManyTabs for Chrome good for 'suspending' tabs for later. #
07/15 05:51 @OfficeSpace_SG I can't wait! And subway/metro any year now. I'd be happy with dedicated busways in the near future #
07/15 05:50 @madlyduck lol, sounds like an easy job, plenty of time to ponder astrophysics! #
07/15 04:13 @OfficeSpace_SG Saigon also had trams! It's sad impoverished Hanoi couldn't maintain their trams a few more years. #
07/15 04:00 @madlyduck Fortunately, your job isn't to drive people from point A to B using the least amount of fuel possible #
07/15 03:04 @madlyduck Just the negotiated cost to travel about 1-2 km. Still not convinced why (that) nobody in PP could find a numbered street #
07/15 02:57 Some languages in Vietnam have up to 41 vowels. Good luck. #
07/15 01:21 Phnom Penh travel protip: Get a 'free' 1-hour city tour when the motorbike drivers can't find a numbered street 10 min walk away #

Daily Twitter Posts - September 2010

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 4:17pm

just noticed youtube has rolled out html5 by default, at least for some videos. one more nail in the flash coffin Fri Oct 01 16:49:55 +0000 2010
@caligarn $500/mo in VN gets me a house w/ maid svc 4x size of my chicago apt, personal transport (not the El), eat out/coffee daily, etc Thu Sep 30 19:09:18 +0000 2010
@layered perhaps that 80% makeup figure should be read: 20% of vn girls never wear makeup, the rest do sometimes Thu Sep 30 11:59:51 +0000 2010
@caligarn yup, have a number of .jp friends including some 2nd gen (ie def. not counted by .jp gov). refreshingly, only 1 teaches english Thu Sep 30 08:09:01 +0000 2010
just found out there's 10000 japanese registered with .gov in vietnam, mostly in #saigon Thu Sep 30 07:51:00 +0000 2010
RT @nguyenhimself: The future soon, or maybe right now: Patients can now be frozen into state of suspended animation for surgery. http:/ ... Mon Sep 27 19:01:09 +0000 2010
@kennedypj how different from twitter/tumblr/posterous or smaller microblogging sites? Sun Sep 26 14:22:31 +0000 2010
@dylanduong @rockportrait re: dallas, i might distinguish btwn contemporary as opp. to authentic/nostalgic vn cuisine; broader range here Sun Sep 26 14:20:40 +0000 2010
@kennedypj i was just there for nearly 3 hours! Sun Sep 26 14:00:34 +0000 2010
i won a 100,000VND voucher for Phở 24 at last night's fiesta! at their current prices, enough to buy 2 bowls of phở. attn: phở diggers Sun Sep 26 06:17:33 +0000 2010
@rockportrait @dylanduong my $0.02 from living in dallas (one of the largest vn by pop), a few good contemporary vn joints, mostly just avg Sun Sep 26 05:57:09 +0000 2010
RT @soldbynam: New property rights for overseas Vietnamese Sun Sep 26 05:50:33 +0000 2010
@kennedypj please share more about your microblogging idea, maybe i can help Sun Sep 26 05:20:38 +0000 2010
@tamkaizen neither. mày là Việt Kiều! Fri Sep 24 13:31:35 +0000 2010
@tamkaizen you/nielsen or cimigo should have accurate figures on vn? numbeo is biased from english-speakers = expats who pay >$2 for smokes? Fri Sep 24 12:58:32 +0000 2010
@caligarn haven't played violin since high school when i picked up guitar, later turntables. shame really. you play? Fri Sep 24 12:35:34 +0000 2010
@betoneko know any JP speakers who would like to work for a game/3d company? Fri Sep 24 12:24:04 +0000 2010
@caligarn kennedypj saigon-mui ne really unpleasant imo, only worthwhile if continuing on to da lat which is a beautiful ride Fri Sep 24 08:07:32 +0000 2010
