Drummer looking for others to JAM with!

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Drummer looking for others to JAM with!

First post on this forum - Glad it's been set up!

Anyways, I'm a drummer from San Francisco, CA, and I'm living here in HCMC and teaching English part time. I'd really like to find other musicians in the area and a kit that I can jam out on. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring my drum kit out here, but I'd love to make some noise while I'm here.

I'm looking for musicians - guitarists, bassist, horn players, pianists, percussionists, etc. - or anyone involved in the musician's scene in HCMC who can help me. I've been drumming for something like 14 years now and I've played in different bands for the last 5 years. I enjoy playing everything from pop-rock to jazz to funk to punk rock and a whole lot more.

Hope to hear back from someone! Thanks!


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