Hatesquare for Seesmic and Hootsuite, Hootsuite Ad Blocker

Submitted by tomo on May 11, 2011 - 12:21pm

Since I mostly use Hootsuite and Seesmic for reading my Twitter timeline (the other big reader, TweetDeck, won't connect to both Twitter and Facebook in either it's Chrome app or desktop versions), I've updated h8sq: the 4sq killer to work on those clients.

This also includes performance enhancements for the Twitter.com version.

Furthermore, if you open your Chrome Developer JavaScript console, you will see log messages for each hated on FourSquare tweet like so:

"hated on tomosaigon" 


Do you find Hootsuite's "Promoted Tweets" distracting?  I've also hacked together an ad blocker for Hootsuite.  Rather, it should be called an ad blacker, as it blacks out the ad but still makes it clear who is spamming you, and you can still read the full ad by mousing over it.

Install h8sq for Chrome

Install hootfree hootsuite ad blacker for Chrome

frederic (not verified)

thanks for your post...

question though...

I'm driving a team of 4 for community management puropose in my company... and ain't got the time to use both seesmic and hoosuite...

Which one would you go for professional issues.. when it comes to community team performance...



community team management...




thanks for your support




That sounds like a whole 'nother blog post.

Anonymous (not verified)

2:49pm via foursquare

I'm at my fucking job (1250 Bellend Blvd, Anytown) http://4sq.com/kVIvyv



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LOL. Beautiful.

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