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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:57pm
8/31 20:47 to add some spice to your life, pick your nose after handling chopped up chilis #
8/30 8:54 even the bike repair shop has wifi in saigon #
8/29 20:13 @peoplewithideas i've learned to self-diagnose, google the bag'o'pills from the Rx when i get home. being a Dr. isn't so hard after all! #
8/29 19:55 @tdichristopher imo VN must develop inter+intra-urban train travel to make SG-HN bullet trains feasible; SG-Nha Trang would be a start #
8/27 6:51 i think 'Reasons to hate Vietnam' can mostly be mitigated by leaving hanoi and living in saigon for awhile #
8/25 8:14 @tamkaizen cops should be out looking for all the petty thieves instead of looking for bribes, otoh i can drive w/o a license for 100-200k #
8/24 7:51 @Vietnam720 I lease a dedicated server in the US (not VN), been doing so for years, before the cloud was an option #
8/19 14:48 goodbye dubai? ( #
8/18 16:29 turn saigon into the silicon delta #
8/18 13:06 usatoday's why .5 million Viet Kieu are coming home annually (with stock photo of Saigon Pearl) ( #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 9-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:56pm
9/30 18:09 @caligarn $500/mo in VN gets me a house w/ maid svc 4x size of my chicago apt, personal transport (not the El), eat out/coffee daily, etc #
9/30 10:59 @layered perhaps that 80% makeup figure should be read: 20% of vn girls never wear makeup, the rest do sometimes #
9/30 7:09 @caligarn yup, have a number of .jp friends including some 2nd gen (ie def. not counted by .jp gov). refreshingly, only 1 teaches english #
9/30 6:51 just found out there's 10000 japanese registered with .gov in vietnam, mostly in #saigon #
9/26 13:22 @kennedypj how different from twitter/tumblr/posterous or smaller microblogging sites? #
9/26 13:20 @dylanduong @rockportrait re: dallas, i might distinguish btwn contemporary as opp. to authentic/nostalgic vn cuisine; broader range here #
9/26 13:00 @kennedypj i was just there for nearly 3 hours! #
9/26 5:17 i won a 100,000VND voucher for Phở 24 at last night's fiesta! at their current prices, enough to buy 2 bowls of phở. attn: phở diggers #
9/26 4:57 @rockportrait @dylanduong my $0.02 from living in dallas (one of the largest vn by pop), a few good contemporary vn joints, mostly just avg #
9/26 4:20 @kennedypj please share more about your microblogging idea, maybe i can help #
9/24 12:31 @tamkaizen neither. mày là Việt Kiều! #
9/24 11:58 @tamkaizen you/nielsen or cimigo should have accurate figures on vn? numbeo is biased from english-speakers = expats who pay >$2 for smokes? #
9/24 11:35 @caligarn haven't played violin since high school when i picked up guitar, later turntables. shame really. you play? #
9/24 11:24 @betoneko know any JP speakers who would like to work for a game/3d company? #
9/24 7:07 @caligarn kennedypj saigon-mui ne really unpleasant imo, only worthwhile if continuing on to da lat which is a beautiful ride #
9/24 6:59 @tamkaizen they pull stats from anyone willing to enter datapoints. weak and unsubstantiated. bet few real vnese there. median salary < $653 #
9/24 6:52 @caligarn dude you played viola? i played the squeeky violin for like 9 years by the suzuki method #
9/23 21:36 @tamkaizen $4.50 for an inexpensive meal in vn? think numbeo's numbers may err high for vn, more accurate for US #
9/21 9:08 @Vietnam720 same here! kaiten zushi is fun w/ a friend. so i think Kichi Kichi hotpot applies the concept well even if there's better lau #
9/21 8:55 @jodiehuynh @betoneko @Vietnam720 Sushi Bar = Pho 24: many locations, a lil pricy, the only one many have tried, but real jp/vn go elsewhere #
9/21 8:44 @kennedypj @jodiehuynh yes, correction: the event is saturday! #
9/21 7:18 @jodiehuynh i've been following @thomaswanhoff tweets re: barcamp vientiane. see that it's not til Nov. thx for reminding! #
9/21 7:04 @jodiehuynh looking forward to eating/networking with mexican food/people this sunday! at #
9/21 6:59 sadly just now finding out about #barcamp phnom penh this weekend #barcamppp3 #
9/21 6:54 @Vietnam720 @betoneko baby spoon serves contemporary japanese/western cuisine, think of dishes like omu-rice made with cream #
9/20 8:05 @jodiehuynh coffee on wednesday it is! #
9/20 8:02 @betoneko thx for putting me in a special box ;) #
9/19 16:13 @caligarn @tamkaizen i believe HCMC govt keeps statistics on foreigners on their website. most expats are asian, not "white" #
9/19 16:12 @caligarn good question. how much are you willing to pay for an option to purchase today's paper for delivery in 1 year? #
9/19 15:44 @kennedypj with names like that, those beans'd probably sell for a high premium in VN, right? with sữa i probably couldn't discern anyhow #
9/19 15:36 @betoneko i just picked up a copy of yesterday's paper. i can't believe they still sell yesterday's news, and at today's price! #
9/19 15:14 @betoneko i'm also interested in printing biz cards; obviously Ly Thai To is the go-to street; b4 i went nearby on Dien Bien Phu #
9/19 15:04 product development in 3 words: "Ready! Fire! Aim!" #
9/19 10:00 @rockportrait @kennedypj it's not real weasel-from-weasel-butt-hole coffee, but it's still delicious (and i'm kind of an anti-fan of #4sq ;) #
9/19 8:32 reminder to self: return to this bamboo cafe to see if it's as awesome on another day. delicious weasel coffee #
9/19 3:47 anyone have a copy of saturday's Tuoi Tre? i got a long quote in @betoneko's article about working 2nd jobs #
9/18 19:18 @CoachLeaders i don't remember much about the BC era (Before Computers) ; if it's not in the cloud does it truly exist? #
9/18 7:55 sometimes i dream in slideshow format moving from one conceptual frame to the next #
9/16 9:21 the time has come to raise the bar in saigon, say 1m higher. re-christen "venice of the orient" and call it a day #
9/16 9:15 @jodiehuynh it was from the previous tweetup. how a propos! #
9/16 9:12 @michaelcoyote yup, traffic cops and usually a bill or 2 should be sufficient but whiteface'll get hit up for more for not knowing better #
9/16 9:09 when i type @ i want names to start autocompleting, and then i want whatever i am thinking to just appear in the box #
9/16 9:09 @saigonnezumi i know a secret route behind the manor that should skip the flooded portion of NHC #
9/16 8:24 i guess i did get caught by a photographer in the latest issue of The Word magazine #
9/15 12:13 saw an old white guy busted by cong an at the edge of D1, counting off a wad of 100s that was too much. he looked like this: >:[ #
9/14 17:20 @CoachLeaders nice chatting with ya at #saigontweetup but i hope half of what you said went right over her head haha #
9/11 6:30 at blackcat sg: family of 3 speaking .fr; a .jp couple; 2 .kr girls 1 speaking .vn on mobile; single .jp guy reading silently; and me. #
9/10 11:08 need priority inbox for twitter and facebook #
9/3 10:21 looking for the cheapest way to get 180 Trung Thu lanterns to the US (Ann Arbor) by September 12 #
9/2 7:28 you're sick. you're coughing as hard as you can. do you have to cough directly on me? thanks for giving me a reason to take pseudoephedrine #
9/1 17:41 @HelpingHandSG i already donated my bike to a poor student, actually he borrowed it and just never gave it back #
