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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:12am
11/30 14:43 'Like', retweet is a crime RT @RichardBarrow: Foreign Tourists warned they could be arrested for lese majeste http://bit.ly/t4NZ7w #
11/29 5:26 @barijoe Any new Miyazaki film would be good. I always thought Nausicaa was already an allegory to the awesome power of splitting atoms #
11/28 11:26 Ken Schwaber is going over scrum with us over Skype. Pretty cool! #
11/28 6:45 @saigonnezumi What exactly are we doing? Volunteering to organize an event that benefits the local community? Shame on us. #
11/28 6:42 @playingwithsid If @barcampSaigon became Mozilla Reps, there would be outrage in the Twitter community for siding with one browser :) #
11/28 6:34 @saigonnezumi All of a sudden you're throwing out accusations that simply aren't true. Half of organizers came from open request at last BC #
11/27 11:36 @exposilver Thanks for the tip. Ended up at a no-name place near me called Kim Thuy and got it replaced for a good price, $36 #
11/27 7:51 Tricky people. Putting salt in the salt shaker leaving me with a handful of salt. #onlyinvietnam #
11/26 10:51 A few days late and sans turkey, still thankful to be celebrating #
11/25 8:47 Any shops in Saigon that fix Macbook Pro power adapters/cables? Regular shops on NTMK now only replace - for over 2 million! #
11/24 8:41 Waiting for this. RT @barijoe: Paramount's 'Star Trek' Sequel to Open May 17, 2013 http://shar.es/ovRSb #
11/23 7:03 RT @AsCorrespondent: Bombs defused near Philippine massacre site on 2nd anniversity of atrocity. Tensions high. http://bit.ly/v2m3sn #
11/22 6:08 @caligarn Both China and Japan want to create SEA rail infrastructure. But this is freight rail. Japan wants to build passenger w/in VN #
11/22 6:03 @caligarn @hendrikbeck Let's resume world domination talks. Tomorrow or Friday. #
11/17 14:47 66% of Chinese use their smartphones at home and 59% while traveling #
11/16 10:07 @jobnomade There is a slight chance Dries will come here for the next FOSSASIA! Wanna check out Drupal community in India. Yes to DrupalCamp #
11/16 9:26 @saigonnezumi @jkthng I've long thought about having a mini DrupalCamp at BarCampSaigon, but need to focus on just BC now. FOSSAsia too. #
11/14 13:15 @Vietnam720 I mean thanks BEN :-) #
11/14 13:15 @Vietnam720 Haha! Thanks Be :-) #
11/14 12:28 @caligarn Honestly, I thought you did a fine job emceeing in Vietnamese. Better than my emceeing at a wedding on Saturday in English! #
11/14 9:56 @caligarn Why didn't you join a team with a good idea and MC their presentation? #
11/14 7:33 Not opposed to this in areas: As of 11 December 2008, every street corner in Johannesburg central is under high-tech CCTV surveillance #
11/14 7:24 @saigonnezumi Yes, we have Boost with Drupal. What are you doing? #
11/14 7:23 I'd like to thank this past weekend's sponsor, Ibuprofen, for making it bearable #
11/14 4:58 @saigonnezumi Yes, I run Drupal on OpenBSD and various Linux (and OSX), Apache, and Nginx. Why? #
11/14 4:57 Simple but interesting idea from Hacka2thon: all upcoming local events (or perhaps sales?) on a map: http://bit.ly/rSJrlS (test with 48104) #
11/13 8:15 RIP My yellow parakeet. Even after being rescued, you were never a very cheerful one. #
11/13 7:32 @ericburdette Was in Can Tho for a wedding. Nice that it only takes 3 hours to get there! #
11/11 10:07 I think most of Can Tho City is under water right now. Traffic jams everywhere #
11/9 7:38 @shilkytouch I still haven't been able to figure out if Vietnamese play by Japanese Go rules, or possibly Chinese. #
11/9 4:52 Links fixed: Our entry and experience competing at Saigon MobileDevCamp 2011: http://goo.gl/YIQb7 #
11/9 3:36 @jon7b Thanks for the heads up. 'Click to expand' should now be working. :) #
11/9 1:45 Our entry and experience competing at Saigon MobileDevCamp 2011: http://goo.gl/YIQb7 #
11/6 7:55 @ChristophK2003 Still at the camp but it's taking a really long time to judge each submission. A lot of groups competing. #
11/6 7:52 TIL that the game Go in Vietnamese is 'Co vay'. They have a club that plays at Bach Khoa University. #
11/5 14:26 Hosting my team for Saigon MobileDevCamp hackathon tonight at my house, hoping to have an app running by noon. Social, Mobile, Local. #
11/5 2:23 At Bach Khoa University for MobileDevCamp #
11/4 6:23 @dynamicscholar Haha, those were direct quotes from @tuoitrenews and still not sure if it was subtle, yet deliberate Engrish. #
11/4 6:03 @dynamicscholar Vietnamese people prefer fat, older dong, which is not so bad once you peel back the skin and wash off the fishy smell #
11/4 6:00 So who thinks there will be a Steve Jobs movie next year? #
11/3 12:25 I have a question. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Truck hits three bikes, two women die http://bit.ly/sMy0vD #
11/2 8:44 @caligarn Quality of orgasms over quantity. Clearly, we can test both. (I see you've changed your avatar for the 1923438th time) #
11/2 8:14 @nguyenhimself @dynamicscholar It will be a lot of tedious work, but I'm willing to take it on. In the name of advancing science. #
11/2 7:12 "Study says a woman's walk reflects her vaginal orgasmic history" - Not sure what to make of this. May need to do further research on my own #
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