Bui -Vien street .

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Bui -Vien street .

Bui -Vien street attracts many expats every night!
But who is he?
Bui Vien was born in Tien Hai, Thai Binh of North Viet Nam in 1839.( At that time, Thai Binh was a part of Nam Dinh province).
In 1871, He supported government to defeat rebels in North and moved to Hue capital later, working under the King of Tu Duc( 1829-1883).
Then He returned Nam Dinh( contained: Thai Binh+ Nam Dinh) to expand territory to the sea.
He set up a unit of navy with 200 warships and 2000 sailors.
In 1873, He became an ambassador, went to Hong Kong, then Japan and arrived US, met US president Ulysses Grant (period:1868-1876), suggested US supporting Viet Nam against France.
However he failed in his duty.
In 1875, He left Viet Nam twice , arrived US to continue the idea before but not successful.
He returned Viet Nam and was assigned as an advisor of commerce and then was a director of Navy department in Hue.
Some years later, He died suddenly under 40 y/o while his dream had been not completed successfully.

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