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3/30 22:57 @patrizio_bui @kingceejay @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible Hey gentlemen, I just got home - apologies if I'm not at the court in a few hours #
3/30 7:19 @tamkaizen @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @mr_kimpossible I'll try to round up more, just so I will have to run less! #
3/30 6:49 @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible I'll be working late tonight but will try to make it tmrw morn. Phan Ding Phung, right? #
3/29 9:57 Contender for most ridiculously understated headline of the year: "FDI helps drive Vietnam’s economy" #
3/28 19:52 @Jane_Minnie Wake up! #
3/28 13:15 Anyone Aussies know how to register a vanity .com.au domain without having a company there (but registered elsewhere if it helps)? #
3/28 6:21 TIL There are worker-owned, unionized strip clubs back in the USofA. (Naked) Workers of the world, unite! #
3/28 6:14 @HerDailyDigest Bike! Good for health, economical, green, connects you to your city, and annoys the piss out of car drivers! #
3/27 15:24 @hjames I urge you to look up pornterest as, while the underlying technology may resemble fffound, the results are strikingly different! #
3/27 15:13 Is there a pornterest, a Pinterest for Porn? Google says there is. Almost afraid to click through. Almost. #
3/27 3:47 @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible Not sure I can live up to Saigon Cool. Maybe Saigon Warm, or just Luke Warm. #
3/26 14:57 @kingceejay @tamkaizen @patrizio_bui @mr_kimpossible I'm pretty horrible, just like to play for fun. Late afternoon Sat/Sun works for me #
3/23 7:17 Việt Nam muôn năm! Hà Nội là thành phố ô nhiễm nhất Đông Nam Á. #
3/22 13:11 If you ever need to debug crazy bugs in Chrome, chrome://net-internals/ is AWESOME. Also: chrome://view-http-cache/ #
3/20 14:07 @WAYFUNBAA The trick is to type Vietnamese out on your phone, make THEM guess what the dau you're saying :D #
3/20 14:06 @kingceejay I'll unfortunately be out of town. Enjoy the game! I'd be rooting for Heat, haha! @Saigon_Heat #
3/19 15:04 Learning a foreign language is tuff. I mean tugh. Wait, tough. #
3/17 9:51 Saigon Heat vs Indonesia Warriors tonight. Who's going? #
3/17 9:41 ATTN VN: A new official book to be published in China with non-ridiculous English translations of Chinese dishes http://econ.st/xnu28k #
3/16 5:54 Basketball in Vietnam - Saigon Heat: http://goo.gl/4N8pT #saigonist #
3/15 16:45 @saigonnezumi Remind me to stay out of your bed :) #
3/15 15:46 Can't decide whether this kitten playing with a dead cockroach is cute... or gross #
3/14 10:53 Watching Saigon Heat for the first time. Fairly crowded actually. Go local sports team! #
3/13 7:51 RT @Techinasia: On the Chinese Internet, Anything Can Be Deleted If You’ve Got the Cash http://bit.ly/woPB3A #
3/13 6:09 @NBNQ You're arguing against the regulation of taxis and shifting blame to better modes of transport. That's simply counter-productive. #
3/13 5:45 Rocket's Pinterest clone in Vietnam is full of "Vietnamese" stuff posted by non-Vietnamese people #
3/13 5:19 @NBNQ Right, so replacing every motorbike with a taxi will solve the problem? #
3/13 5:15 @leosia What does ignoring traffic laws have to do with motorbikes? It's much worse when taxis run red lights and get stuck in the x-section #
3/13 5:08 @TylerWatts @leosia @nbnq It's ridiculous to think that 1-to-1 a motorbike causes nearly as much congestion as a taxi #
3/12 7:53 RT @TheEconomist: In the past year at least 26 Tibetans, mostly young Buddhist monks, have set fire to themselves http://econ.st/Ab3e81 #
3/12 7:36 Wondering who is behind the new online food ordering sites http://www.orderfood.vn and http://www.goimon.vn #
3/11 9:51 Why isn't Vietnamese media all over the self-immolations in Tibet? #ThichQuangDuc #
3/11 6:17 Cytoskeletal Signaling: Is Memory Encoded in Microtubule Lattices by CaMKII Phosphorylation? http://goo.gl/G94Z2 #
3/10 18:57 @caligarn Have you met any English-speaking monks in Dalat? I'd need a translator ;-) #
3/10 18:55 @tobiassjosten Drupal in Vietnam is small, whereas Joomla is huge. But we do have a community that meets, both here and Hanoi. #
3/9 10:47 @tobiassjosten Cool! Are you passing through Vietnam? Maybe we can arrange a Drupal meet up in Saigon. #
3/9 10:38 @careyz I was wondering the same thing over a year ago. The answer: http://toidahoilo.net = Vietnamese http://ipaidabribe.com #
3/8 15:15 @WAYFUNBAA Which really begs the question: Did you get a happy ending? #
3/8 14:21 @tobiassjosten LOL. Let me know how that goes and if you have any strategies for dealing with the melt-off #
3/8 5:18 Kony 2012: http://youtu.be/Y4MnpzG5Sqc [or 'how young people can make the world a better world together'] #
3/7 8:00 @caligarn Easy. Become a new promising entrepreneur and you can have lunch with yourself every day of the week. #
3/5 8:20 [email protected]:Good try, McDonald's for printing Vietnamese in a billboard in Little Saigon.Too bad you got the wrong font http://media.baodatviet.vn/Uploaded_CDCA/maihuong/20120305/CDV-5.3-quang%20cao.jpg #
3/3 14:31 @caligarn LOL. Bastard. Totally used "normal" with scare-quotes. But now getting a kick out of shit CS students say: http://goo.gl/aqY9K #
3/3 13:15 @Jane_Minnie It was part of a vegetarian curry with bread. I wasn't hungry after, but not so full either :) #
3/3 13:13 Anything in Vietnam media about this? Người M'Nông 'quyết trụ lại thủ đô': http://goo.gl/CiXVe - poor unrepresented ethnic minorities #
3/2 10:21 I just ate some ants. Surely eaten ants before. Today just couldn't be bothered not to. Otherwise vegetarian meal. #
3/2 7:17 @caligarn ..emulator to emulate a rock garden which itself emulates nature. We also got some neat biofeedback gear and SDK from Wild Divine #
3/2 7:16 @caligarn As it should. We hung out in Sebastopol, CA designing a GB SP game to emulate composing and tending rock gardens. Using a Gameboy #
3/2 6:52 @caligarn Hard to bare w/ the hand-waving (do I do that?) but the game at ~8:30 is cool. We started making a Zen game for GameBoy years back #
3/2 5:01 @HerDailyDigest Not just you, the sun is super fierce today. I'm thinking a vacation in Dalat is due soon, after a few weeks of this #
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