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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:08am
1/31 9:29 @Jane_Minnie Probably meaningless, but it could be meaningful! E.g. maybe it symbolizes VN youth stepping on imperialist USA all day =D #
1/31 7:43 Vietnamese girl just walked by wearing shoes designed from US flag. What does it mean?? #
1/31 2:53 @jon7b @nguyenhimself Unfortunately, many Vietnamese still use XP, IE6. If that is your target market #
1/30 9:34 @vantuly I've played the role of guy getting taught how to ride a Honda Cub by a small Vietnamese girl, not the same :( #
1/30 6:27 @PedroInSaigon You can pick up a netbook (like Lenovo IdeaPad) for half that price #
1/30 6:22 @kingceejay That's the problem with paying out 13th month salary. No incentive to go back to work. Hard to make February productive. #
1/30 6:17 RT @chamada: Um, I think a student in my HR got a Ferrari for her birthday. Seriously. And she doesn't know how to drive yet. #
1/27 13:17 @TylerWatts Correct, Twitter will assign you a country based on IP address, but you can tell Twitter "they guessed wrong" and override #
1/27 10:20 To get around Twitter censoring tweets in your country, just change your account setting's country to the US or another country #
1/24 8:24 @nguyenhimself Ha ha ha. Welcome to my world. I take it as a compliment when it's Koreans who say it #
1/23 11:28 The reason for FourSquare: Vietnamese checking in and becoming mayor of grandpa's grave in the lunar new year #
1/22 17:02 Breaking news: At approximately 12:00AM Saigon local time, Vietnam started lighting shit on fire #CMNM #giaothuarealtalk #
1/19 13:05 What is Khmer Bali-style drum&bass? Join me tonight at Yoko where we'll explore the creation-fabrication of undefinable musical microgenres #
1/19 6:45 OMG @ericburdette: Police ticketing illegally parked cars, as they should. Seeing this brought joy to my morning. #fb http://twitter.com/ericburdette/status/159832657998520320/photo/1 #
1/19 0:40 On censorship and the irony of protesting SOPA in Vietnam: http://goo.gl/ljbNn #
1/18 7:04 @tamkaizen Read some stories about Amish Rumspringa. Some kids go buck wild for a year, party like rock stars. #
1/18 6:19 If you need to read Wikipedia (en) today, just open it in links or lynx or turn JavaScript off in your browser #
1/17 7:53 Rain twice in one day in January in Vietnam makes me smile #
1/17 7:28 @jon7b @WAYFUNBAA @ourman Can't speak to intro classes, but dont recommend non-intro classes there. Skill level of students varies too much. #
1/16 15:27 That's great #DuMa RT @jon7b: Shit Asian Dads Say http://youtu.be/o5MJbZ4l4J8 #
1/16 7:52 If the Vietnamese government has to black it out by hand - http://goo.gl/oyvj5 - it must have some substance, right? http://goo.gl/w1GMd #
1/16 5:26 Shaolin version of wall-riding (http://goo.gl/x0xGz) RT @bryanpelz: Shaolin Monk Walking on the Wall http://flpbd.it/PNSI #
1/16 5:09 RT @newsjean: We have opened AP’s newest bureau, located in Pyongyang. A truly historic moment.#nkorea #
1/16 4:58 "Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption." http://goo.gl/hLHk8 #
1/15 15:37 RT @khmer440: French #expat and his 4 children murdered in #Cambodia. http://bit.ly/yp6Yfu #crime #
1/15 6:55 If I follow someone new on Twitter my timeline up to now only contains their tweets. Can't see others anymore. #wtf #fixurshit #
1/14 14:25 Aka by midcentury VN will no longer be in the bottom half RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Vietnam to be listed top economies by 2050: HSBC #
1/11 12:49 @fisheggtree My reading: Commission predicts Vietnam will have bigger macroeconomic problems than inflation and currency deprec'n in 2012 #
1/11 12:48 @TylerWatts @ourman They have awarded me influential on chili and apples. Add bacon, drugs, and beer and it's a proper Klout party in here #
1/11 12:46 @learningdrupal We can do Drupal sessions at the next #BarCampSaigon and FOSSASIA events #
1/11 10:48 North Korean punishing people who didn't cry hard enough when Il died, using re-education camps: http://goo.gl/EQw4s #
1/11 10:01 RT @fisheggtree: LOL. Robin Hood lives! RT @tuoitrenewsvn: ‘Super thief’ targeting state agencies arrested http://bit.ly/zsoNFJ #vietnam #
1/11 9:40 @SaigonSean @jon7b I think Vietnamese take some blame for that too, for giving us undue flattering attention (when not trying to scam us) #
1/11 8:35 @dynamicscholar I remember one older cafe around the Turtle "Lake". Maybe they'll sponsor the app, and it just tells everyone to go there #
1/11 8:12 @jon7b @PedroInSaigon @saigonnezumi Why should Vietnam of all countries get stuck with the losers from other countries? (Reason: IELTS, etc) #
1/11 7:11 G F'n L. RT @benjaminbland: Vietnam central bank governor says maximum dong devaluation this year will be 2-3%. #
1/11 7:01 @lenabucatariu Local people definitely walk their bikes across the Cam-Viet border, but I'm not sure if any citizen is allowed or only local #
1/11 6:46 @dynamicscholar @fisheggtree I've seen these locker-like phone charging stations in some cafes in Saigon (not that it's a trust-based soc.) #
1/11 6:44 RT @GSElevator: #1: if you have a job where you have to wear a nametag, nobody gives a shit what your name is. #
1/9 10:57 Hey, so there is a Subway on Ho Tung Mau #
1/9 8:54 @ncouture Let me know if you find an automated solution. VNI should be purged from the internets. #unicode4life #
1/7 8:10 @careyz Indeed the Internet is technically speaking 'slow as ballz' #
1/5 8:42 From 250+ tabs down to 99. NY resolution achieved, tempted to call it a day. #
1/5 8:37 @saigonnezumi I'm not seeing any tweets from you because apparently you are blocking me! #
1/5 8:34 @saigonnezumi @jon7b Most people who listen to dubstep don't realize it originates from doubleyoustep. #jk #
1/5 7:27 @jon7b @saigonnezumi In some languages it is "double-v" #
1/5 4:40 Why is one pronounced with a double-u and two pronounced w/o? #
1/4 11:52 In times of domestic good news paucity, local governments will shine the darkest light on foreign elements within #
1/3 7:22 @svenbergryen Sounds good, look forward to meeting. Who else will be coming? #
1/2 17:13 @madlyduck @philip_arthur You can remap your keys in software without replacing your keyboard. if typing speed's a bottleneck #
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