9/1 11:31 and... vietnam goes on holiday for the rest of the week #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 10-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:55pm
10/31 8:06 @Conversoul do you skate? i'm only aware of the skate shop on Bui Vien #
10/30 7:24 someone please invent socks that keep your feet cool, and kills mosquitos #
10/28 6:30 luxury imports -> inflation -> poorer people. so each minivan you see is a small village of hungry people, each iphone is a hungry child #
10/28 6:27 @kennedypj excellent! flying direct to vte? i'm planning fly -> bkk, train -> vientiane #
10/28 6:25 @rockportrait @kennedypj @betoneko indeed, said tongue in cheek. nip=nippon, but rarely heard now. to youth, nip is just short for nipple #
10/28 5:09 anyone want to go to Barcamp Vientiane nov 27? @barcampVTE #
10/28 4:56 @betoneko hey! shouldn't call japanese people japs. nips is better, and funnier #
10/27 6:45 cost-benefit analysis: arresting a blogger is probably an ineffective way to keep a topic off the internet #
10/27 6:43 @betoneko @saigonnezumi check out Drupal, it comes highly recommended (by me :). if you have any questions ask me #
10/27 6:22 @saigoninacup @caligarn i too set down the fiddle many moons ago. i studied suzuki method, so played for years before i could actually read #
10/27 6:15 @BellVietnam i know some SEO/SEM guys in saigon. hit me up for the infoz #
10/24 20:41 ended up at chinese-vnese b-day party for a 4-yo, starting at midnight, not knowing the name of a single person and xlating japanese to viet #
10/23 11:00 @betoneko wow, back in my father's time it was much simpler - live in a French house, eat Chinese food, marry a Japanese girl (or something) #
10/23 4:10 @caligarn Computer Assisted Language Learning! #
10/22 7:43 @HerDailyDigest i was wearing a blue shirt, with 2 lovely ladies. i didn't know it was your kid! #
10/21 8:15 @HerDailyDigest yes, saw some kids running around last night... did you shrink? :) #
10/21 8:14 @rockportrait @HerDailyDigest it was loud, not sure how i'd classify - contemporary rock. there was a japanese noise band at Tadao last week #
10/21 7:35 @HerDailyDigest oh, i was at Pacharan last night too but didn't see you, was listening to that japanese band! #
10/21 7:07 @TylerWatts @dynamicscholar @ericburdette my friend's dad gets around his (f'n big) property in D2 by golf cart, even takes it out to street #
10/21 7:02 @betoneko i set up a needanym project for naming your Expat Page w/ some suggestions, invite ppl to suggest names at #
10/20 9:12 @kennedypj lorem ipsum is used by web developers to fill in content, say for a mockup, so as not to distract from the design #
10/20 7:35 @kennedypj @betoneko @shilkytouch It's gangstafied lorem ipsum, my twizzles. meant to be meaningless text (not unlike many tweets) #
10/20 7:26 @caligarn hey dude, did you get my DM? not sure what's up with twitter #
10/20 6:25 Lorizzle ipsizzle fo shiznit boofron, crazy adipiscing elit. sapizzle velit, crunk volutpizzle, suscipizzle quizzle, yippiyo vizzle, arcu. #
10/19 15:11 @dynamicscholar i think i won't switch to my Wu name "Dubious Masturbatah-X" @tamkaizen #
10/18 10:55 @betoneko thx.. i'll be sure to ask for the biggest cakes they have! #
10/18 5:25 what bakery in saigon delivers birthday cakes? #
10/17 5:46 @saigoninacup i have some jalapenos (from Veggys) but you can never have enough! #
10/16 20:19 @shilkytouch holla! you've self-actualized into 100% super salaryman kevin in yo profile, so i didn't recognize #
10/16 19:44 @michaelcoyote in saigon convenience stores they sell these packs of what are basically like thick nori chips, meant to be eaten as snacks! #
10/16 16:50 about to book on #Qatar Airways, "World's 5-Star Airline" #
10/15 18:52 just put #beatcancer in a tweet and a nickel is raised against cancer (for the next day or so) #
10/15 9:42 @HerDailyDigest my exp booking hotels in Jakarta is that prices are cheaper when you just walk up than prebooking online #
10/15 7:10 @caligarn @BellVietnam @tamkaizen i think VN can learn many lessons from SIN, but "have once been a british colony" isn't one of them :) #
10/12 15:39 @saigonnezumi so let's talk about a Drupal-based SIS :) #
10/12 15:33 @saigonnezumi FPT is giving me over 50% packet loss right now, it's been like this for a few days and i wonder if other ISPs are any better #
10/11 12:47 i get a kick out of giving directions to vietnamese who stop me on the street #
10/11 12:24 @betoneko what language for the expat column? #
10/11 7:15 today is just a little bit quieter without #4sq #
10/10 14:36 sat at a cafe waiting for someone, instead of tweeting about it, I hacked together "h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter" #
10/10 9:41 @ethuynh Silicon Valley is neither a city, nor is it cool, just has VC. the time to build the Silicon Delta is now #
10/8 7:08 @saigoninacup @ericburdette haha, like chicken mcnuggets... but fish! however, i'm a fan of White Castle's "chicken rings" #
10/8 6:48 @ericburdette what?! there's a Long John Silvers in Vietnam? #
10/8 6:09 someone should invent a fish w/o bones that still tastes like fish. or maybe chicken. #
10/8 5:02 @betoneko $0 earners: maybe farmers or people far from civilization, retirees, kids! also sometimes me :) #
10/8 4:36 @saigoninacup you can definitely order Dr Pepper at Wayne's Texas, since it wouldn't be TX w/o Dr Pepper. prob also penos and ranch there #
10/7 18:19 @BellVietnam true dat, Peter, many aspects of living in VN can't be compared, esp. things i like most can't be bought for reasonable $ in US #
10/7 17:55 @ethuynh my vietnamese name is Trí which i did not pick myself #
10/7 17:41 @betoneko calculating costs as a %age of salary sounds really smart. so if i make $0, then everything costs exactly the same? :) #
10/7 10:47 @betoneko vn is much cheaper than jp! :) thx #
10/7 10:45 @mattlepub i think low-end/entry-level smartphone market is interesting, tho certainly not best quality. plus .cn fones do 2x sims :) #
10/7 10:40 @caligarn blogged about CoL in saigon on ; see you at rich people jazz night tmrw ;) #
10/6 20:07 @ethuynh hey trung, good to catch up. btw, we have the same family name! #
10/6 19:28 my take on the cost of living in Vietnam: It's Really Cheap #
10/6 18:17 so where can i buy a Huawei (Chinese) Android phone in #saigon #
10/6 18:15 @betoneko people would say "what's a prattle?" and "why are you no longer a prattle?" #
10/6 6:35 Of 6909 known languages 1/2 expected to disappear this century; every 2 weeks, the last fluent speaker of one dies. ( #
10/5 20:44 i wonder if Animal Farm has ever been translated into Vietnamese #
10/5 6:22 i like how it can be pouring down rain, but cross the street into another district and all the streets are dry #
10/3 7:41 RT @Orangwutang Vietnamese universities do little original research; rarely cited by scientific scholars (The Economist #
10/3 7:17 @ericburdette re: the article, where in OH are you from? i grew up in columbus #
10/2 15:49 The Immigrant Paradox: so stay in VN to have math genius kids ( #
10/1 15:49 just noticed youtube has rolled out html5 by default, at least for some videos. one more nail in the flash coffin #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 11-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:53pm
