Lavender Essential Oils for sale in HCMC_Charma Vietnam LLC

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Lavender Essential Oils for sale in HCMC_Charma Vietnam LLC

*About Charma Vietnam LLC
As part of our natural products usage propagation, we, Charma would like to introduce some natural skin care products to people who wish to come back from harmful chemicals. You can purchase all ingredients from our shop for your DIY skin care products. Those who are busy with their daily schedule can buy handmade skin care products from Charma and feel the difference after 2 days use.
*How to use Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender essential oil is amazing in its extensive positive benefits that effect the mind, spirit, body, and even your home. No doubt, it is deserving of the name it has earned of being the most versatile of all essential oils. Whether you use it for medicinal purposes, for its known relaxing properties, or for it's distinct floral scent, it is the one oil that I would place first in any collection for aromatherapy. It is an extremely useful essential oil and although powerful in its beneficial properties, it is one of the few essential oils that is gentle enough to apply directly on the skin.
*Contact us:
Showroom: Charma Vietnam at 163 Cao Dat, W.1, Dist 5 (From 8:00AM to 8:00PM from Monday to Saturday)
Website for price list on many other products:

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