Submitted by tomo on October 9, 2011 - 1:09am

I'm using AutoMySQLBackup v2.5 and haven't upgraded to v3.0 because the new version splits out config from code (nice) but also expects you to put everything in /etc (not nice). It's a fairly simple script made complicated by this new version which even includes an installer script now, which is more reason to keep with the old version.

Some changes I made:

OPT=" --quote-names --opt --skip-lock-tables"

I'm running this script out of cron and I don't want to lock tables which the web server is serving, even if it means some rows will be out of sync.

Then I change all "rm -fv" to "rm -f" because OpenBSD rm doesn't have a "-v" option, which if my assumption is correct means "verbose" and it's not useful in this script.

Since my databases aren't so small anymore, I've had to set MAXATTSIZE="20000". I also want to filter certain tables (big ones that never change, cache and log tables) and AutoMySQLBackup 3.0 has a new setting CONFIG_table_exclude for this.

The section of new code that does this is:

    if ((${#CONFIG_table_exclude[@]})); then
      for i in "${CONFIG_table_exclude[@]}"; do
	opt=( "${opt[@]}" "--ignore-table=$i" )

In 2.5 we can add these tables manually to the OPT variable after the "
OPT" line, e.g.

$OPT="$OPT --ignore-table=foo.baz"

This saves a lot of disk space and space in my Gmail account used for storing backups.

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