@tamkaizen they pull stats from anyone willing to enter datapoints. weak and unsubstantiated. bet few real vnese there. median salary < $653 Fri Sep 24 07:59:15 +0000 2010
@caligarn dude you played viola? i played the squeeky violin for like 9 years by the suzuki method Fri Sep 24 07:52:09 +0000 2010
@tamkaizen $4.50 for an inexpensive meal in vn? think numbeo's numbers may err high for vn, more accurate for US Thu Sep 23 22:36:27 +0000 2010
RT @newsyc20: $250,000-a-day Minecraft strikes indie game gold ( Thu Sep 23 20:32:40 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 same here! kaiten zushi is fun w/ a friend. so i think Kichi Kichi hotpot applies the concept well even if there's better lau Tue Sep 21 10:08:41 +0000 2010
@jodiehuynh @betoneko @Vietnam720 Sushi Bar = Pho 24: many locations, a lil pricy, the only one many have tried, but real jp/vn go elsewhere Tue Sep 21 09:55:44 +0000 2010
@kennedypj @jodiehuynh yes, correction: the event is saturday! Tue Sep 21 09:44:20 +0000 2010
@jodiehuynh i've been following @thomaswanhoff tweets re: barcamp vientiane. see that it's not til Nov. thx for reminding! Tue Sep 21 08:18:43 +0000 2010
@jodiehuynh looking forward to eating/networking with mexican food/people this sunday! at Tue Sep 21 08:04:43 +0000 2010
sadly just now finding out about #barcamp phnom penh this weekend #barcamppp3 Tue Sep 21 07:59:47 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 @betoneko baby spoon serves contemporary japanese/western cuisine, think of dishes like omu-rice made with cream Tue Sep 21 07:54:12 +0000 2010
@jodiehuynh coffee on wednesday it is! Mon Sep 20 09:05:05 +0000 2010
@betoneko thx for putting me in a special box ;) Mon Sep 20 09:02:50 +0000 2010
@caligarn @tamkaizen i believe HCMC govt keeps statistics on foreigners on their website. most expats are asian, not "white" Sun Sep 19 17:13:49 +0000 2010
@caligarn good question. how much are you willing to pay for an option to purchase today's paper for delivery in 1 year? Sun Sep 19 17:12:31 +0000 2010
@kennedypj with names like that, those beans'd probably sell for a high premium in VN, right? with sữa i probably couldn't discern anyhow Sun Sep 19 16:44:36 +0000 2010
@betoneko i just picked up a copy of yesterday's paper. i can't believe they still sell yesterday's news, and at today's price! Sun Sep 19 16:36:02 +0000 2010
@betoneko i'm also interested in printing biz cards; obviously Ly Thai To is the go-to street; b4 i went nearby on Dien Bien Phu Sun Sep 19 16:14:02 +0000 2010
product development in 3 words: "Ready! Fire! Aim!" Sun Sep 19 16:04:45 +0000 2010
@rockportrait @kennedypj it's not real weasel-from-weasel-butt-hole coffee, but it's still delicious (and i'm kind of an anti-fan of #4sq ;) Sun Sep 19 11:00:45 +0000 2010
reminder to self: return to this bamboo cafe to see if it's as awesome on another day. delicious weasel coffee Sun Sep 19 09:32:08 +0000 2010
anyone have a copy of saturday's Tuoi Tre? i got a long quote in @betoneko's article about working 2nd jobs Sun Sep 19 04:47:01 +0000 2010
@CoachLeaders i don't remember much about the BC era (Before Computers) ; if it's not in the cloud does it truly exist? Sat Sep 18 20:18:44 +0000 2010
sometimes i dream in slideshow format moving from one conceptual frame to the next Sat Sep 18 08:55:06 +0000 2010
the time has come to raise the bar in saigon, say 1m higher. re-christen "venice of the orient" and call it a day Thu Sep 16 10:21:55 +0000 2010
@jodiehuynh it was from the previous tweetup. how a propos! Thu Sep 16 10:15:20 +0000 2010