11/30 16:11 @michaelcoyote haha, Titlescorer technology would go great with Needanym, thanks! #
11/29 10:04 @TerranceCollins please DM me your email, I can't DM you because you're not following me (?) #
11/29 9:16 @betoneko banh cuon hat gao vang is my favorite :) #
11/27 17:30 lol Bitexco is really proud of overcoming the odds to put up the US$300 building RT @ourman #
11/27 11:01 @TerranceCollins i know an SEO/SEM group in SGN i can refer; DM me. have also refer'd to @BellVietnam #
11/25 17:37 @Vietnam720 lol headline: "Charity Race Ends in Bombing of Online Phone Store" #
11/25 16:28 @betoneko i hope those busses are replaced by ones with doors on both sides so they can pick up riders without cutting across all lanes! #
11/25 16:05 need to go to Dong Nai to kill simdepdongnai/simsodepsovip/simdongnai .coms for spamming my site #
11/25 7:53 feels a bit like Thanksgiving back home - cops lurking around every corner #
11/23 19:56 My quick hack to download YouTube video files w/o installing any software: #saigonist #
11/22 9:07 @ducban a vietnamese girl who speaks drupal? we should all get together! #
11/21 17:42 @fisheggtree hey i'm like 37.49% michigander (A2). dominos on me. but i'd feel better eating detroit square pizza, even little caesars #
11/21 15:28 @Vietnam720 you can decide for yourself how serious it is, hopefully @afieldofgrass doesn't kill me :) #
11/21 9:28 presenting 4stalk: a 4sq with benefits #
11/20 20:11 I propose an X Prize for condoms that feel better than real. Call it the XXX Prize: saves the world, profitable, fun! #
11/20 13:18 dude, i totally just bought a bag of homemade seaweed that looks and is packaged like a bag of real weed #
11/20 4:49 i have got a devious new location-based service idea, it should rake in millions (of dongs) #
11/20 4:37 @philip_arthur the simplest vietnamese word for mu might be vô, which has the same chinese origin, but also mostly used in compound words #
11/20 4:01 @caligarn would like to check that cafe out.. japanese? Himiko (Pimiko) is a lady from japanese history #
11/19 6:48 @caligarn let's buy the trampoline and use it to cover large sinkholes on the road #
11/18 13:48 @potkin had Mr BBQ in Q1 yesterday, but plenty in D2 area of Binh Thanh, and next to Superbowl #
11/18 6:05 @betoneko always wondered how common is it to call Phnom Penh "Nam Vang"? #
11/17 5:52 this soup (canh) is just half a pineapple chopped and boiled and served in a small flower pot #
11/15 16:52 @betoneko good question. i think if Japanese dev agencies saw plan & proof of rapid growth in Quy Nhon, Da Nang, Hue they'd start sooner #
11/15 16:33 i want an investor login to the angelsoft database #
11/15 9:02 @betoneko in order for a future Hanoi-Saigon shinkansen, VN needs to build a Saigon-Nha Trang line, and develop cities like Da Nang, Hue #
11/14 12:01 I'm across the street from Inches 'Plussize & Matured Woman Boutique' #
11/14 9:02 The future of Foursquare - should you bother? #
11/14 1:27 take the bus in #saigon: #
11/13 5:56 the entire #fossasia conference organization has disappeared under mysterious circumstances #
11/13 3:16 at #fossasia at Raffles. where's lunch?! #
11/12 6:35 I'm at Intel Software Seminar at Intercontinental Hotel, so far it's nothing about software. #failsquare #
11/12 6:30 @rockportrait not sure if you're serious or not, but my ex-roomie/friends wrote the Rebirth iPad app! #
11/9 10:15 @tramyhurricane do you go to any french-speaking clubs? also, i have 2 friends looking for a french tutor if you wanna split costs.. #
11/8 17:19 i'll probably watch Star Trek five more times this week #
11/5 8:39 @caligarn have you tried Wrap and Roll's lunch buffet? if anything, a lot of choices #
11/4 15:52 i wish neighbors would stop dying, or at least do so more quietly #
11/4 8:27 @HerDailyDigest in jakarta i like to eat satay and ride the bus rapid transit! at night, enjoy nice views atop nice hotel bars #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 12-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:50pm
12/31 16:19 happy non-vietnamese new year to everyone in vietnam! #
12/29 16:33 robbed in berlin. WTF are you going to do with VND? #
12/29 1:08 stay in Berlin or go to a) Barcelona b) Madrid c) Lisbon #
12/28 16:08 @Vietnam720 about 7 months in advance ;) i've fixed my fake birthday on FB now :) #
12/28 16:05 #27c3 the 27th Chaos Computer Congress is happening right here, right now at bcc, Alexanderplatz #
12/27 4:03 I'm in the Middle East #
12/22 18:28 @betoneko Vietnam didn't help by renaming it's major city, but I think you can say New York, Tokyo, Paris, or London w/o country :) #
12/22 17:30 @HelpingHandSG Thursday night I have dinner plans from 7, then work at 11, but what do y'all need? give me a call :) #
12/21 15:11 Cambodia's Bamboo Train #
12/18 19:26 free calls to the US in my Gmail by ssh'ing to the US #
12/13 13:29 @afieldofgrass @MoodyRain yup, coffee sounds good! #
12/13 8:35 @careyz cool, let's get coffee and talk drupal sometime #
12/12 13:20 good times at #barcampsaigon, thanks to those who came to my Groupon clone/Drupal talk... both of you! #
12/12 13:19 @betoneko sooooo sorrrrrrry!!!!! #
12/11 9:50 @thomaswanhoff i do Drupal and plan to present at #barcampsaigon tomorrow if you're coming #
12/10 8:12 @ericburdette i know a neighboring place just finishing construction, big room w/ private entrance, 4 mil vnd/mo #
12/10 8:09 @madsmonsen it's sad that magazines only send writers/photographers to cover Detroit's "ruin porn" and ignore what else they find #
12/7 9:20 @fisheggtree massive props to your 'investigative journalism', michigander! #
12/6 16:05 does vietnam need to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to build roads, or find a way for people to get around on the existing ones? #
12/4 9:37 @betoneko also a small place on Chu Man Trinh sells fresh onigiri with salmon (my preference), but not as cheap as FM. they also sell natto #
12/4 9:35 @betoneko i love onigiri. i hear it's best to come to Family Mart at 10pm when they get it fresh. #
12/3 19:20 this is a great game: (good tunes too) #
12/3 7:10 i know a nice 30m2 room for rent available for 4 million/mo, private entrance, for non-assholes only #
12/3 6:07 NASA should spend more time exploring Planet Earth, more cost effective #
12/2 15:25 living in vietnam, my preconceptions of what should be sweet or salty (or spicy) have been flipped upside down #
12/1 4:19 @dukedylan @AC220 in a vietnamese motorbike altercation, the one who doesn't start yelling is to blame :) #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 1-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:44pm
1/31 4:35 @jon7b i'd also like if the VN gov subsidized electric bikes as much as they subsidized gasoline :) truck traffic hours should be limited! #
1/31 4:05 biggest concern for hanoians and saigonese alike is traffic and pollution, so why don't we seriously implement public transportation? #
1/30 18:00 @ChrisGNguyen i've heard rumors of Groupon negotiating with some local Vietnamese Groupon clones, who aren't waiting to gain market share #
1/30 6:08 @ChrisGNguyen some of our Vietnamese friends worked/work for the company that was bought and became Groupon Malaysia! #
1/28 11:46 @peoplewithideas maybe helpful saigonist post for VN servers: #
