How long to get a bank account?

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How long to get a bank account?


I moved to HCMC in December and found a teaching job in about 2 weeks. I have been working at the job now for 5 weeks and I still haven't been paid. The school claims they are waiting on a bank card and that it takes over 10 days to create a new bank account for a foreigner. Has anyone had this experience? Did you have to wait on your bank account etc.?

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As of Dec-2015:As stated above, even without a debit card your employer can deposit money into your new account immediately and you can visit the bank and a teller and get cash, DON"T forget your passport. They'll make a copy of it for sure and you can ask if it will be necessary to return with the passport every time or not. Every bank is different. As for the original question, yes the ATM card show is not available for a long week or ten days and it must be hand delivered to you along with your first PIN which you are required to change on the first use of the ATM. Unless someone is bringing you the card you need to visit the branch where the account was opened and pick up your card when it's available. That's all just my limited experience in VN. As for taking 5 weeks to get paid the first payment, that is between you and your it's whatever you agreed to in your contract a feeble as the school contracts are. When I started I got into a detailed discussion before I would sign a contract and i negociated a partial payment in two weeks of starting with the balance of my first full monthly paycheck to be paid at the six week date. If you did not discuss and ask when you would get your first paycheck then you should have. The VN schools usually have their way with first time teachers and then the newbies get educated as to how the schools use them to their desire.

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Hello liminal18,

To be honest, you have your bank account details once you open a bank account, the rest you can wait for the card, it of course takes time to have your card done. However, your school can put funds into your bank account, you can withdraw money from the card via ATM or you can withdraw money directly at the bank.


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