@michaelcoyote yup, traffic cops and usually a bill or 2 should be sufficient but whiteface'll get hit up for more for not knowing better Thu Sep 16 10:12:41 +0000 2010
when i type @ i want names to start autocompleting, and then i want whatever i am thinking to just appear in the box Thu Sep 16 10:09:38 +0000 2010
@saigonnezumi i know a secret route behind the manor that should skip the flooded portion of NHC Thu Sep 16 10:09:04 +0000 2010
i guess i did get caught by a photographer in the latest issue of The Word magazine Thu Sep 16 09:24:57 +0000 2010
saw an old white guy busted by cong an at the edge of D1, counting off a wad of 100s that was too much. he looked like this: >:[ Wed Sep 15 13:13:14 +0000 2010
@CoachLeaders nice chatting with ya at #saigontweetup but i hope half of what you said went right over her head haha Tue Sep 14 18:20:38 +0000 2010
at blackcat sg: family of 3 speaking .fr; a .jp couple; 2 .kr girls 1 speaking .vn on mobile; single .jp guy reading silently; and me. Sat Sep 11 07:30:08 +0000 2010
need priority inbox for twitter and facebook Fri Sep 10 12:08:52 +0000 2010
RT @newsyc20: Top Japanese Social Devs Make $1,000,000 Per Month ( Wed Sep 08 20:06:52 +0000 2010
looking for the cheapest way to get 180 Trung Thu lanterns to the US (Ann Arbor) by September 12 Fri Sep 03 11:21:53 +0000 2010
you're sick. you're coughing as hard as you can. do you have to cough directly on me? thanks for giving me a reason to take pseudoephedrine Thu Sep 02 08:28:45 +0000 2010
@HelpingHandSG i already donated my bike to a poor student, actually he borrowed it and just never gave it back Wed Sep 01 18:41:43 +0000 2010
RT @HelpingHandSG: looking 4 corporate sponsors gving us bicycles 4 gd students from vry poor families, travel by foot far 4 skool, HCM ... Wed Sep 01 18:40:49 +0000 2010
and... vietnam goes on holiday for the rest of the week Wed Sep 01 12:31:45 +0000 2010
to add some spice to your life, pick your nose after handling chopped up chilis Tue Aug 31 21:47:43 +0000 2010
even the bike repair shop has wifi in saigon Mon Aug 30 09:54:33 +0000 2010
@peoplewithideas i've learned to self-diagnose, google the bag'o'pills from the Rx when i get home. being a Dr. isn't so hard after all! Sun Aug 29 21:13:30 +0000 2010
@tdichristopher imo VN must develop inter+intra-urban train travel to make SG-HN bullet trains feasible; SG-Nha Trang would be a start Sun Aug 29 20:55:24 +0000 2010
RT @unrelated_says: — BBC News - Rare 'fire tornado' filmed in Brazil Sat Aug 28 08:40:09 +0000 2010
i think 'Reasons to hate Vietnam' can mostly be mitigated by leaving hanoi and living in saigon for awhile Fri Aug 27 07:51:55 +0000 2010
@tamkaizen cops should be out looking for all the petty thieves instead of looking for bribes, otoh i can drive w/o a license for 100-200k Wed Aug 25 09:14:50 +0000 2010
RT @unrelated_says: — Epic traffic jam in China leaves drivers stuck for 9 days - Tue Aug 24 08:53:08 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 I lease a dedicated server in the US (not VN), been doing so for years, before the cloud was an option Tue Aug 24 08:51:02 +0000 2010
goodbye dubai? ( Thu Aug 19 15:48:38 +0000 2010
turn saigon into the silicon delta Wed Aug 18 17:29:40 +0000 2010
RT @TheEIU_Asia: #Vietnam devalues the dong by 2.1%. The move highlights growing concerns over wide trade deficit a ... Wed Aug 18 16:07:51 +0000 2010
usatoday's why .5 million Viet Kieu are coming home annually (with stock photo of Saigon Pearl) ( Wed Aug 18 14:06:02 +0000 2010

