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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:00am
4/30 5:32 Right or wrong? Angry Dong Nai residents take volunteer action to seal up polluter’s sewer: http://goo.gl/6rkhq #moitruong #
4/29 7:10 Even local media using quotes around "terrorism" RT @tuoitrenewsvn: US citizen arrested for “terrorism” http://bit.ly/IE3CNo #
4/29 5:41 Vietnamese granny eating lunch in her jammies. Large comb picked in her head. #textinstagram #
4/28 4:50 Cuối tháng này có một ngày lễ khá đặc biệt là Lễ Phật Đản (Vesak)! #
4/27 7:19 RT @tomoakiyama: POLL: Half of Japanese #Facebook users have *less than 10 friends*; 53 average http://bit.ly/ImgSdy [J] #
4/26 9:54 @ahuk I didn't care to stop and find out. They were pulling over anyone they could. Easily could've caused an accident. #
4/26 7:10 What's with the recent latency surge to Google&Co. sites from Vietnam? It's like local servers have been dropped. Slowing down the internet. #
4/26 5:18 @TylerWatts I don't know man. The second option looks more attractive and easier. #
4/26 5:15 @jon7b @nguyenhimself On the brighter side of things, I did not have to use my AK, so one could say it was not a bad day after all #
4/26 4:52 @ianblakeslee Yup, back in Saigon. You guys should head down for #BarCampSaigon tentatively on July 1! #
4/26 3:05 @nguyenhimself Yes, they swung at me as I rode by and yes, it left a pretty nasty bruise #
4/26 3:01 Shoulder is painfully yellow and blue from being hit by the baton of a cop who tried to pull me over. It's got me singing N.W.A. songs now #
4/25 5:57 @CoachLeaders Remaining politically stable. Peace w/ China. 100,000s of Viet Kieu civilizing their homeland. Customer service revolution. #
4/25 5:25 @dylanduong Me too. Let's try out some vegetarian restaurants together! Organic was yesterday, but my local place is on D1 #
4/25 5:24 @CoachLeaders Roads clogged w/ cars like BKK. Failed push for public transit. Ubiquitous e-commerce. More hipsters. Mini-eco crisis. #
4/25 3:19 If only Vietnamese head massage/shampoo involved more cosmic energy and sound effects: http://youtu.be/geLtFCxDs40 #
4/24 13:15 Anyone know if air quality monitoring data is published about Saigon or points in Vietnam? Do we need the Americans to do it, like in China? #
4/24 12:51 @doortomykitchen I just came back to Saigon last night but I will stop by your store next time I'm in town! #
4/24 12:10 @MienHPham You missed a successful event with lightning talks in overtime! Hope you are better now and hope to see you next time I'm in town #
4/24 12:09 @Khoi_Le I was specifically at Hanoi Noi Bai at the time, but the statement could be generalized to most buildings in Vietnam #
4/24 12:09 @nguyenhimself @ericburdette 8 GB is still not enough! Apple h/w is picky. I got Crucial RAM verified for MBP, not all ram works. YMMV. #
4/24 12:07 @huongdothu For just a blog, WordPress. To develop a rich, social, ecommerce, innovative site/webapp use Drupal. Use the appropriate tool! #
4/24 12:02 @TheCartFood Service was without complaint. Later, regretted not getting a pasty to go. I will be back. #
4/24 12:01 @TheCartFood Falafel was good, but wrapped in the morning? Fell apart while eating. Veggies could use Lebanese lemon dressing/garlic sauce #
4/24 9:56 1000s of riot police overwhelmed villagers in Vietnam in land dispute, no local media coverage http://goo.gl/lNYdv #
4/23 13:12 It doesn't matter what physical airport structure they build. It's still a horrible customer service experience & last memory for travelers #
4/23 12:29 @ericburdette I don't assume that. Went to a recommended Apple shop and asked for RAM. He looked up the price for him and LOL'd: $500. #
4/23 6:50 @nguyenhimself @ericburdette My last USA trip I picked up some generic ram to upgrade my MBP to 8 GB. About $50. Cheaper than power adapter. #
4/23 4:19 @huongdothu Yesterday I mentioned Drupal is also a content management framework. If out of the box it's not friendly then devs can make it #
4/23 4:19 @huongdothu But freshly installed, Drupal is more complicated to manage than WordPress. Next version improves upon that. Cheers :-) #
4/23 4:13 Mission accomplished. I'm at @TheCartFood in Hanoi #
