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COMPASS Education (not verified)

COMPASS Education, Vietnam in conjunction with TEFL International provides internationally recognized and accredited TESOL courses and TESOL certification in Vietnam.
Why choose us in VIETNAM
Our classroom based TESOL certificate course requires a great deal of commitment in terms of time, effort and expense on the part of the trainees attending our courses. It is our aim to match this level of commitment in providing everything we possibly can in terms of the absolute quality of the TESOL course itself, the ongoing support we provide in so many areas and also in terms of the experience our trainees have while training with us.
The main features of the International TESOL Teacher Training’s classroom based TESOL course include, but are not limited to, the following:
• We provide FREE, lifetime TESOL job support services for all of our course graduates.
• Our intensive 4-week TESOL courses meet all international standards.
• Our TESOL certification courses are internationally recognized and accredited.
• Because our classroom based TESOL certification courses are externally examined, moderated and validated by the BOAA, you can feel assured that you will receive the highest standards, quality and support from us whenever and wherever you take one of our TESOL courses.
• We provide the highest quality TESOL training available.
• Our courses include 120 hours of training and 6 to 10 hours of teaching practice.
• We provide teaching practice hours with actual students of English
• Our fees are all-inclusive so you won't pay extra for any course-related materials.
• Our teacher trainers are highly qualified and experienced TESOL professionals that are committed to teaching and training.
• We provide high-quality inexpensive accommodation at all of our locations.
• Regardless of nationality, age, gender or race, we welcome all applications from native-English speakers as well as fluent, non-native English speakers
• We guarantee to provide a teaching job in Vietnam for you after you complete the course
• We provide Vietnamese lessons for you if you work with COMPASS Education

Trainees attending our classroom based TESOL courses are assessed and evaluated in a number of different ways. Trainees are assessed and evaluated in the following areas with percentages given as per the weighting of each area:
50%: Teaching Practice
15%: Material Compilation
5%: Unknown Language Journal
10%: Lesson Observation Journal
10%: Grammar Test
10%: Phonology Test
The teaching practice components of our classroom based TESOL courses are continually assessed and trainees are kept up to date on their progress throughout the course. Trainees that successfully complete our TESOL courses receive an internationally recognized certificate showing completion of the course.

Classroom based TESOL Trainees will be given a course manual for the following areas of the course:
• Language Awareness/Grammar
• Teaching Skills
• Classroom Management
• Phonetics
Our high quality, unique TESOL course materials are the basis for the input sessions during the course and will provide trainees with valuable reference resources for future teaching. We provide course handbooks and materials, including an A4 folder that should be organized as follows:
The TESOL Course Log
• Teaching Practice lesson plan, materials & assessment
• Unknown Language Journal
• Lesson Observation Journal
This course logs forms a record of the progress made through the course and should be tidy and professional in appearance. The log will be inspected on a weekly basis and used for moderation purposes.
Your own TESOL Notes file
Throughout the course input sessions you will receive numerous handouts and will also take your own notes as well. We suggest dividing the file under the following headings:
• Timetable
• Teaching skills
• Classroom management
• Grammar
• Phonology
Brief Recommended Reading List:
We highly recommend the following books and suggest that you have a copy of, or are familiar with them. Both books will be an invaluable resource both during and after the course when you are teaching.
The Practice of English Language Teaching, J Harmer
English Grammar in Use, R Murphy, Cambridge University Press
All of our teacher training staff, at all of our classroom based TESOL course locations, are practicing teachers who have been involved in teaching and TESOL teacher training for many, many years. All of our training staff are highly qualified and experienced TESOL professionals who are both sensitive and supportive of the needs of our trainees. Our dedicated training staff are all active TESOL teachers and are also fully aware of the issues facing TESOL teachers and trainees in classrooms all over the world.
Trainees will have many opportunities to observe training staff teaching students of English during the course. Trainees will have input sessions with different members of our training staff during the course
We welcome and accept applications for our TESOL courses from all applicants regardless of race, gender, age or nationality. Our only requirement is that applicants are native or near native English speakers with a proficient level of written and spoken English. We do not require applicants to have an in depth knowledge of the structures of the English language as this will be taught during the course.
Our trained teachers include in of all ages from 18 to 65, from a wide variety of different backgrounds and have done so with great success. We firmly believe it to be our responsibility to guide trainees to successful completion of our TESOL courses.
Our classroom based TESOL course is time intensive, but also fun and continuously rewarding. As the course is somewhat intensive, applicants should be readily prepared to adapt and be open to new ideas.

Our training center in Vietnam is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The building is situated close to parks, banks, shops and other general facilities. It is also not far from the main travelers and tourist district where you will find a tremendous range of excellent and inexpensive international and Vietnamese restaurants.
The school is well equipped with everything that you need on the course. There is a wide range of teaching materials and resources to help you with your teaching and studies and the classrooms are spacious and well equipped. The school also offers free Internet access to our TESOL course students.
The school staff is very welcoming, friendly and experiences and will ensure that you have a memorable experience.
COMPASS Education, Vietnam
15 Tran Doan Khanh, P. Đa Kao, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (84.8) 38 203 302/ 38203 202
Fax: (84.8) 39111 206
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Hotline: 0938 840 879



1,390 USD registering through the website of TEFL International

1,190 USD registering directly with COMPASS Education in Vietnam

700 USD


If you register through the TEFL INTERNATIONAL

Deposit: USD 500

If you have not yet paid a deposit and received confirmation of payment, you are not yet "officially" registered for a course. Should you still need to make a deposit, please review the available payment methods in your original acceptance letter.

Final Payment in Vietnam: USD 890

If you register directly with COMPASS Education in Vietnam

Final Payment in Vietnam: USD 1, 190 (no deposit)

You have the following options for final payment:

1. Pay by cash upon arrival.
2. Pay by credit card upon arrival.
3. Pay by bank transfer:

Bank address: 339 HAI BA TRUNG St., WARD 8,
Account number: 85654319


want to know when is the schedule of Compass Education Tesol Course this 2013? thanks

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