Daily Twitter Posts - October 2010

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 4:15pm


@Conversoul do you skate? i'm only aware of the skate shop on Bui Vien Sun Oct 31 09:06:33 +0000 2010

someone please invent socks that keep your feet cool, and kills mosquitos Sat Oct 30 08:24:13 +0000 2010

luxury imports -> inflation -> poorer people. so each minivan you see is a small village of hungry people, each iphone is a hungry child Thu Oct 28 07:30:30 +0000 2010

@kennedypj excellent! flying direct to vte? i'm planning fly -> bkk, train -> vientiane Thu Oct 28 07:27:45 +0000 2010

@rockportrait @kennedypj @betoneko indeed, said tongue in cheek. nip=nippon, but rarely heard now. to youth, nip is just short for nipple Thu Oct 28 07:25:36 +0000 2010

anyone want to go to Barcamp Vientiane nov 27? @barcampVTE Thu Oct 28 06:09:17 +0000 2010

@betoneko hey! shouldn't call japanese people japs. nips is better, and funnier Thu Oct 28 05:56:43 +0000 2010

cost-benefit analysis: arresting a blogger is probably an ineffective way to keep a topic off the internet Wed Oct 27 07:45:53 +0000 2010

@betoneko @saigonnezumi check out Drupal, it comes highly recommended (by me :). if you have any questions ask me Wed Oct 27 07:43:59 +0000 2010

@saigoninacup @caligarn i too set down the fiddle many moons ago. i studied suzuki method, so played for years before i could actually read Wed Oct 27 07:22:39 +0000 2010

@BellVietnam i know some SEO/SEM guys in saigon. hit me up for the infoz Wed Oct 27 07:15:06 +0000 2010

RT @betoneko: Will the new Epat page be called Exprattle or something else? You decide! Last day to suggest and vote Mon Oct 25 05:34:27 +0000 2010
ended up at chinese-vnese b-day party for a 4-yo, starting at midnight, not knowing the name of a single person and xlating japanese to viet Sun Oct 24 21:41:07 +0000 2010

RT @OneVietnam: Mosquito Nets & Blankets Needed for Flood Victims in Vietnam! See how you can help: Sun Oct 24 07:13:56 +0000 2010

@betoneko wow, back in my father's time it was much simpler - live in a French house, eat Chinese food, marry a Japanese girl (or something) Sat Oct 23 12:00:01 +0000 2010

@caligarn Computer Assisted Language Learning! Sat Oct 23 05:10:34 +0000 2010

@HerDailyDigest i was wearing a blue shirt, with 2 lovely ladies. i didn't know it was your kid! Fri Oct 22 08:43:46 +0000 2010

@HerDailyDigest yes, saw some kids running around last night... did you shrink? :) Thu Oct 21 09:15:34 +0000 2010

@rockportrait @HerDailyDigest it was loud, not sure how i'd classify - contemporary rock. there was a japanese noise band at Tadao last week Thu Oct 21 09:14:39 +0000 2010

@HerDailyDigest oh, i was at Pacharan last night too but didn't see you, was listening to that japanese band! Thu Oct 21 08:35:44 +0000 2010

RT @dukedylan: I love my maid. She refuses to accept more than 10 dollars per month and accepts beer cans as a tip. #Vietnam Thu Oct 21 08:10:33 +0000 2010

@TylerWatts @dynamicscholar @ericburdette my friend's dad gets around his (f'n big) property in D2 by golf cart, even takes it out to street Thu Oct 21 08:07:19 +0000 2010

@betoneko i set up a needanym project for naming your Expat Page w/ some suggestions, invite ppl to suggest names at Thu Oct 21 08:02:54 +0000 2010

@kennedypj lorem ipsum is used by web developers to fill in content, say for a mockup, so as not to distract from the design Wed Oct 20 10:12:41 +0000 2010

@kennedypj @betoneko @shilkytouch It's gangstafied lorem ipsum, my twizzles. meant to be meaningless text (not unlike many tweets) Wed Oct 20 08:35:43 +0000 2010