1/26 11:30 Anyone know how/if a foreigner/Viet Kieu can own a share of a Vietnamese JSC? #
1/26 5:32 Front page of Great Wall of Vietnam discovered story by @fisheggtree #
1/24 11:43 src: RT @rockportrait: 142 journalists killed in Philippines since democracy was restored in 1986. #
1/24 6:55 anyone going Hanoi -> Saigon soon? Samsung i5503 are 1mil cheaper in HN @mattlepub #
1/24 6:49 @kennedypj there are plugins that do that, like addthis/sharethis #
1/24 5:14 @mattlepub who sells Galaxy 5s and 3s in Vietnam? #
1/23 11:54 @fisheggtree you'd bet Khmer/Cham over Chinese? VN also does a Chinese-esque 'curry', also watery and taken with bread #
1/23 11:29 An overview of colo/dedicated servers/VPS in Vietnam #
1/23 8:14 @caligarn yeah, I guess they're trying out new products and maybe diversifying away from strictly e-commerce #
1/23 8:13 what happens when you don't pay your Drupal bill: #
1/23 5:45 Mai Linh taxis offer payment via SMS through MobiVi, who developed the system for $150k #
1/21 8:29 @careyz yup blekko allows user-created positive search results. i think a negative filter for the site everyone already uses is useful #
1/21 7:08 Can we crowdsource a Google SearchSpam Filter? #saigonist #
1/18 15:18 @madsmonsen my DNS server does all those facebook addresses and more, and it's a lot easier :) #
1/18 15:13 @Vietnam720 nice running into you, seems to be like the saigon tweetup office there :) #
1/18 11:49 just discovered bánh giầy which is basically mochi.. now where can I find some kinako to eat it with? #
1/18 11:38 @HerDailyDigest shopping? :) cheap for singaporeans, but maybe not so much for filipinos/vietnamese #
1/18 10:40 @madsmonsen the problem with is that it's blocked and i know of no alternative IP address for it that isn't #
1/17 16:39 Bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, social vices, moral and lifestyle degradation have not been prevented. - GS of VN #
1/17 16:37 Vietnam acknowledges corruption holds back country; some senior party members “lack example in morality and lifestyle.” #
1/17 16:25 Detroit Institute of Techno has been redesigned! #
1/17 12:40 @PedroInSaigon Hola! i came back last week, we should catch up when you're free, si? #
1/17 12:19 could it work in Vietnam? RT @shilkytouch Only in Japan: A vending machine to buy solid gold bars #
1/14 9:32 @caligarn i believe it covers more than just using lisp4 but please let me know and i'll try to tweak it! #
1/14 7:03 @lamcaoson try to unblock Facebook #
1/14 7:00 Easy Access to Facebook in Vietnam (Redux) #saigonist #
1/9 17:13 bringing home awesome baklava from berlin to saigon #
1/7 8:03 goodbye Spain and your relative warmth! #
1/6 0:44 Fun with use it as a quick&dirty pastebin for lists, addresses, directions to txt others: #
1/5 16:17 @rockportrait i don't use iPhone, but Hotspot Shield does work for iphone app, and iphone can use proxies. check links #
1/5 9:49 why consider hi-speed rail from Vinh-Ha Noi but not Can Tho-Sai Gon? #
1/4 12:24 @BellVietnam in Spain until the 7th then back to Berlin, you want anything? :) #
1/4 12:22 Be prepared to bypass Vietnam's (or China) block on FaceBook or Twitter #
1/4 10:34 let's build a Vietnamese (Indian) #
1/4 10:30 @afieldofgrass i see so many yummy-looking restaurants while walking the picturesque streets and plazas of Madrid! #
1/4 9:34 @betoneko wow, you've been to Spain? my time here so far has been one long siesta :) thanks for the tips #
1/3 21:57 Madrid is nice - the streets are walkable and it's not -20 degrees #
1/3 0:46 biggest cave in the world being discovered in Vietnam, with rooms big enough for a city block of skyscrapers #
1/2 18:31 @shilkytouch next time, book a cheap airasia flight from KL to Saigon! #
1/1 16:46 rang in the New Year with David Hasselhof launching into performance at midnight at Brandenburg Gate. he is a German national hero, Der Hoff #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 2-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:42pm
2/27 7:46 @ngonpham looks like a deal? Wellcom VN site lists at 2.9 mill still but 400k more buys a Galaxy 5 #
2/27 7:29 @caligarn @dynamicscholar you have to watch the first few giant robot episodes before getting into the core existential aspects #
2/26 15:26 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic, have watched the series several times #
2/26 15:00 opera's tab stacking is f'n brilliant. come on chrome! #
2/26 4:10 Saigon apartment prices will be forced down as Hanoians pull out, oversupply of 50k units continues - #
2/24 7:49 @andrewduck @purplematt @duonglnt thanks guys! I dropped it off at iStore since it's still under warranty #
2/23 6:14 Can anyone recommend a MacBook/Apple repair shop in Saigon? #
2/23 6:10 "only 1.5 million wealthy consumers in Vietnam can regularly afford to spend $100 per meal" #
2/22 14:04 RT @tamkaizen Disgusting. Someone just slipped 200 million VND to local authorities to be able to add another floor to their OWN house. #
2/22 11:11 RT @madsmonsen Fatal Halong Bay Sinking - Will Anyone Learn This Time? #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon too much mindless/careless twittering :) #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon I'm not so big into dubstep, so I think it'd be more of a regular night at Vasco's for me #
2/21 15:11 @PedroInSaigon @Vietnam720 @jfparr3 From my experience, Hanoi has very little going on after the cops close everything at 10pm #
2/21 10:43 Why keep reporting and retweeting about who/what to blame in Ha Long boat sinking w/o questioning systemic lack of oversight ourselves #
2/21 6:56 @MatevzVerbic I assume you've hung out at BAM? #
2/21 5:19 @PedroInSaigon whoa! Is Phuong Dang the name of a Vietnamese trip hop band, or a venue? P.S. UK junglist Rob [email protected] Saturday #
2/20 13:57 @PedroInSaigon are there any bands in any city playing trip hop in 2011? finding such in Saigon would be a major discovery #
2/19 4:55 @caligarn Settlers of Catan! I used to know of a cafe that rented out lots of board games, you know where that is? #
2/19 4:08 @kennedypj @caligarn so once software can recognize beauty, computers can iteratively generate 'art' until it creates something of 'beauty' #
2/19 4:06 @kennedypj @caligarn there has long been software that can generate music, novels, etc. but afaik requires a human to validate aesthetics #
2/18 11:18 @PedroInSaigon hey P, how long will you be out? I'll probably be out in the backpacker area shortly #
2/18 11:16 @caligarn @dynamicscholar cool! Come out for poker tomorrow night and you'll meet the guy who made it happen #
2/18 7:13 @PedroInSaigon One of these days I'm going to end up replying to @PedoInSaigon #
2/18 7:12 @rockportrait Did I say most take the bus? I will say those arriving by train are a fraction of the daily tourist population of Mui Ne #
2/18 6:35 @ourman @caligarn wonder if threat of boycott of future tenants would help stop greedy landlords shutting down good places so often #
2/18 6:32 @rockportrait even if I can afford taxis I don't think it should be the only option for all. Many tourists would still taxi, preventing ruin #
2/18 6:29 @rockportrait serious observation: train riders mostly not foreign tourists, taxis in Mui Ne mostly used within Mui Ne. #
