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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:14am
10/31 8:52 @dynamicscholar Any website can be attractive on the frontend. Drupal is truly beautiful on the inside which you can't see w/o admin account #
10/31 8:51 @dynamicscholar http://Economist.com. Some case studies: http://bit.ly/snJUqR And list of 10 Drupal sites: http://goo.gl/1IwI1 #
10/31 8:07 @dynamicscholar What kind of design do you mean? Graphic design / Drupal theme? Or examples of fully developed Drupal sites? #
10/30 7:26 @dynamicscholar The charm is there, floating in the water. My street is usually passable, and I have escape routes. #
10/30 5:06 @dynamicscholar Huynh Tan Phat? You made the news! So did my hood. http://goo.gl/AGiDJ #
10/29 8:59 RT @mybigfatface: Today I was called a cheap dog pussy by a tuk tuk driver. #onlyincambodia #
10/29 8:28 @SaigonSean Never? Vietnamese people seem quite content to transport themselves through #poowater (ask @dynamicscholar) #
10/29 6:04 Saigon has some 100 km of canals. Instead of taking advantage of it for transportation or tourism, it's a toilet and trashbin for neighbors #
10/28 8:14 @caligarn Are they? They're in tune with Japan's mobile consumers: got adoption of 3G, NFC, smart cards, QR codes. Think mobile, not web. #
10/28 7:43 I want a pair of these gloves, built into my motorbike: http://goo.gl/DOh9C #
10/28 7:25 Idea: Local network appliance that mirrors Google Apps and cloud storage for quicker, offline access. Think Git for all your work. #
10/28 7:07 @peoplewithideas Taking over a domain name is not too hard w/ a bit of social engineering. Quite hard to lose domains by lapsed renewal now #
10/27 8:12 http://Diadiem.com is for sale: http://bit.ly/sqHEDB http://goo.gl/gZmo1 By Singaporeans? #
10/27 6:25 Post-apocalyptic Bangkok: http://goo.gl/85RXz #
10/26 12:03 @nguyenhimself Anyone can build a blog. But if you build a CMS think'n it's better, 9/10 you're an idiot, unless your name is Dries #
10/26 11:53 @saigonnezumi So what you're saying is your students didn't learn enough to be useful to you right now, right? :) #
10/26 9:08 Software engineering is far from manufacturing (Japan has mastered). Still, modern sw eng borrows from Jp manufacturing: JIT, lean, kanban #
10/26 8:56 US also has all the sw startups. International contribution is in open source: Linux kernel from Finland, OpenBSD in Canada, Linux distros.. #
10/26 8:52 US has all the Google, Microsoft, Oracles of the world. Japan nor any other country have any of these platform makers (excl. Nintendo, SAP) #
10/26 8:38 @caligarn I think Japan's focus on large enterprises leads to disadvantages in quantity of software innovation. #
10/26 7:36 @dynamicscholar Perhaps we can Kickstarter crowdfund the transmitter parts, but I wonder where random electronic parts can be found. D5? #
10/26 7:34 @saigonnezumi Django clearly won mindshare. TurboGears good depending on experience w/ underlying projects. Have also used CherryPy. Why? #
10/25 13:02 @saigonnezumi I've done quite a bit of Python professionally. Worked with the creator of TurboGears. #
10/25 11:22 Preview the Chrome Web Store's new look: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/home?newlook #
10/25 10:21 It's possible to build a device that transmits sound to a neighbor's speakers. Even one's singing karaoke post midnight. Food for thought. #
10/25 8:18 @benjaminbland Strange, I know higher ups in the cong an who travel abroad, both for training/meetings and personal reasons #
10/25 8:15 "There is a growing basket of technologies that double in their price performance every 18 to 25 months." #
10/24 9:24 @caligarn Yes, but article claims Japanese PMs are less skilled and uses a chart of number of PMs per capita as the evidence. #
10/24 9:11 @caligarn In the graph, end results leading to 'Talents are destroyed'. Another comment, project managers per capita is unrelated to skill #
10/24 5:32 @caligarn The big picture of enterprise IT may be spot on. Details about lack of open source, outsourcing are wrong. Hard to generalize. #
10/24 5:11 @chuongvision Avoid Bangkok right now as it's under water. Will you be in Saigon? Best way I can help is to buy you a coffee here #
10/23 8:43 I think Vietnamese homebuilders embody the lean startup methodology: fail early, fail often #
10/22 15:35 @jobnomade I was looking for an address, map, or directions on there, not on Agile tour page either! #
10/22 13:48 Looks like the directions to Vietnam's "most advanced IT corporation" FPT was hacked, spammed http://www.fpt.edu.vn/en/page/stress-symptoms #
10/20 10:03 Deceitful eateries blacklisted in southern Vietnam: http://goo.gl/RlrVx #
10/19 10:28 RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Hanoi man chases, scares traffic violators (video) http://bit.ly/piikZl #
10/18 15:31 @jon7b @Jane_Minnie Hahaha, now you know. #
10/17 8:45 @ourman Planning on providing a hit list to the Vietnamese government? :) #
10/17 7:02 Insane growth numbers? Vietnamese Facebook users grew by 51% in Quarter 3 2011 and will soon pass Singapore http://goo.gl/tKY8p #
10/17 5:38 @NBNQ "All animals are equal - But some animals are more equal than others" - Animal Farm #
10/16 8:12 Lots of buzz about Siri, a company Apple recently bought. But Android has had voice control apps for awhile: http://goo.gl/z1G22 #
10/16 4:43 @ChrisGNguyen As an expat, more international food choices is great! I'd like to see enterprising domestic companies produce the same items #