@caligarn hey dude, did you get my DM? not sure what's up with twitter Wed Oct 20 08:26:59 +0000 2010

Lorizzle ipsizzle fo shiznit boofron, crazy adipiscing elit. sapizzle velit, crunk volutpizzle, suscipizzle quizzle, yippiyo vizzle, arcu. Wed Oct 20 07:25:30 +0000 2010

@dynamicscholar i think i won't switch to my Wu name "Dubious Masturbatah-X" @tamkaizen Tue Oct 19 16:11:57 +0000 2010

@betoneko thx.. i'll be sure to ask for the biggest cakes they have! Mon Oct 18 11:55:04 +0000 2010

what bakery in saigon delivers birthday cakes? Mon Oct 18 06:25:49 +0000 2010

@saigoninacup i have some jalapenos (from Veggys) but you can never have enough! Sun Oct 17 06:46:17 +0000 2010

@shilkytouch holla! you've self-actualized into 100% super salaryman kevin in yo profile, so i didn't recognize Sat Oct 16 21:19:40 +0000 2010

@michaelcoyote in saigon convenience stores they sell these packs of what are basically like thick nori chips, meant to be eaten as snacks! Sat Oct 16 20:44:16 +0000 2010

about to book on #Qatar Airways, "World's 5-Star Airline", please stop me! Sat Oct 16 17:50:06 +0000 2010

just put #beatcancer in a tweet and a nickel is raised against cancer (for the next day or so) Fri Oct 15 19:52:40 +0000 2010

@HerDailyDigest my exp booking hotels in Jakarta is that prices are cheaper when you just walk up than prebooking online Fri Oct 15 10:42:56 +0000 2010

@caligarn @BellVietnam @tamkaizen i think VN can learn many lessons from SIN, but "have once been a british colony" isn't one of them :) Fri Oct 15 08:10:44 +0000 2010
@saigonnezumi so let's talk about a Drupal-based SIS :) Tue Oct 12 16:39:46 +0000 2010

@saigonnezumi FPT is giving me over 50% packet loss right now, it's been like this for a few days and i wonder if other ISPs are any better Tue Oct 12 16:33:54 +0000 2010

i get a kick out of giving directions to vietnamese who stop me on the street Mon Oct 11 13:47:13 +0000 2010

@betoneko what language for the expat column? Mon Oct 11 13:24:46 +0000 2010

today is just a little bit quieter without #4sq <evil laugh> Mon Oct 11 08:15:05 +0000 2010

sat at a cafe waiting for someone, instead of tweeting about it, I hacked together "h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter" Sun Oct 10 15:36:13 +0000 2010

@ethuynh Silicon Valley is neither a city, nor is it cool, just has VC. the time to build the Silicon Delta is nowSun Oct 10 10:41:05 +0000 2010

@saigoninacup @ericburdette haha, like chicken mcnuggets... but fish! however, i'm a fan of White Castle's "chicken rings" Fri Oct 08 08:08:07 +0000 2010

@ericburdette what?! there's a Long John Silvers in Vietnam? Fri Oct 08 07:48:17 +0000 2010

someone should invent a fish w/o bones that still tastes like fish. or maybe chicken. Fri Oct 08 07:09:55 +0000 2010

@betoneko $0 earners: maybe farmers or people far from civilization, retirees, kids! also sometimes me :) Fri Oct 08 06:02:17 +0000 2010

@saigoninacup you can definitely order Dr Pepper at Wayne's Texas, since it wouldn't be TX w/o Dr Pepper. prob also penos and ranch there Fri Oct 08 05:36:52 +0000 2010

@BellVietnam true dat, Peter, many aspects of living in VN can't be compared, esp. things i like most can't be bought for reasonable $ in US Thu Oct 07 19:19:03 +0000 2010

@ethuynh my vietnamese name is Trí which i did not pick myself Thu Oct 07 18:55:26 +0000 2010

@betoneko calculating costs as a %age of salary sounds really smart. so if i make $0, then everything costs exactly the same? :) Thu Oct 07 18:41:11 +0000 2010