2/18 5:09 @rockportrait I don't think the route from Mui Ne to the train station is a huge part of the taxi business, don't foresee any ruining #
2/17 17:31 @rockportrait it costs more to take a taxi to the train station than the train to Saigon, for one #
2/17 14:10 Record 22000 dong/dollar on the black market today is 6.5% above official rate. Another devaluation in 2011? #
2/17 10:32 @betoneko exactly.. how many people will cancel or not go traveling there or other places by boat because of such carelessness? #
2/17 9:28 how many dollars will Ha Long Bay lose per tourist life? #
2/17 7:15 Vietnam dong devaluations in 2011 #
2/16 14:54 @fisheggtree wish Mui Ne travel agencies better supported train travel, there should really be an organized bus service to the station #
2/16 14:26 @PedroInSaigon @jon7b @chiwanderlust Subway doesn't yet deliver in VN, they're thinking 4-6 months from now #
2/16 13:41 about to bite into a Subway foot-long pizza sub with @tamkaizen and @caligarn. so tweet-worthy #
2/16 8:24 Facebook access problems -- time to change your Vietnam ISP? #
2/16 4:46 @fisheggtree funny, I could get on FB in Mui Ne with just dns fix, but not when I came back to Saigon #
2/16 4:41 @betoneko I think citing Wikipedia is ok, but you need a date.. the Internet is shifty like that #
2/15 13:45 @betoneko I wish more Japanese products were made in Vietnam (cheaper for us).. Oishi ia a Filipino brand isn't it? #
2/15 9:04 taking Saigon-Phan Thiet train home. Much better than bus and only 90k. Never use An Phu Tourist again #
2/15 3:23 @caligarn @chiwanderlust Carnival and Pele could be exported to some degree; there's always capoeira and crazy subcultures like baile funk #
2/14 17:23 @caligarn what kind of musical gear you got set up? #
2/14 11:12 @caligarn would brazil's carnival count? #
2/14 11:09 another great Dalat night market treat: crispy grilled rice paper with egg/green onion batter, satisfying tortilla-like crunch for 8000vnd #
2/12 15:35 At Da Lat's night market: sticks of pork, beef wrapped in 'lot' leaves, chicken gizzards, hot soymilk, shoecream for 5000vnd each ($0.25) #
2/11 15:28 haha, someone trying to sell a VN groupon clone for 29 million VND #
2/9 8:34 Original Tuoi Tre article disappeared, RT @ourman a deputy chief traffic inspector manages two hit and runs in one day #
2/9 6:53 A new form of motorized bikes for Vietnam? YikeBike - Urban Freedom via @youtube #
2/9 6:32 @PedroInSaigon hope this doesn't mean you're changing from @PedroInSaigon to @PedroElsewhere #
2/9 6:29 @jodiehuynh English... Or maybe Singlish ;) #
2/9 5:52 @jobnomade try looking up IAB Vietnam #
2/9 3:13 Can anyone suggest a name for Steven's S'pore freelancer website? #
2/8 12:19 there should be a Vietnamese AAA that provides at-cost 24/7 motorbike tire repair & a bit of gas.. don't like giving business to the 90k guy #
2/8 8:07 Imported From Detroit via @youtube #
2/7 7:15 ...been inserting feces into his patients for a decade now, claims to be solving their problems nearly 100% of the time #
2/5 14:54 @kennedypj wow, i've never seen 6! it just means there is a need for a limocycle #
2/5 8:02 why haven't any Vietnamese invented the limousine motorbike capable of carrying a family of 5+? #
2/5 3:37 @caligarn pretty sure I've seen frozen roti sold at supermarkets, just throw on pan with some oil #
2/3 15:51 you know you're in Vietnam when... you can park your motorbike in your hotel room #
2/3 14:12 @philip_arthur i've also been searching around for good Mexican in Vietnam and it exists.. Saigonist post coming soon #
2/2 19:31 happy year of the cat/rabbit/cabbit to everyb1tches! #
2/1 9:43 I need a non-customer relationship manager #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 3-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:25am
3/31 15:27 Just heard a collective neighborhood groan as Phuong 22 entered a late mandatory Earth Hour celebration #
3/31 15:15 @PedroInSaigon @MatevzVerbic @tamkaizen Check the link to see it's a knockoff (in glorious 1990s table-based web design) #
3/31 15:12 8086 assembler code for Itsy, a 380 byte OS with preemptive switching, memory management, and eliteness #
3/31 6:48 PiHiPi translates code like 'foobar'[2,-1] or foo()[$bar] or if (2 in [1,2,3]) into standard PHP #
3/31 6:42 Among other things in the language, syntax in PHP is defective. It could use a Coffeescript-like preprocessor more than Javascript. #
3/31 6:08 My Regular lunch cafe in Binh Thanh has opened a theater room. I like this micro-theaters trend in the Saigonese cafe scene #
3/31 6:05 @itsKhang thanks dude! :) #
3/30 15:30 Engineering Management 101: 9 Women can't make a baby in 1 month, the mythical man-month #
3/30 9:25 @jobnomade @jon7b Vietnam's political stability at least has some basis in a relatively strong economy, which inflation undermines #
3/30 9:12 "Bao Viet ceased offering agricultural insurance in 1999. The current proportion of agricultural production insured is only 1 per cent." #
3/30 9:09 Are's Facebook stats for Cambodia as (in)accurate as for Vietnam ? @ChrisInCambo #
3/30 8:47 I'm surprised Paris Cafe on Co Bac is still open.. good French fast food at Vietnamese prices but confusingly hidden #
3/29 15:08 @jobnomade Anything about trends in attractiveness? I think costs are increasing, making Vietnam less competitive w/o good English #
3/28 17:14 @dynamicscholar Yes, #ANZBank here have a facade of service, and are criminally negligent, everyone should avoid #
3/28 17:06 @tamkaizen The party can't be proud of growth when taking into account inflation, higher than growth now, but they only tout rosy numbers #
3/25 14:02 @rockportrait I know that Vnese are used to not taking offense, but I think car drivers are offensive to the 99% who must share the road #
3/25 13:52 Twitter can't seem to make up its mind as to whether I exist as a page or not #
3/22 14:12 @caligarn I was thinking some kind of hard to remove sticker that could be used to mark repeat offenders #
3/22 7:20 RT @mintran If you own a 2 year old Mac, do not upgrade to the latest lines. What you need is SSD + CleanMyMac. Trust me! #
3/20 14:05 @fisheggtree He looks a lot like Saigon's DJ Jase! #
3/18 13:06 @dylanduong I call bs on this writer. Ebay's been in this "war-torn country" w/ "relatively low" internet penetration for years. #
3/16 14:12 "Some girls they act retarded. Some girls are bout it bout it." - N. Dogg #
3/16 14:03 @Anita_tran I think it's because typing 'j' is 1 stroke whereas 'i' is 3 strokes on a phone's number pad #
3/15 8:05 @caligarn I'm partial to Japanese ramen which can be had at several local joints. Osaka ramen on Thai Van Lung for one. #
3/15 7:00 @shakkabrutha In VN you have to pay the police to do their job, and pay them not to do their job #
3/15 6:37 Please stop spreading the hoax from the Philippines about a BBC "FLASHNEWS" on avoiding radioactive rain #
3/14 18:19 @doortomykitchen they're only half as good as @Vietnam720 ! #
3/14 18:16 @fisheggtree cable TV is a domestic broadcast network, the current Internet problem is with one of Vietnam's links to other countries, so no #
3/14 3:46 @CotterVN I have xcode_3.2.5_and_ios_sdk_4.2_final.dmg #
3/13 15:12 @caligarn I would buy a board if I had someone to skate with :) #
