Workyos - the best place to work in Saigon

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Workyos - the best place to work in Saigon

In August 2017 Workyos opened the brand new Co-offices at 12th floor of Viettel Complex Building, 285 CMT8, Distict 10, right in the emerging district of Ho Chi Minh city. People can contact Workyos by reaching the website: or the fanpage: or by hotline: 09386400303.

Workyos operates co-office and offers startups, freelancers, innovation, project teams, SMEs and large companies not only a simple place to work but also a great community which helps coworkers to expand their network along with a top infrastructure that provides an optimal platform for further business development. The design is inspired by French culture and street arts that caters to different companies. Coming from a location that surrounded by many fast growing startups, Workyos commits to offer even more flexibility in their demands and requirements for workspace.

As an utmost important part of any Global trend of modern office, the community area was located prominently right next to the entrance. The colorful and open Bar/Lounge Area warmly invite people to enjoy the free time, networking and collaborate together. Not only does this provide a warmest and welcoming experience for any visitor, it also helps structuring the space from busy and energetic zones to more quiet areas for concentrated work.
Choose the desk to get your work done freely or head to Bar and Lounge area where you can relax with the cup of Caramel Macchiato and work at the couch. The Bar and Lounge area also will give you the right setting to work on projects with your teammates and boost your creativity. For focused work, you will find various possibilities with different ranging from private rooms of 4 to 11 persons. For the meeting purposes, members can book the room conveniently with the application designed by Workyos as well. Workyos offer the space not only from 12 to 30 persons for workshop, training courses or team discussion but also the VIP room of 6 people for the important negotiation or meeting with clients.

Workyos’s ultimate and highly goal is to create various working environments, offering every Coworkers the ability to work in the environment that not only suits them and their works but also boost their emotions, feelings and creativities. Providing each one with the choice of working quietly and focused, while crunching numbers, or in a vibrant project area collaborating not only with colleagues from your own company but also coworkers from different companies.

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