@betoneko vn is much cheaper than jp! :) thx Thu Oct 07 11:47:38 +0000 2010

@mattlepub i think low-end/entry-level smartphone market is interesting, tho certainly not best quality. plus .cn fones do 2x sims :) Thu Oct 07 11:45:19 +0000 2010

@caligarn blogged about CoL in saigon on ; see you at rich people jazz night tmrw ;) Thu Oct 07 11:40:35 +0000 2010

@ethuynh hey trung, good to catch up. btw, we have the same family name! Wed Oct 06 21:07:25 +0000 2010

my take on the cost of living in Vietnam: It's Really Cheap Wed Oct 06 20:28:29 +0000 2010

so where can i buy a Huawei (Chinese) Android phone in #saigon Wed Oct 06 19:17:16 +0000 2010

@betoneko people would say "what's a prattle?" and "why are you no longer a prattle?" Wed Oct 06 19:15:00 +0000 2010

Of 6909 known languages 1/2 expected to disappear this century; every 2 weeks, the last fluent speaker of one dies. ( Wed Oct 06 07:35:50 +0000 2010

i wonder if Animal Farm has ever been translated into Vietnamese Tue Oct 05 21:44:33 +0000 2010

i like how it can be pouring down rain, but cross the street into another district and all the streets are dry Tue Oct 05 07:22:35 +0000 2010

RT @Orangwutang Vietnamese universities do little original research; rarely cited by scientific scholars (The Economist Sun Oct 03 08:41:04 +0000 2010

@ericburdette re: the article, where in OH are you from? i grew up in columbus Sun Oct 03 08:17:45 +0000 2010

The Immigrant Paradox: so stay in VN to have math genius kids ( Sat Oct 02 16:49:18 +0000 2010

just noticed youtube has rolled out html5 by default, at least for some videos. one more nail in the flash coffinFri Oct 01 16:49:55 +0000 2010


