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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:05am
2/28 13:41 Fix Facebook links and browse privately at the same time: http://goo.gl/4LgXl #vietnam #
2/28 8:05 HCMC should publish personal #s of officials too RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Da Nang City opens hotlines for foreigners http://bit.ly/zZVVUt #
2/28 8:03 LOL "How to synthesize Sudafed from crystal meth" #
2/26 11:15 @caligarn I read as inconclusive. Neurogenesis in small numbers w/o integration, effectiveness unknown. Still gonna avoid brain damage. #
2/24 6:09 At KCX Tan Thuan for a social games conference with Square Enix. Zynga vs Hoccorina up soon. #
2/23 12:12 @caligarn It would take approximately 6385096 x 140 char tweets to answer your email here #
2/23 12:06 @caligarn At Mobile Mondays. Where's your ninja hide hiding? Are you watching me tweet this right now? #
2/23 11:32 RT @mqtran: Science in Vietnam: Stemming the outflow of talent | The Economist http://econ.st/n3ZWfj #
2/23 8:57 @tamkaizen Just a coincidence I tweeted that RIGHT after your tweet... I swear... Really. \^_^/ #
2/23 8:49 I don't want to unfollow you, I just want you to stfu. #imho ^_^ #
2/22 6:46 @caligarn Another headline for you: Cafe in Vietnam where you can experience Zen: http://goo.gl/dMeBG #
2/20 14:53 Subtraction. Art created by only removing, not adding anything, to create sculptures from books: http://goo.gl/d8GY7 #
2/18 7:08 @brettSjohnston Quite possibly another victim to that. Provide out-of-Twitter links? #
2/18 6:55 @brettSjohnston I would like to respond but I have no idea what you're talking about #
2/18 6:22 @brettSjohnston On a scale of 0 to 1? 1. #
2/18 6:01 @brettSjohnston Agreed. But DNA and geological evidence points to several population bottlenecks where mankind faced extinction. See Toba. #
2/18 5:37 Dau? RT @goldkorn: Why is my net connection in a Vietnamese village faster & more stable than both my home and office connections in Beijing #
2/18 5:34 @fisheggtree Maybe I'm the only person who feels the best part of MBP is the keyboard and trackpad. Otherwise, why pay the Apple tax? #
2/17 16:24 Brilliant. RT @benjaminbland: Fighting tyre repair gangs who spread nails on road in Binh Duong. http://twitter.com/benjaminbland/status/170455887402635264/photo/1 #
2/17 6:15 What Americans think Vietnamese eat vs. What Vietnamese really eat - a Venn diagram: http://goo.gl/FIJyi #
2/17 5:31 @travislotek ACK. Establish secure channel with CFX HQ requested. RESET #
2/16 15:29 @jon7b @TylerWatts When I say slice up my Twitter people, I mean it in the sanest, most benevolent way possible. I forgot to say "lists of " #
2/16 15:26 @jon7b Looks like even Twitter REST api can be used to create lists. But just discovered a Google App Scripts way to do it. Mind = Blown #
2/16 14:46 I set Facebook to only show important updates and basically there's nothing important happening in people's lives #
2/16 14:41 There must be some way to export my Twitter people, drop some Unix commands to slice them up, then reimport. Twitter site is such a p.o.s. #
2/16 8:39 Alex Millan, billed as having played alongside Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, etc. playing at IDECAF tonight at 7 #
2/16 8:02 @betoneko Nothing special. Sounds like a Phnom Penh Post reporter #
2/16 7:57 @betoneko Perhaps of interest to your employer: another Overseas Vietnamese dies in a traffic accident @tuoitrenewsvn #
2/16 6:52 @caligarn If you can ride another human like a horse, controlling their mind directly, is that person (a vehicle) a cybernetic extension? #
2/13 7:45 @brettSjohnston @caligarn My friend has something similar for his aorta. We joke that he's a cyborg. Just not a cool/sexy cyborg. #
2/13 7:28 @caligarn @brettSjohnston I'm happy to talk about posthuman cyborgs but that research will likely be weaponized too... #transhumanism #
2/13 7:15 @ericburdette I assume you are looking for a better word than 'cake'? But I think cake can describe packed carbohydrates that are not sweet #
2/13 7:14 @brettSjohnston @caligarn I think one is speaking of the illusory nature of 'reality', the other is talking about being a cyborg? #
2/13 6:24 @brettSjohnston @caligarn So there is a conspiracy to produce weaponized dark matter thus all related scientific research is bunk? #
2/13 6:19 @brettSjohnston @caligarn If you're going to refute generally accepted theories, onus is on you to accompany with some proof, so be my guest #
2/13 6:08 @brettSjohnston @caligarn Physics predicted/describes properties of black holes. You believe God steps in to prevent them from forming? #
2/13 5:54 @caligarn @brettSjohnston There is Earth-scale engineering that requires post-classical mechanics, such as (quantum, etc) computer hardware #
2/13 3:45 @caligarn @brettSjohnston Yup, scientists disprove the status quo. You don't believe general relativity over Newtonian physics? Proof? #
2/13 3:09 @TylerWatts @caligarn Or perhaps Thích Quảng Độ? I think Vietnam needs more real heroes. (Or lots of small heroes!) Role models are lacking #
2/13 3:05 @caligarn Been wanting to attend #barcampyangon 2 years. Didn't hear #aungsansuukyi was speaking until the day before :( We need to get 2k+ #
2/12 9:35 Before dnb, it was called jungle - BBC 2 documentary about the burgeoning phenomena from 1994, amusing in hindsight: http://goo.gl/KKvyt #
2/11 14:36 It does not matter if the sign says 'WOMEN' on the outside. If there is a urinal no man shall hesitate to enter. #
2/9 9:41 Check out #futuremed for some hot medical tech tweets today #
2/7 8:50 50% improvement in #Drupal memory usage in PHP 5.4 over 5.3; negligible speed improvement: http://goo.gl/WPSMR #
2/6 13:41 @saigonnezumi Seems problem is fixed and I can refollow you. Previously, Twitter said I was blocked and your conversations wouldn't appear #
2/5 21:40 Super Bowl about to start? Time to go to bed. #
2/5 19:16 @saigonnezumi No, didn't get your email. Even checked spam box. I think you've got me blocked on Twitter so you won't see this either.. #
2/5 7:29 @ericburdette I have that parrot. But mine doesn't drink coffee. Prefers chillis. #
2/3 5:59 @fitzecarraldo76 If you combine http://facebook.com + zing.vn (http://facebook.com/zing.vn) it's another fun scam altogether #
2/1 9:30 @ericburdette They fooled me once, with their sesame seed buns and joe that came from no tin can on this Earth #
2/1 7:41 @ericburdette Milwaukee has sloppy joes on the menu. Do not be fooled. #
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