3/13 15:09 @wibbly @fisheggtree from what I understand, Cambodian internet is almost completely routed through Vietnam (VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc.) #
3/13 14:37 @jon7b @etienne @rockportrait I also ask myself if these guys would do so back home, grabbing and propositioning random females #
3/13 14:36 @rockportrait Arguably all schools here are crap, but Australian students transferring to RMiT HCMC campus say it's better than home #
3/13 13:34 @fisheggtree if I had any reason to believe internet in Cambodia was not -slower- than Vietnam, I might go too #
3/12 14:05 @fisheggtree We need a Vietnamese wikileaks-like thing for anonymously posting evidence of corruption #
3/12 8:32 Food for thought: Saigon, Vietnam, Hanoi are accepted English/international place names. Writing Camau, Phuyen introduce naming ambiguities #
3/12 8:27 Why are Vietnamese kids going to study abroad if most can only get into American community colleges? #
3/12 8:03 As Fukushima reactor crumbles: "It can take up to 7 days to get such a reactor down to where it can survive without circulating coolant." #
3/11 19:41 @afieldofgrass I really don't want to imagine giant rats dancing on my roof! #
3/11 19:03 @caligarn Where is the the half pipe? In An Phu? #
3/9 18:39 @tdichristopher One would think in a single-party Communist country, transit-oriented corridor development would be easy to enforce #
3/9 16:58 @tdichristopher This infrastructure nerd is hoping that public transportation, especial urban rail, is a priority. Rather than highways. #
3/9 9:51 @Anita_tran It makes me want to paint small "right turn only" lanes on the roads #
3/8 20:09 Giant cats be jumping on my tin roof in the middle of the night... I need to install a trampoline up there #
3/8 15:28 cmd-`, cmd-tab + cmd-`, cmd-right, cmd-1..9. MacBook Pro just got 26% less annoying; just keep Chrome tabs < 10, but with many windows #
3/8 12:49 @ACHanoiPR If you're using the Saigonist dns server to fake Facebook's address then you will see a warning, ignore #
3/8 12:29 @saigonnezumi Should have listened to me many months ago! #
3/6 14:46 @eds_m Probably because your home power isn't grounded #
3/5 10:41 @daniel_caune Disagree, it's not at all necessary for developers who work many levels of abstraction removed from hardware to care #
3/5 10:39 @Anita_tran wow, I'm also on Ngo Tat To street! #
3/4 13:59 @rockportrait Basically, you can power an office for a week with a stack of batteries #
3/4 13:58 I want FourSquare users to check in when they're stuck in traffic just so we know where to avoid. Call it FourJam #
3/4 4:11 @betoneko software's making music production more accessible and good music has been made in bedrooms for years, but good is still hard #
3/3 16:08 @caligarn don't know any supermarkets (besides Lottemart) but PMH, Superbowl area, and D2 of Binh Thanh have Korean shops #
3/3 6:34 iPad 2: Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work? #
3/3 6:02 While we're subsidizing fuel prices at the pump, why don't we subsidize energy-saving technologies, techniques, and construction? #
3/2 15:10 one way to deal with upcoming power outages: DIY Ghetto UPS #
3/2 9:00 @jodiehuynh @PhungVuong iStore is an authorized applecare shop, so they do warranty, luckily my MBP's still under warranty #
3/2 8:57 Vietnamese officials say the country, contrary to popular notions, does not have abundant water resources #
3/2 7:56 iStore has fixed my MBP and Apple covered the charge! #
3/1 13:18 I have a carton of bongmilk, illustrated with little cows #
3/1 8:29 @TaMyNgan I believe microfinance institutions are in VN, what stops most poor from using that instead of loan sharks? #
3/1 4:14 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Khu Du Lich Van Thanh has a big grassy area in front of a pond, good for picnics #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 4-2011

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4/29 5:49 RT @grapealope: In Brazil (like China), there are different textures on sidewalks, metro stations, etc, to help the blind navigate. #
4/29 5:43 @tamkaizen Infographics are like fast food, can be good if they are aware of Tufte, but too often substitute chart junk for readability #
4/29 4:29 Is VoIP illegal in Vietnam? Only allowed by major established Vietnamese telecoms? #
4/28 18:18 @philip_arthur Loves Dr. Pepper.. definitely a Dallas (or Plano or Texas) guy! #
4/28 8:25 @ngonpham Any suggestions on networking with developers in Vietnam? #
4/28 7:44 @PedroInSaigon This is how I dance to d&b on a good day #
4/28 7:21 LOLRT @pedroinsaigon: How to dance at an outdoor drum&bass rave Hilarious! #
4/28 6:34 @HerDailyDigest @mattlepub @saigonchic @CTKT Cheers :) #
4/28 6:33 @jon7b @rockportrait Hehe, Skype is like VoIP, but I'm looking for multi-line inward dialing (not calling out) for a call center setup #
4/28 1:30 Anyone have experience with VoIP in Vietnam? Feasible? #
4/27 18:44 Banh da (banh trang nuong with sesame seeds) with salsa is better than the stale tortilla chips Hotel Equatorial was serving to Americans #
4/27 5:00 @dshupp h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter, plugin for Chrome and maybe other browsers #
4/27 4:25 I need some Geox breathing shoes, befitting of a nerd @careyz #
4/27 3:05 Business students least studied, most anti-intellectual, skills+scores least improved, get lowest GMAT scores, but learn to delegate work #
4/27 3:05 But business majors most likely to binge drink, according to Chronicle of Higher Education via Economist @ericburdette #
4/26 17:39 @mattlepub A cultural difference.. so I usually give contact info of the one wanting to make contact to the 3rd person to decide #
4/25 9:11 RT @roblnwilliams: My mom thinks LOL stands for "lots of love" and texted me "Your Grandma just died. LOL." #
4/22 19:45 @rockportrait I just think it's extra ludicrous that you can drive a sports car (R8) and not know how to park it. #
4/22 15:52 This dude in an Audi RS doesn't even know how to parallel park #
4/22 14:10 @dynamicscholar @caligarn there is a Kinokuniya in KL, maybe in Petronas Tower? #
4/22 13:19 @nguyenhimself Blade Runner's influenced much in the past 20 yrs; some themes may seem outdated/irrelevant if watching for 1st time in 2011 #
4/22 6:22 @TylerWatts Could you tell what was going on there? I was able to cut through Diamond Plaza #
4/21 10:51 @caligarn So in which country can little people make big changes? :) #
4/20 21:57 Late night Drupal hack: Views fields filtered by content type #
4/19 7:47 Shortly thereafter, a taxi pulling over quickly into the bike lane hit the motorbike in front of me #
4/19 7:46 Kodak moment: car sat in middle of intersection blocking long line of traffic, 4 cops in front of me couldn't be bothered to do anything #
4/19 7:35 Think I just spotted Filipino scammers talking to a really naive-looking tourist on Ly Tu Trong #
4/18 8:41 @caligarn Haitians are still big on eating cakes/cookies made from clay #
4/17 11:16 @jon7b Agreed, ppl w/ $$$ (often taken from the common people) will oppose this even though their actions are hurting the common people #
4/17 11:14 @rockportrait @jobnomade Cheers for the RT love, glad I'm not the only one who sees this problem! #
4/16 8:02 Fixing Vietnam's traffic woes is too simple: #
4/15 12:01 How to boycott Israel properly: #