Daily Twitter Posts - 11/01/2010 to 11/30/2010

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 4:10pm

@michaelcoyote haha, Titlescorer technology would go great with Needanym, thanks! Tue Nov 30 17:11:45 +0000 2010
@TerranceCollins please DM me your email, I can't DM you because you're not following me (?) Mon Nov 29 11:04:55 +0000 2010
@betoneko banh cuon hat gao vang is my favorite :) Mon Nov 29 10:16:05 +0000 2010
lol Bitexco is really proud of overcoming the odds to put up the US$300 building RT @ourman Sat Nov 27 18:30:28 +0000 2010
@TerranceCollins i know an SEO/SEM group in SGN i can refer; DM me. have also refer'd to @BellVietnam Sat Nov 27 12:01:13 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 lol headline: "Charity Race Ends in Bombing of Online Phone Store" Thu Nov 25 18:37:49 +0000 2010
@betoneko i hope those busses are replaced by ones with doors on both sides so they can pick up riders without cutting across all lanes! Thu Nov 25 17:28:33 +0000 2010
need to go to Dong Nai to kill simdepdongnai/simsodepsovip/simdongnai .coms for spamming my site Thu Nov 25 17:05:46 +0000 2010
RT @IOCC: since 2005, over 6500 Vietnamese women/children have been trafficked abroad - Thu Nov 25 09:25:18 +0000 2010
feels a bit like Thanksgiving back home - cops lurking around every corner Thu Nov 25 08:53:45 +0000 2010
My quick hack to download YouTube video files w/o installing any software: #saigonist Tue Nov 23 20:56:11 +0000 2010
RT @funnyhumour: Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don't know Tue Nov 23 20:16:27 +0000 2010
@ducban a vietnamese girl who speaks drupal? we should all get together! Mon Nov 22 10:07:17 +0000 2010
@fisheggtree hey i'm like 37.49% michigander (A2). dominos on me. but i'd feel better eating detroit square pizza, even little caesars Sun Nov 21 18:42:54 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 you can decide for yourself how serious it is, hopefully @afieldofgrass doesn't kill me :) Sun Nov 21 16:28:23 +0000 2010
presenting 4stalk: a 4sq with benefits Sun Nov 21 10:28:49 +0000 2010
I propose an X Prize for condoms that feel better than real. Call it the XXX Prize: saves the world, profitable, fun! Sat Nov 20 21:11:15 +0000 2010
dude, i totally just bought a bag of homemade seaweed that looks and is packaged like a bag of real weed Sat Nov 20 14:18:00 +0000 2010
i have got a devious new location-based service idea, it should rake in millions (of dongs) Sat Nov 20 05:49:41 +0000 2010
@philip_arthur the simplest vietnamese word for mu might be vô, which has the same chinese origin, but also mostly used in compound words Sat Nov 20 05:37:16 +0000 2010
@caligarn would like to check that cafe out.. japanese? Himiko (Pimiko) is a lady from japanese history Sat Nov 20 05:01:31 +0000 2010
@caligarn let's buy the trampoline and use it to cover large sinkholes on the road Fri Nov 19 07:48:01 +0000 2010
@potkin had Mr BBQ in Q1 yesterday, but plenty in D2 area of Binh Thanh, and next to Superbowl Thu Nov 18 14:48:40 +0000 2010
@betoneko always wondered how common is it to call Phnom Penh "Nam Vang"? Thu Nov 18 07:05:48 +0000 2010
this soup (canh) is just half a pineapple chopped and boiled and served in a small flower pot Wed Nov 17 06:52:03 +0000 2010
@betoneko good question. i think if Japanese dev agencies saw plan & proof of rapid growth in Quy Nhon, Da Nang, Hue they'd start sooner Mon Nov 15 17:52:13 +0000 2010
i want an investor login to the angelsoft database Mon Nov 15 17:33:03 +0000 2010
@betoneko in order for a future Hanoi-Saigon shinkansen, VN needs to build a Saigon-Nha Trang line, and develop cities like Da Nang, Hue Mon Nov 15 10:02:51 +0000 2010
I'm across the street from Inches 'Plussize & Matured Woman Boutique' Sun Nov 14 13:01:50 +0000 2010
The future of Foursquare - should you bother? Sun Nov 14 10:02:39 +0000 2010
take the bus in #saigon: Sun Nov 14 02:27:57 +0000 2010
the entire #fossasia conference organization has disappeared under mysterious circumstances Sat Nov 13 06:56:14 +0000 2010
at #fossasia at Raffles. where's lunch?! Sat Nov 13 04:16:37 +0000 2010
I'm at Intel Software Seminar at Intercontinental Hotel, so far it's nothing about software. #failsquare Fri Nov 12 07:35:59 +0000 2010
@rockportrait not sure if you're serious or not, but my ex-roomie/friends wrote the Rebirth iPad app! Fri Nov 12 07:30:19 +0000 2010
@tramyhurricane do you go to any french-speaking clubs? also, i have 2 friends looking for a french tutor if you wanna split costs.. Tue Nov 09 11:15:47 +0000 2010
i'll probably watch Star Trek five more times this week Mon Nov 08 18:19:47 +0000 2010
@caligarn have you tried Wrap and Roll's lunch buffet? if anything, a lot of choices Fri Nov 05 09:39:25 +0000 2010
i wish neighbors would stop dying, or at least do so more quietly Thu Nov 04 16:52:51 +0000 2010
@HerDailyDigest in jakarta i like to eat satay and ride the bus rapid transit! at night, enjoy nice views atop nice hotel bars Thu Nov 04 09:27:34 +0000 2010

