Best dishes for Christmas

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Best dishes for Christmas

1. Roasted turkey
Succulent tender turkey meat with moist and flavourful stuffing. Give this classic your own twist.

2. Baked ham
Another staple for the season. With proper preparation, this dish could add wonders to your family’s Christmas experience. Can be with creamy BBQ sauce or that sweet Cola glaze. What’s your favorite?

3. Beef Wellington
As appetizing as it seems, Beef Wellington will require certain cooking skills to make it a success. If done right, this can abe the star of your Christmas dinner night.

4. Pigs in blankets
To make it simple, these are actually small sausages wrapped in bacon. One of the traditional accompaniments to the famous roast turkey! Try in different sauces, cook until it gets golden. The kids will surely love.

5. Eggnog
Eggnog is a sweetened creamy beverage mainly made with milk, cream, sugar and eggs. Sounds yummy, right?
With roots back to 14th century in England, eggnog has became a favourite choice for Christmas cooking. The absolutely perfect taste of holiday cheer & joyfulness!

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