Ho Chi Minh City's Tan San Nhat International Airport

Vietnam's two major cities both have international airports which can receive visitors from dozens of countries. In Hanoi, It's HAN - Hanoi Noi Bai Airport while in the south we have SGN - Tan San Nhat Airport (historically called Tan San Nhut when the Americans were using it as a military base).

Next to the much newer international terminal where all international flights come and go is the older domestic terminal. To go between them, if necessary, you must walk.

Near the international terminal there is parking for cars and in front of the domestic terminal there is a covered structure for motorbike parking. You are allowed to leave your bike here overnight and sometimes I leave my bike there for short trips.

The international terminal is not so large that you will need to travel far within it. Saigon is not exactly a travel hub for the region. That would be Bangkok or Singapore (or Hong Kong).

Just outside the building on the ground floor near some restrooms there are ATM machines from many banks, including international ones like HSBC. The money you withdraw will be in VND.

If you have time before your flight you may spend it at the Parkson CT Plaza department store across the street. There is a shuttle bus that can take you there or you can walk. Here you can find something to eat in the food court or even watch a movie if you really have a lot of time.

Beware of dishonest taxi drivers which can seriously overcharge travelers. You can buy prepaid tickets for some taxi companies at the taxi stand which are only slightly more than what it would cost with a meter. Otherwise, insist on using the meter and never take a taxi who refuses to use a meter or otherwise tries to not use the meter. To further avoid any possible scams, recognize the logos for Mai Linh and Vinasun, two reputable taxi companies with very large fleets which are readily available all around the city.

In a few years, this airport will be replaced by the Long Thanh International Airport in the Long Thanh district of Dong Nai province, next to Ho Chi Minh City. This airport is quite far from the city center whereas the current airport is a 20 minute bike ride or $5 taxi trip from downtown. But they say the current airport is running out of capacity.


And yes, the international terminal also hosts a Burger King.

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