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/01/2010 to 12/31/2010

Submitted by tomo on July 18, 2011 - 4:08pm

happy non-vietnamese new year to everyone in vietnam! Fri Dec 31 17:19:13 +0000 2010
RT @almightygod: Homer Simpson: "Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder." Thu Dec 30 17:00:54 +0000 2010
robbed in berlin. WTF are you going to do with VND? Wed Dec 29 17:33:57 +0000 2010
stay in Berlin or go to a) Barcelona b) Madrid c) Lisbon Wed Dec 29 02:08:02 +0000 2010
@Vietnam720 about 7 months in advance ;) i've fixed my fake birthday on FB now :) Tue Dec 28 17:08:07 +0000 2010
#27c3 the 27th Chaos Computer Congress is happening right here, right now at bcc, Alexanderplatz Tue Dec 28 17:05:29 +0000 2010
I'm in the Middle East Mon Dec 27 05:03:09 +0000 2010
@betoneko Vietnam didn't help by renaming it's major city, but I think you can say New York, Tokyo, Paris, or London w/o country :) Wed Dec 22 19:28:12 +0000 2010
@HelpingHandSG Thursday night I have dinner plans from 7, then work at 11, but what do y'all need? give me a call :) Wed Dec 22 18:30:43 +0000 2010

Cambodia's Bamboo Train Tue Dec 21 16:11:52 +0000 2010
RT @rstevens: Have you guys heard of "laptops"? They're like iPads with built-in stands AND keyboards. Really neat technology. Mon Dec 20 06:03:26 +0000 2010
free calls to the US in my Gmail by ssh'ing to the US Sat Dec 18 20:26:25 +0000 2010
RT @edkohler: The easiest way to shut down Wikileaks would be to have Yahoo! acquire it. Sat Dec 18 07:56:06 +0000 2010
RT @duosec: A brief analysis of the Gawker password dump: Mon Dec 13 14:56:22 +0000 2010
@afieldofgrass @MoodyRain yup, coffee sounds good! Mon Dec 13 14:29:36 +0000 2010
@careyz cool, let's get coffee and talk drupal sometime Mon Dec 13 09:35:19 +0000 2010
good times at #barcampsaigon, thanks to those who came to my Groupon clone/Drupal talk... both of you! Sun Dec 12 14:20:00 +0000 2010
@betoneko sooooo sorrrrrrry!!!!! Sun Dec 12 14:19:02 +0000 2010
@thomaswanhoff i do Drupal and plan to present at #barcampsaigon tomorrow if you're coming Sat Dec 11 10:50:38 +0000 2010
RT @J3SSL33: Homeless Japanese in the Philippines seeks help to return to Japan Sat Dec 11 04:45:38 +0000 2010
@ericburdette i know a neighboring place just finishing construction, big room w/ private entrance, 4 mil vnd/mo Fri Dec 10 09:12:02 +0000 2010
@madsmonsen it's sad that magazines only send writers/photographers to cover Detroit's "ruin porn" and ignore what else they find Fri Dec 10 09:09:11 +0000 2010
RT @tqbf: I officially concede one benefit of Wikileaks: it is a blacklight that makes our craziest people phosphorescently crazy. Wed Dec 08 10:07:51 +0000 2010
@fisheggtree massive props to your 'investigative journalism', michigander! Tue Dec 07 10:20:10 +0000 2010
does vietnam need to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to build roads, or find a way for people to get around on the existing ones? Mon Dec 06 17:05:59 +0000 2010
@betoneko also a small place on Chu Man Trinh sells fresh onigiri with salmon (my preference), but not as cheap as FM. they also sell natto Sat Dec 04 10:37:41 +0000 2010
@betoneko i love onigiri. i hear it's best to come to Family Mart at 10pm when they get it fresh. Sat Dec 04 10:35:51 +0000 2010
this is a great game: (good tunes too) Fri Dec 03 20:20:51 +0000 2010
i know a nice 30m2 room for rent available for 4 million/mo, private entrance, for non-assholes only Fri Dec 03 08:10:38 +0000 2010
NASA should spend more time exploring Planet Earth, more cost effective Fri Dec 03 07:07:08 +0000 2010
living in vietnam, my preconceptions of what should be sweet or salty (or spicy) have been flipped upside down Thu Dec 02 16:25:32 +0000 2010
@dukedylan @AC220 in a vietnamese motorbike altercation, the one who doesn't start yelling is to blame :) Wed Dec 01 05:19:51 +0000 2010


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