4/22 9:59 @ianblakeslee Hi Ian, please come to Beercamp at 36A Tran Thai Tong around the corner from FPT if you're free! #
4/21 15:11 @MienHPham Hey will you be at BarCamp Mien? Yeah, I've enjoyed walking around a lot today! Not too hot, and not freezing in my room at night #
4/21 14:57 Hope to see some familiar faces at #BarCampHanoi tomorrow! This is the best weather I've personally experienced up here (see: Goldilocks) #
4/20 7:32 @PhamNguyen @tamkaizen @barcamphanoi That's what we are trying to do with http://drupalvietnam.org and last week's Drupal conference in Saigon #
4/20 7:30 @ChrisInCambo @cnualart Must be coincidence. Doesn't explain the birthplace of karaoke, or the Philippines :-) #
4/20 6:27 What if millions of Facebook users unionized and started making demands? #
4/19 9:04 @dynamicscholar Have you asked for dextromethorpan? The active drug in Robo DM. Many kinds of Robitussin, depends. #
4/18 8:40 @cnualart Last night @ChrisInCambo was explaining to me that tonal languages are stored like songs in the brain, diff. from non-tonal #
4/18 6:06 @PhamNguyen @barcamphanoi I plan to talk about why businesses in Vietnam should use Drupal #
4/18 5:56 @caligarn Lol, just wait til your last day there... when you look in the mirror and see... #
4/17 15:17 @joannayeoml Hi Joanna, nice to meet you at the e27 Vietnam Satellite tonight! Hope you can find some "phin ca phe" filters and ca phe chon #
4/17 5:20 Waiting for this e27 Vietnam satellite event to kick off. The room is standing room only now. #
4/16 11:58 In case you hadn't heard, Friendster is (still) in beta and you can login using Facebook Connect #
4/16 5:23 Tickets booked to Hanoi for @barcamphanoi this weekend. Anyone else from Saigon going? #
4/15 10:15 Watching Vietnamese people turn Japanese at Genki festival. Needs Japanese public transportation to get here. #
4/15 0:22 @HerDailyDigest Thanks for the support! :-) #
4/14 23:36 En route to our first major Drupal conference! Today I'll talk about the business case for using Drupal in Vietnam #
4/11 9:05 @caligarn You still think it's futile to try to model the brain in 1s and 0s? ;) #
4/11 9:04 @jon7b Does this happen as you're falling asleep? Or are otherwise resting? #
4/11 6:32 Exploding head syndrome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_head_syndrome #
4/10 10:55 Apparently, Stella Cafe was renamed "New Stellar Vietnam". #saigon #
4/7 12:39 I love Da Lat! (@ Vcafe) http://ow.ly/1K69tf #
4/6 10:35 @sonnylebythebay Thanks again for the recc. Being ignorant of scripture is par for course, not you. Religion gets inherited from parents #
4/6 10:31 @geetree @kingceejay @tamkaizen @nguyenhimself I'm also out of town this weekend. Evenings are also good, not really a morning person :-) #
4/6 10:29 @NBNQ One of the few cases where the movie (Bladerunner) was better than the book #
4/6 10:22 If Vietnam had a Wyoming, $900k would buy like 1000 houses there #
4/5 3:23 @sonnylebythebay Thanks for tipping me off to The Story of Buddhism! It seems to address questions about Buddhism's effects on local culture #
4/4 7:01 Some answered (in)frequent questions about Buddhism in Vietnam: http://goo.gl/nk6JS #
4/3 10:19 Sh*t Expats in Hanoi Say: http://goo.gl/E5qS7 #
4/3 7:02 Experiencing high correlation between MacBook crashes with immediately after a Vietnamese holiday. Better gear up for Fall of Saigon Day. #
4/3 6:36 Japan’s Strongest Storm Since 1959 Forecast to Slam Into Tokyo, wind up to 90 km/h: http://goo.gl/XU8tN #
4/3 6:03 There is a name for my "sleeping disease"! DSPD - http://goo.gl/zS0tN #
4/3 4:41 RT lupohiep: Earth Hour helps Vietnam save 546,000 kWh, equivalent to US$34,000 - http://goo.gl/2A9Zc #
4/2 8:34 @kingceejay Power is back on at home since late last night (but no internet), and intermittent throughout morning. How's your water? #
4/2 4:17 When a trop.storm is scraping the buildings around you, power is out, batteries drained, and all that remains is the breath. Meditate on it. #
4/1 10:00 @fisheggtree But many businesses here do waste light (empty, lit up highrises) and energy (blasting A/C with the doors wide open) #
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