4/15 5:28 @saigonnezumi Orkut in Vietnam? What's next, would Friendster make a comeback in Vietnam 2012? #
4/14 17:13 Chairman of VN Real Estate Assoc. (and title of news article) "notices" it's "time to buy apartments"! When would he ever say otherwise? #
4/14 15:30 @HerDailyDigest Fixed, dumb Seesmic wanted to re-shorten the link with #
4/14 15:29 Latest Chinese stats show sharp/sudden drop in food prices: | Will VN follow, or import Chinese produce? #
4/14 14:51 Faillinks/Zapto is a scam site that puts an invisible "Like" button on top of the play button of a fake Youtube vid to trick you into liking #
4/14 12:35 Wonder if Kaohsiung, a Taiwanese city with high motorbike use and a brand new MRT is a good model for Saigon's metro: #
4/14 4:03 @MrCerulean @Vietnam720 Yup, I had written down all 3 names for it but still no luck #
4/13 15:22 @Vietnam720 Thanks Ben, I checked out every Western pharmacy on Ng Trai, including a Chinese place, but nobody's heard of Zyban. :( #
4/13 4:45 Quick hacks to browse Nokia SMS and Contacts in a Google Spreadsheet #saigonist #
4/12 18:57 @barijoe It's a browser addon for Chrome, but ought to work for Firefox/Opera as well: #
4/12 15:52 @barijoe I wrote a tool that blocks FourSquare from my Twitter timeline, it would be trivial to make it filter any other keywords #
4/12 11:40 @caligarn yea, but when Tuoi Tre asked if I knew any VNese who went to the concert I gave them @jobnomade's contact #
4/12 7:40 Anyone know where to get hard to find medicines in Saigon? Looking for Zyban/Wellbutrin or other smoking cessation drugs #
4/11 9:05 @jobnomade is quoted in Tuoi Tre on the Bob Dylan concert :) #
4/10 18:00 @fisheggtree Strange, my timeline was full of Bob Dylan tweets (including my own) #
4/10 11:37 The port-o-potties at RMIT are better than most toilets in Vietnam. (See how long that lasts) #
4/10 9:42 Chilling in the vip area for Bob Dylan courtesy of @jobnomade #
4/7 12:27 @SaigonSean True, reporting here is often parroting, but in this case it's foreign journalists #
4/7 12:26 @Conversoul somehow, Montrealers deal with icey stairs for a chunk of the year.. #
4/6 12:39 "Vietnam Dong weakest since June 1993" == lazy or ignorant reporters implying VND was at all close to, above 21k/$ back in '93 #
4/6 10:30 How many people could live in the space taken up by stairwells in Saigon if they were replaced by Montreal-style winding stairs outside? #
4/5 5:31 @jon7b I guess many times bribes are paid so papers can be processed w/o delay, but officials should still be punished for threatening delay #
4/5 5:26 @ericburdette I also use FB a lot less now, but for the past month at least I've had no issues accessing it via the Saigonist DNS on FPT #
4/5 5:25 So FPT Software doesn't necessarily need to promote Facebook to make money off demand for commercial FB pages, advertising #
4/5 5:00 FPT is a Technology company, not just telecom/broadband ISP, and a large part of their business is software development/outsourcing #
4/4 13:51 To end corruption: It should be legal to bribe, but illegal to take bribes #
4/4 10:15 Last night police came 2x to harass a sidewalk restaurant and customers. Police finding great ways to promote upcoming reunification day #
4/4 9:22 @betoneko Does that still work? I was w/ a VN friend, plus cop spoke English... #
4/4 5:40 Hen: Won some money playing poker / Xui: Lost it getting pulled over on the way home (failure to signal) #
4/3 7:56 This cafe has a lockable "mobile phone charger box" for customers to charge their phones with peace of mind #
4/2 7:04 @jobnomade Asm is probably much less relevant today, when there's so many more layers of technology above it than before #
4/2 7:01 @jobnomade @jon7b @tamkaizen I like it. Maybe we can start with a public shaming list of the worst corporate offenders in VN.. #
4/2 6:57 @itsKhang I can read Vietnamese words without knowing what they mean, and otherwise sound like a young child #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 5-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:18am
5/28 10:15 RIP Gil Scott-Heron, the Godfather of rap. / and #
5/27 9:28 How would you spend $115 million to tackle corruption in Vietnam? (Without promoting corruption) #
5/27 9:16 @ericburdette @shakkabrutha Generally (USA), any dropped helmet is no longer considered safe. A cracked one's a goner for sure #
5/27 8:48 Any sk8 companies touring VN? Saw some out-of-towners discovering some spots up by the zoo #sk8ordie #
5/26 9:06 @jjlechau @Uyenvu Hmm, how about phones (w/ tiny watch battery) that emit a loud siren/message when texted a secret code #
5/26 9:00 @ncouture Not sure I agree it's just cheaper food. Aside from imported electronics, cost of living is quite low / #
5/26 8:56 @chickamade Logging out of the OAuth provider can revoke any access tokens, although I'm not sure this is required by the spec #
5/26 5:48 The answer to what that man was speaking: not Vietnamese / #
5/24 18:42 @trunghaiy Hey, are you using Ubercart 2? #
5/24 15:08 RT @TheEconomist: It is tough for foreign retailers to crack Vietnam, but it used to be tougher #
5/24 14:48 RT @CTKT: Amazing animation made by Vietnamese. #impressed via @youtube #
5/24 14:45 @Vietnam720 @lamcaoson I had heard IKEA was opening a store in Thu Duc last July but it never happened #
5/24 6:46 @caligarn Non-skyscraper buildings, poor planning, sedans, minivans, taxis, constant road construction... cause traffic on the ground. #
5/23 5:02 To all my Vietnamese-speaking friends, can you hear and identify this what this man is saying? #
5/22 14:40 Stay cool: an electric jacket that keeps you cool and warm. Just what I'd been waiting for / #
5/22 10:17 @careyz @tamkaizen That wasn't even coffee. The coffee drinks are equally as bad. #
5/21 14:36 @CTKT Apparently Ward 10 of Tan Binh District has a concentration of Khmer and Chinese people / #
5/21 3:38 Good news for vegetarians: beans & vegetable prices down in the past month, while meat and esp. cooking oil way up. #
5/20 14:03 @lamcaoson In the 1980s, few would have predicted vinyl record sales growing for the entire 21st century (til now). #
5/20 14:00 @nguyenhimself That's why you should buy Rapture Insurance. From me. Only 1m VND. #
5/20 7:16 @hackerspacepp How about Khmer localization for Drupal & modules? @viraak #
5/20 7:11 Clearly, there is no driving/stupidity test in VN RT @rockportrait @tuoitrenewsvn: Speed limit for cars: 5 km per hour #
5/20 5:49 @CyborgVillage @dylanduong Hyperinflation is a pretty tall claim. Inflation must be #1 gov priority, but this is akin to "war is imminent" #
5/19 14:19 Now you can secure your Drupal and WordPress sites using @duosecurity Duo Two-Factor Authentication: #
5/19 14:11 @saigonnezumi @caligarn FYI, I'm growing out the hickster beard to save gallons of water daily as part of Budweiser's Grow A Beard greenwash #
5/19 13:55 @HyuKio68 1/2011 ở đây có nghĩa là BarCamp đầu tiên cùa năm 2011... để tụi mình sửa chữa cho rõ hơn #
5/19 8:25 Please RT @barcampSaigon: #BarCampSaigon registration is open for 24. July at RMIT. Register now via #
5/19 8:22 @careyz Very cool slogans. I expect the underdog will make comebacks in surprising, unrecognized ways #
5/19 6:52 @scarlettran What a joke.. too often these Groupon clones and the merchants team up to produce the appearance of a deal, but really not #