10/14 9:51 @dynamicscholar If I could cut ears from head, I'd leave 1 in Berlin & 1 in Detroit. But may make a trip to BKK for BedSupperClub.Stay safe. #
10/13 15:21 Some days you struggle to remember a word. Today that word was "calque": borrowing a foreign word-phrase, by translating it word for word. #
10/13 14:04 @dynamicscholar Booka Shade? Envious. Saw them at DEMF a few years back. #
10/13 9:06 @jon7b @nguyenhimself If you're dying to relieve that exp. I may have some headless vaxen back in the US, but prob. running NetBSD, not VMS #
10/13 8:35 @nguyenhimself I do own a copy of K&R. ;) RIP, The R in K&R. #
10/13 7:48 "The number of fatalities during the traffic safety month was the highest" #
10/13 7:42 @betoneko @CotterVN Not like Japanese Pizza Hut. Artisanal, flavorful pies w/ untraditional ingredients. Favorite of at least 2 friends. #
10/13 7:11 @betoneko Baby Spoon is great if you have a Japanese tooth. Filling pastas, creamy variations on omu-rice. Only been to Ben Thanh location #
10/13 6:54 This week the world lost a truly important person in the modern computer world, whose work underlies Mac OSX/iOS. RIP Dennis Ritchie #
10/12 13:38 P.S. I have some NeXTstation slabs for sale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeXT#Second_generation Collector's item! #
10/12 13:25 Steve Jobs was the reason Apple products were good. If you believe this is true then you should not plan to buy any future Apple products. #
10/10 13:51 @PedroInSaigon ...and I'm somewhere between the idiots who ride bicycles and the guys who drive Honda SHs. #ghettofabulous #
10/10 13:49 @PedroInSaigon If we simply correlate income/car ownership with intelligence then Americans are geniuses, Vietnamese are retards #
10/10 13:47 @VLStudies I think the ministry should clearly signal high but stable future oil prices, subsidize food input fuels and public transit #
10/10 13:38 @PedroInSaigon Having a car can mean being a driver (company car or for a family), being somebody's wife/mistress, being a son. Ability? #
10/10 8:34 @PedroInSaigon @ericburdette I'd say having a car in Saigon is more correlated to family connections than ability to honestly earn money #
10/9 14:56 Saigon temperature updates really only need 3 values: use a/c, use fan, turn off fan #
10/8 13:28 Vietnamese customer service: after placing an order online, TheGioDiDong let my phone ring 1x, had no record of my order when I called back #
10/7 11:48 @nguyenhimself @Jane_Minnie Put it this way: if I threatened to knifestab you, would you show up? Now if I invited you for coffee.... #
10/7 8:49 @Jane_Minnie Coffee next week sounds good :) #
10/7 6:31 "10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope, and no Cash." - Unknown #
10/7 6:02 MORE POOP! RT @shilkytouch: WANT RT @brokepimpstyles: Poop Powered Bike To Tour Japan http://bit.ly/rep0kf #
10/7 6:00 @Jane_Minnie I have mixed feelings about your mixed feelings. How best to sort this out? #
10/6 6:22 #RIPSteveJobs Always the showman, he's found a way to distract any critics of the disappointing iPhone announcement #
10/5 16:23 @NicholasMarx @peoplewithideas I am pretty sure Singapore counts as being in Asia... #
10/5 9:32 The value (and cost) of 50 GB of cloud storage goes down every year #
10/5 7:45 I just saw a fairly professional xe om driver. He had a windshield in front which clearly stated 'MOTO-TAXI' with phone number #
10/5 6:37 @nguyenhimself Their Tokyo is >> Fremont, but Amazon in Singapore is still much closer. But still limited by VN's international bandwidth #
10/5 5:57 @nguyenhimself FWIW, Linode's Fremont/HE datacenter (where I have one of my servers) has lost power several times this year. Plus it's far. #
10/4 7:35 @themebrain Are you talking about someone coming in and taking 'coffee money'? :) #
10/4 7:35 @jon7b Haha, curious what that's like but in this case a grown man refers to himself as 'child' (con), not very alpha male #
10/4 6:37 A crazy guy just walked into my office, drank my iced coffee, and walked out with a jar of candy #bucminh #
10/4 6:22 #Vietnam "economy depends so much on rising money supply while the technology is out-of-date, productivity is low" http://goo.gl/WSc1D #
10/4 3:11 Reading QA/tester resumes. If you work in quality assurance, shouldn't your CV be flawless? #
10/4 2:35 Vietnam admitted it still has problems in salary policy such as: paying salary not based on productivity, contribution, job requirements... #
10/4 2:20 Will Groupon's valuation implosion affect localized daily deal clones (NhomMua, etc.) who may have been counting on exit by acquisition? #
10/3 15:10 No shit. 'Vietnam should use overseas Vietnamese' says 'expert': http://goo.gl/nAEqA #
10/3 14:33 @NBNQ Not this topic, but on naming things and producing videos #
10/3 8:13 @NBNQ Do Vietnamese people really love us for our dashing good looks, or is it for something else? Btw, I'm working on crowdsourcing too :) #
10/3 7:21 @PedroInSaigon It's 8.3m from TheGioiDiDong if you reserve it online first (600k off) #
10/3 7:08 @PedroInSaigon On paper it looks quite good, comparable specs to pricier Android devices (and much cheaper than an iPhone 4) #
10/3 6:38 Wonder if anyone in Vietnam will sell the Xiaomi M1 when it goes on sale the 15th? Or just buy an LG Optimus Black now #
10/2 9:16 @barijoe I think you're looking for Inkscape (open source vector graphics software) #
10/1 4:05 Download videos from YouTube: easy as unescape(yt.config_.PLAYER_CONFIG.args.url_encoded_fmt_stream_map) http://goo.gl/7TsQj #
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