Medical insurance in Vietnam

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Medical insurance in Vietnam

Hi Friends,
This is Nguyet.Le from Tenzing Pacifics Services, our web:, working as a insurance consultant, I can provide adequate insurance policies from different local and international providers which primarily based on your requirement and budget, offer more added service (quick claim, application...) throughout the year. So if you have any medical insurance need, feel free to contact via my email: [email protected], or skype: nguyet.le44 for insurance support.
Thanks and wish all the best for you,
Nguyet Le

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Anonymous (not verified)

We work with many famous local and international company such as: BlueCross, Liberty, A+, Aetna, Interglobal...I may provide you at least 3 insurance policies with different premium and benefit for your consideration. To provide you a quote and recommendation which is primarily based on your budget and requirement, I may ask you some questions, Please feel free to contact me via my email: [email protected] com or my skype: nguyet.le44 for more information.

Dale Carnergie

What providers do you work with?

Anonymous (not verified)

We work with many international and local providers such as: BlueCross, Liberty, Interglobal, Aetna, A+... I will offer you at least 3 providers with recommendation primarily based on your need and budget. Please feel free to contact me via my email: [email protected] or Skype: nguyet.le44.

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