5/17 13:32 @doortomykitchen You will probably have to wait for a lot of ISPs' domain name cache to expire. It could be awhile w/o proper preparation #
5/16 13:26 So very retweet-worthy! :D RT @hcmctoday: @tomosaigon you have the best tweets on twitter. I always read what you write. :D #
5/16 12:27 @HerDailyDigest I believe there's a Kuwaiti consulate on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street near Mac Dinh Chi (1 block down) #
5/16 10:26 @caligarn @ncouture I have a copy (a photocopy) of "first they killed my father". It's fairly sadness-inducing. Can lend if you want. #
5/16 8:52 @caligarn Violin lessons over MS-Skype! #
5/16 6:39 On the bridge next to my house, there is a half-naked man guarding a box labeled "DRIED FISH CLOTHES" (in English) #
5/15 14:32 @bryanpelz @saigonnezumi If it sounds like MEN! | TE! | DO! then it may be your neighbor slicing off heads | hands | guts #
5/15 10:17 @ChrisInCambo Hehe sorry, I hope it wasn't all the Nigerians that Vietnam kicked out awhile back ending up in Cambodia #
5/15 9:38 Cambodia becomes the next Nigeria? Got a 419 Scam email from Cambodia to claim some stashed Huynh funds #
5/14 13:33 @peoplewithideas Will you choose a local provider? VPS? #
5/14 5:40 @tamkaizen Nearly every eyeglass shop in the city sells contact lenses, all imported, and you don't need to buy a whole box #
5/12 15:53 @saigonnezumi I'm blocking traffic to your new VPS? Btw, have you looked at cloud services from VNTT in Binh Duong? #
5/12 15:51 @Ann_Ha @betoneko I mean the source of dealings with that shady FB fan dealer.. not the source for the dealer, we know who that is! #
5/12 15:49 @monsterngan I hope this person is only looking for a job, not companionship, and that they just mistranslated độc thân :) #
5/12 4:58 Just received a CV that says: "Marital status: lonely" #
5/11 15:45 @betoneko @Ann_Ha Are you familiar with the source for that story? Or was it an outsider? #
5/11 15:44 @dynamicscholar C, are you part of the junglist massive? Lighter! #
5/11 15:43 @saigonnezumi Hey... what you say? #
5/11 9:08 @Ann_Ha The Tuoi Tre article links to, makes it seem like FB themselves are selling fans! @betoneko #
5/11 9:02 @Ann_Ha Some companies on FB in VN with 10000+ fans recently found themselves banned for buying fans, after being reported to FB #
5/11 8:40 @ourman @SaigonSean 1st rule of being a social media expert: tell everyone on the Internet you are one (after a few weeks of reading blogs) #
5/11 7:06 Often find myself enamored at the back of a girl's head on a motorbike. If only I knew then what I'd soon see in the rearview mirror. #
5/11 6:57 @rockportrait @dukedylan I use both Seesmic web and Hootsuite, both good neither perfect. Seesmic shows conversation inline, "in reply to" #
5/11 6:54 @andrewduck I can send you some details on sponsorship levels, send me a DM #
5/11 4:25 h8sq updated to filter 4sq on Seesmic, Hootsuite. Also: black out promoted tweets on Hootsuite! #
5/11 3:54 @saigonnezumi How's your local VPS? Who did you go with? #
5/10 8:19 @purplematt @veryvietnam I'm w/ you - anyone in Vietnam who eats out consumes boiled and probably unboiled tap water #
5/10 8:10 @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible Behind the water puppet theater on NTMK are some bball courts. Sundays around 4, 4:30. Randoms always pick up #
5/10 8:08 @wibbly @saigonsean Haha, I'm a fan, just like I'm fond of American wheat pennies and buffalo nickels. But stores rarely give 200s as change #
5/10 7:12 @caligarn @saigonnezumi @barcampsaigon D7 still closer than Quang Trung, most schools in inner city lack large auditorium #
5/10 7:07 @dynamicscholar @Vietnam720 But it -looks- like progress! #
5/10 5:41 @veryvietnam Many households use water tanks to store tap water (pressure, outages). These tanks are often unsanitary. #
5/9 11:59 I wonder if Vietnam's inflation would grow slower if people used credit cards more, so prices could go up less than 1000 VND at a time #
5/9 7:41 @mrcerulean Thx for taking the bait ;) My internal liquid cooling system fails at 35+C, I seek solutions that take advantage of covered pits #
5/9 6:29 @wibbly Need to pick your brain on this topic too sometime! Was thinking ice packs in shoes.. but how to comfortably ice the groin, longish? #
5/9 6:27 @CTKT @PedroInSaigon @TylerWatts I played laser tag there a few years back. As fun as anywhere. Sweat balls using other people's sweaty gear #
5/9 4:33 Weather: It's too many F'n Cs out there. If only there was some way to install liquid cooling in the armpits. #
5/7 19:23 @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible PMH a bit far, but a couple of us shoot hoops next to Tao Dan Park in D1 on Sunday afternoons, wanna join? #
5/7 8:32 @dynamicscholar Clearly a lot of unscrupulous businesses increase prices merely because they can, e.g. services where major cost is labor #
5/7 8:30 @dynamicscholar Oh, totally agreed. The serious problem of inflation - prices never go down, and deflation is a danger economies also fear #
5/6 10:37 @stickyinhanoi I salivate over garlic (and ginger) in my fish sauce #
5/6 8:15 RT @duosec: New blog post - Breaking down the probable LastPass breach: #
5/6 8:07 @dynamicscholar My understanding is VN gas prices are heavily subsidized, and the pump price isn't set by market, to soften +/- price shocks #
5/6 8:03 @trangthule @betoneko Is pho ngheu a proper pho? What about pho xao okonomiyaki at Hachiya? #
5/5 6:19 @madsmonsen Could be benign, could be a monkey-in-the-middle attack. Could be TweetDeck changing owners too. #
5/4 20:11 @scarlettran That's so cool they have a "cyberculture" class, and give credit for it.. changes my opinion of RMIT #
5/4 12:30 #4VN! RT @techcrunch: Brammo To Make Electric Motorcycles That Feel More Like Gas-Powered #
5/4 12:27 @barijoe I sincerely hope someone got hired by listing Klingon language abilities #
5/4 6:19 @scarlettran GITS long precedes either of those 2! Where do they teach cyber class? #
5/3 20:50 @betoneko Fast food at fast food prices :) #
5/3 20:49 @shakkabrutha I could name a name but that's missing the point: these deals are happening secretly to the benefit of developers #
5/3 7:36 Eating deep-fried maki-rolls and omu-rice at a 'teen' bubble tea shop, some girls are playing Uno :) #
5/2 14:22 @shakkabrutha It's a secret, they don't want people to know!, want people to think they're doing well #
5/2 11:39 VN developers are secretly selling off highrises at firesale prices to fund building more over-priced housing with low demand #
5/2 6:26 OBL dead! Re: retaliation, glad I live in one of the only countries in SE Asia without war, extreme religion, and Muslim separatists #
5/1 14:27 Why isn't there a strongly branded mid-range hotel chain in VN with memorable name, convenient locations, consistent service? #
5/1 6:38 @anhlt84 Thanks for the link! If running Asterisk in the office, I worry about power outages.. #
5/1 5:51 Gơơ VNNIC lets any non-foreigner register .vn domains w/ diacritics for free; disputes must be handled in VN court. Reckless NIC? #
5/1 4:21 @barijoe haha, averaging over 1 murder per day in NYC so they're busy (same in Chicago, but far less people/detectives, be careful) #
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