Australian door frame and door lift in Vietnam

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Phuong phuong
Australian door frame and door lift in Vietnam

Hi everyone,

Our company Ausvnco metal door frames and door lift supplier from Australia. Our door frames are designed and manufactured directly in Australia and assembled in Vietnam with a very high quality and special design which can help construction companies reduce much the time and labor cost up tp 60% comparing to normall door inslallation in Vietnam because our doorframe is very easy to install and will be warraty as long as the building is knocked down for rebuilding.

We are now looking for the distributors and constructions companies in Vietnam to distribute our unique doorframe in vn. Beside supplying door frame, we also provide door lift imported directly from Malaysia.

If you are interested in our company products, please feel free to contact me vis my phone 0165 615 7242 for further discussion. We offer very good price and good service to our customers.

Thanks and best regards,

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