Daily Twitter Posts - 04/13/2012 - 04/20/2012

Submitted by tomo on April 20, 2012 - 12:45pm

04/19 06:04 @dynamicscholar Have you asked for dextromethorpan? The active drug in Robo DM. Many kinds of Robitussin, depends. #
04/18 05:40 @cnualart Last night @ChrisInCambo was explaining to me that tonal languages are stored like songs in the brain, diff. from non-tonal #
04/18 03:06 @PhamNguyen @barcamphanoi I plan to talk about why businesses in Vietnam should use Drupal #
04/18 02:56 @caligarn Lol, just wait til your last day there... when you look in the mirror and see... #
04/17 12:17 @joannayeoml Hi Joanna, nice to meet you at the e27 Vietnam Satellite tonight! Hope you can find some "phin ca phe" filters and ca phe chon #
04/17 02:20 Waiting for this e27 Vietnam satellite event to kick off. The room is standing room only now. #
04/16 08:58 In case you hadn't heard, Friendster is (still) in beta and you can login using Facebook Connect #
04/16 02:23 Tickets booked to Hanoi for @barcamphanoi this weekend. Anyone else from Saigon going? #
04/15 07:15 Watching Vietnamese people turn Japanese at Genki festival. Needs Japanese public transportation to get here. #
04/14 21:22 @HerDailyDigest Thanks for the support! :-) #
04/14 20:36 En route to our first major Drupal conference! Today I'll talk about the business case for using Drupal in Vietnam #

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