@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 11-2010

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:53pm
11/30 16:11 @michaelcoyote haha, Titlescorer technology would go great with Needanym, thanks! #
11/29 10:04 @TerranceCollins please DM me your email, I can't DM you because you're not following me (?) #
11/29 9:16 @betoneko banh cuon hat gao vang is my favorite :) #
11/27 17:30 lol Bitexco is really proud of overcoming the odds to put up the US$300 building RT @ourman http://is.gd/hRURP #
11/27 11:01 @TerranceCollins i know an SEO/SEM group in SGN i can refer; DM me. have also refer'd to @BellVietnam #
11/25 17:37 @Vietnam720 lol headline: "Charity Race Ends in Bombing of Online Phone Store" #
11/25 16:28 @betoneko i hope those busses are replaced by ones with doors on both sides so they can pick up riders without cutting across all lanes! #
11/25 16:05 need to go to Dong Nai to kill simdepdongnai/simsodepsovip/simdongnai .coms for spamming my site #
11/25 7:53 feels a bit like Thanksgiving back home - cops lurking around every corner #
11/23 19:56 My quick hack to download YouTube video files w/o installing any software: http://shar.es/X0a6H #saigonist #
11/22 9:07 @ducban a vietnamese girl who speaks drupal? we should all get together! #
11/21 17:42 @fisheggtree hey i'm like 37.49% michigander (A2). dominos on me. but i'd feel better eating detroit square pizza, even little caesars #
11/21 15:28 @Vietnam720 you can decide for yourself how serious it is, hopefully @afieldofgrass doesn't kill me :) #
11/21 9:28 presenting 4stalk: a 4sq with benefits http://saigonist.com/4stalk #
11/20 20:11 I propose an X Prize for condoms that feel better than real. Call it the XXX Prize: saves the world, profitable, fun! #
11/20 13:18 dude, i totally just bought a bag of homemade seaweed that looks and is packaged like a bag of real weed #
11/20 4:49 i have got a devious new location-based service idea, it should rake in millions (of dongs) #
11/20 4:37 @philip_arthur the simplest vietnamese word for mu might be vô, which has the same chinese origin, but also mostly used in compound words #
11/20 4:01 @caligarn would like to check that cafe out.. japanese? Himiko (Pimiko) is a lady from japanese history #
11/19 6:48 @caligarn let's buy the trampoline and use it to cover large sinkholes on the road #
11/18 13:48 @potkin had Mr BBQ in Q1 yesterday, but plenty in D2 area of Binh Thanh, and next to Superbowl #
11/18 6:05 @betoneko always wondered how common is it to call Phnom Penh "Nam Vang"? #
11/17 5:52 this soup (canh) is just half a pineapple chopped and boiled and served in a small flower pot #
11/15 16:52 @betoneko good question. i think if Japanese dev agencies saw plan & proof of rapid growth in Quy Nhon, Da Nang, Hue they'd start sooner #
11/15 16:33 i want an investor login to the angelsoft database #
11/15 9:02 @betoneko in order for a future Hanoi-Saigon shinkansen, VN needs to build a Saigon-Nha Trang line, and develop cities like Da Nang, Hue #
11/14 12:01 I'm across the street from Inches 'Plussize & Matured Woman Boutique' #
11/14 9:02 The future of Foursquare - should you bother? http://shar.es/0PQHG #
11/14 1:27 take the bus in #saigon: http://www.donxebuyt.com/ #
11/13 5:56 the entire #fossasia conference organization has disappeared under mysterious circumstances #
11/13 3:16 at #fossasia at Raffles. where's lunch?! #
11/12 6:35 I'm at Intel Software Seminar at Intercontinental Hotel, so far it's nothing about software. #failsquare #
11/12 6:30 @rockportrait not sure if you're serious or not, but my ex-roomie/friends wrote the Rebirth iPad app! #
11/9 10:15 @tramyhurricane do you go to any french-speaking clubs? also, i have 2 friends looking for a french tutor if you wanna split costs.. #
11/8 17:19 i'll probably watch Star Trek five more times this week #
11/5 8:39 @caligarn have you tried Wrap and Roll's lunch buffet? if anything, a lot of choices #
11/4 15:52 i wish neighbors would stop dying, or at least do so more quietly #
11/4 8:27 @HerDailyDigest in jakarta i like to eat satay and ride the bus rapid transit! at night, enjoy nice views atop nice hotel bars #
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