International Education program (IB program, legal education) in Vietnam?

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International Education program (IB program, legal education) in Vietnam?

Hi, would someone please give me information on international educations programs in Vietnam? I'll move to Vietnam next month, I want to prepare for my kid.
Many thanks


Hey guys, I have stayed in Vietnam for almost 5 years and my son is studying at EIS. Good school though. You might want to check their website:


I think IB is a great programe. It aims to develop inquiries, knowledge and caring skills for young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. In HCMC there are 2 schools that offer IB through all ages: EIS and ISHCMC.

Mindy Vickery

I think EIS is a better choice


Yup, in Vietnam there're many private schools named "international schools". Be aware dude.

Kinda Lee

Just want you to know, D.7 and D.2 have different types of International Schools. There are many cirriculums: American, French, British, IB.

Tita Nguyen

I think 2 months aint enough to prepare actually. Btw you can take a look at The International Baccalaureate (IB) :)


Are you considering school for your children?


I have the same question with u


Not yet, I just moved to HCM last week and been looking for new school for my son. My wife and son will move here in the next July. I just have 2 months to set up everything, gosh!


Sorry for late reply. I think above opinion are reasonable, you should think of them. Wish you find a suitable school for your son quickly.


You are welcome, thanks all for your suggests.



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